Japanese Street Food - GIANT CONCH & CLAM Okinawa Japan Seafood

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In Okinawa, Japan giant clams and conches are usually found in seafood markets.  All parts of the conch meat are edible. In East Asian cuisines, this seafood is often cut into thin slices and then steamed or stir-fried. 

The large conch shells have been used as trumpets (Horagai) in Japan for many centuries. The instrument, which has served a number of purposes throughout Japanese history, has been given a number of Japanese names depending on its function.



Msbrowny05 Msbrowny05
Wtf I think I'm gonna vomit till I pass out 😖😷🤒
Penny Goodman
Im just looking for someone to explain me why that is the process for a conch. What is he doing in there? Why? And the shaking... Ahhh... so many puns right up for grabs but im looking for actual answers.... Conchaaa
thats a beautiful shell
Silent Anne
Woah, that conch. 😨
milo vela
Why eat them raw? It's that's the only way to eat them? I would like to try them.. but I don't even eat sushi.. can you cook them?
Tanyanan chatchanan
Seph Callaway
Either the Giant Conch is either the big brother of Triton's Trumpet or a super duper size Triton's Trumpet!
De Todo Unpoco
Gasto más de 999.999.999. Litros de agua para uno solo :v
Minh Vu
His hands are disgustingly moldy. Wear some damn gloves.
Japan's seafood is unique i can see various fishes and they have beautiful colors
its amazing to me
i enjoyed this video thanks^_^
I can hear some chinese in the background speaking kinda throws off the japanese experiences
Ryan Rothschild
jessus fucking christ, not this guy again! the guy with the dirty finger nails! ewww puk puk puk
Gisela Rüpprich
Manche Lebewesen/Tiere sollten im Meer bleiben...die armen Tiere!!
Rakhi Dutta
Best for aquarium beautiful seashell
Robby Shane
Clam fart @0:25..... your welcome😏
Kahele Kok
Dude or dudette your footage and choice of places to go is great but it would be cool if you have some commentary at least a little
Warren Chan
some aquarium hobbyists would love to have those clams haha
John Smithee
The dislike bar is how big my penis is
Jose Alvarado
Not where I'm from!But there weird people everywhere!
I hate neggars
asian are killing the ocean
Leslie Johnson
How much do these typically cost? The giant conch, for example, do you get to keep the shell?
They putting it on that boat made it look more yummy
Pistol Pete
I'd try that
Kittipong Leeluckranon
May be 100th year old for that clam ?
Ape man Commeth
The shells are like a natural porcelain!
Fawk Yu
Wtf is wrong with these nutters? Why would they eat it raw like that? Looks so fucking unappetizing!
well... by the end of the video the women speaking at the background sounded chinese to me...
Mike The Gamer
At first I thought it was going to be eaten raw. Cooked though, I might try it.
best way to get Salmonella the japanese statistic approves enjoy your sushi ;)
Lu Bre
06:55 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Katy _Hevia
dirty minded feels.. "i think he's fingering the conch" 😂😂👉🏻👌🏻💦💦
shaamaly ali
mmmmmmmmmmm..i like.....
Jitendra Pastaria
Not even single bite showed going in mouth.
Jitendra Pastaria
Is this a scary show. who Dare to eat
Juan Tamad
thats the reason why Japanese dick is so fucking hard hahahahhaaha
k n personal
Niño Bagtas
Sean Koh
If this is in Okinawa, why the hell are they speaking Chinese in the background??
Chung ping Tang
Victoria Ella
Ty TheDM
Was that a roe sac? I would that that to be valuable and delicious.
Deniz Bayram
the vitamin is in the outer part of the conch meat. the brown textured parts. deeliciiious.
I would eat that everyday at every meal! Yummy!
Ana Lee
Those things have beautiful shells
David Shamolian
It's all Radio active!!
Hanyea Cutie
Japanese have a STUPID TONGUE to taste food 😵😵😵
Lazy Hamada
Melvien Lau
Must be super EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!
aja mengkonon
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