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Fox is not a news outlet, it is a show with an agenda.

real journalists do not express personal opinions. they report what they see and hear, full stop.

america is now a reality show, not a country and certainly unworthy of respect.

we should build a wall to keep your sick twisted killers and sex offenders and traitors and collusion-ists , like Trump out of Canada

Victoria Saprykina
I love how Trevor has that Russian accent DOWN. I would know, I'm Russian.
Super Heart
Who wore it better: Trevor or the Russian official?
Yo why is my boy Trevor matching with the Russian guy
Glen MacDonald
Why do they insist on beeping out the word "bullshit" or "shit"? It's not like we haven't heard worse. Like, for instance, anything that comes out of Trump's pie hole.
Kristian Brandt
And all Clinton had to do to get impeached was to be on the recieving end of the wrong blowjob.
Fox news should be put on trial for treason.
Russians in the US media are treated like jews in the German Nazi media back then. There are so many similiraties on expanding the Reich (realm), false flag actions to invade other countries, propaganda like this (admittedly good) show and the newspapers. but not just with trumo, for a good 80 years now. it' s really striking and makes me even enjoy these shows even more
Samson Gerald
thats soooooo funny.. its not about me cheating baby, its about this hoes aint loyal... stupid fox news and their hypocrisy.
its trump putting the leaks out, just ask him, he will tell you lol or get the russians to ask.lmfao.poor Americas.
Trevor Nohaha
LOL. Looks like Noah is a russian agetn too. Just watch - same suit, shirt and tie!
Sick of IT
2:15 so it looks like the whole world is ratting us out. and now USA dont know how to act tough cuz they wont know much ?
Richard Diss
Knows as much about fighting terrorism as he is funny this Dick-head. As dog-shit...
Anne Etuk
God I hate fox news! A bunch of self serving idiots! They need to take that stick out of their ass!
jamanoor abuu khalid
Trevor Noah is better than Jon Stewart
Jj T
It was Israel. That is the the U.S. ally (third party) who gave the highly classified information to the U.S. and that Trump stupidly revealed to the Russians. It is so reckless that it borders treason and it is a possible cause for impeachment.
Boba Michalova
You must admit that Trump is really happy in the company of the The Russians!
Nicholas Menzel
Gives me conniptions.
Yes a common trait among Liberals. Let us exaggerate the story. According to Liberals, Trump is shit but yet Clinton ( Both Hillary and Bill ) are amazing LOL. Trump won the election despite 90% of the media being against him. Yes Trump is horrible, but Hillary was the wrong choice. Next time pick a better candidate Dems.
Fox: WHAAHHH, how dare people tell us all this truth?!
Kenny Martin
FOX NEWS needs to pull their heads out of Trump's ass and look at reality. I know they're basically Republican state news, but how can they defend this nonsense?

They basically said that the problem isn't that Trump is committing crimes, but that his crimes are being reported on by reporters.

Almost as if the news media is supposed report the news or something.
Trevor is fabulous at so many accents.
Eddie Mitch
How on earth did Trump become president of the USA.
Hugo Vendetta
Only in the US the level of hypocrisy is outstanding:

Party or party in government whose data was leaked (and people blindly supporting this party): We should not be focusing on the information, but on how unfair and illegal obtaining those leaks was.

Other party (and people blindly supporting this party): We should not be focusing on how illegal obtaining those leaks was, but on the information.
Vigilant Sycamore
America: falls overcatches fireshoots itself in the footexplodesdrives off a cliffexplodes againfacepalms
Claude Nine
bitching every single day but not doing anything at all. americans pfft!
Don Magik
😅😅😅😅 these hoes ain't loyal 😂 Trevor noah is too much
Magic. Mac
is this really happening in america or it's just fun and satire or a roast....
this is like in highschool where there is that one guy in the group who you wouldnt trust with secrets
Is this an impeachable offence?
These 'hos ain't loyal.
loveand smile
its amazing the parallels between what is happening in the white house and the fictional show quantico.
Imzan Akbar
Oh Boy!
"Baby it ain't about me cheating on you! It's about these hoes not being loyal"

Gusstavv's Stuff
Impeach the peach colored dictator!!1!
Brighton Feldman
Trump is a great lie and kid
Hrh-Pan F
It seems Russia has got Trumpity Trump over a barrel!!! AND a very BIG Barrel too!!!
Scorpio Dynasty X
Trump's impeachment will draw bigger crowd than his inauguration 😂😂😂😂😂
HireX Network
Good comedy but it's interesting how factless this type of "parody report" is. Russian's are leaders in blockading terrorists, with ISIS particularly they did a way better job than the US. It's because of Russia that ISIS oil no longer got to US-ally Turkey, which the US itself was conveniently unable to achieve despite Russian intelligence showing the exact routes used to smuggle oil from Syria to the Turkish border. The blatant anti-Russian sentiment shown here may be funny, but people should take a step back and ask how the world is really shaped. A lot of globalists wanting to make a profit off of maintaining the status quo, including media owners. A strong alliance between Russia/USA is a big problem for their ambitions, because using terrorists to create chaos is a prime strategy, and terrorists are hurt badly by any Russian/American cooperation.
Trevor is wearing the exact same suit and tie as that Russian fellow
Larimar Sky
Seriously? How much longer can this go on? What kind of society do we live in?? Do something! The system is broken. Trump is just a symptom of the bigger reality. Let's all be mindful of our own choices and actions. Let's rise our standards both in ourselves and in the government.
Miguel Sanchez
Fox news is bullshit
WTF Redux
Stop the leaks...starting with Trumpkov.
Indyanna Drury
Theses no scandals ass face!! Where's proof!! All made up by your puppet master the globalist!!
Tiger in Japan
The drama never ends...I still have hope for America.
Ali TheArabPatriot
Wow I love Trevor Noah but he is so anti-Russia.
Your cunting narrative isn't helping either ya wanker.
trump presidency is a mess, like his hair, he is stupid like the people that elected him
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