12 Secret Underwater Discoveries

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Here are some of the strangest and amazing secret underwater discoveries ever made like headless skeletons or tons of jewels. 

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#6 Apollo 11 Engine
We all remember the historic Apollo 11 Mission in 1969. Neil Armstrong saying the famous ’That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’. Who can forget that? But, only a few know that the landing of the first men on the Moon was powered by a Saturn V rocket with five forceful engines that were dropped in the Atlantic Ocean and forgotten soon after. Forgotten, that is, until 4 years ago. Turns out, when you are super rich and buying a multimillion dollar yacht just doesn’t cut it, you finance a private expedition to find the 5 F-1 rocket engines. Jeff Bezos we are talking to you. It’s no wonder that Bezos, Amazon’s CEO and owner of an aerospace company that is working to develop a ‘space taxi’ successfully recovered two engines from the ocean floor. 

#5 Lost Silver from World War II
In 1941, the SS Gairsoppa, a British merchant ship was sent from Calcutta with a precious cargo of 2,800 silver bars meant to boost Britain's war chest. After battling a low coal reserves and a heavy storm, the ship was forced to head for Galway Harbour where it was sunk by a German U-boat just 300 miles off the coast of Ireland. The SS Gairsoppa was found 70 years later, in 2011 by a US marine company cleverly named Odyssey. It took five years and a remotely-operated submarine to recover 48 tons of silver bullion from the shipwreck, making it the largest recovery of precious metal in maritime history. Are you calculating in your head how much that silver is worth? Let us make it easy for you. $55million. If you want a piece of that treasure, there are 20,000 silver coins edged with the name SS Gairsoppa waiting for you to buy them.

#4 Galleon San Jose
The Spanish Galleon San Jose sunk in a battle in June of 1708. He was carrying precious stones, silver and gold from South American countries that were colonized by the Spanish Empire, to finance a war against the British Empire. Known as the most valuable shipwreck in maritime history with an estimated worth of USD$1 billion, the San Jose was discovered 300 years later close to the city of Cartagena, Colombia. Among treasure hunters, he will be remembered as the "Holy Grail of Shipwrecks".

#3 The Lost Egyptian City of Heracleion
The city of Thonis, or Heracleion as the ancient Greeks used to call it, flourished from the 6th to the 4th century BC. The Egyptian city sank in the Mediterranean Sea somewhere between 3rd and 2nd century AD leaving no trail or evidence. For centuries people thought that Heracleion was nothing more than a legend, mythical city that was visited by Helen of Troy and her lover. Thankfully, the city was discovered in 2000, submerged under 150 feet of water in the Bay of Aboukir. Ever since, scientists discovered thousands of small and giant statues, 64 ships, stones inscribed in Ancient Egyptian and limestone sarcophagi. Parts of the city have been excavated, giving us a glimpse into its wealth and importance in the ancient times.

#2 Antikythera Mechanism
The Ancient Greeks gave us philosophy, mathematics, theater, the Olympic Games and much more. Long before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the Greeks gave us the world’s first analog computer A.K.A The Antikythera Mechanism. This sophisticated mechanical device was discovered in 1900 near Antikythera Island after it has been in the Aegean Sea for nearly 2000 years. Scientists believe that it was used as an ‘ancient computer’ capable of calculating astronomical events. This scientific artefact was so well made that nothing close to his complexity was seen in Europe until Medieval Times, merely thousand years later.

#1 Underwater River
The Underwater River is a discovery straight out of Ripley's Believe It or Not! The man behind this discovery is not Sponge Bob but a photographer with a passion for diving named Anatoly Beloshchin. He traveled to the Mexican province of Yucatan to witness an ‘Angelita’ or scientifically speaking a deep sinkhole called cenote formed as a result of limestone bedrock collapse. Overtime, the cenotes are filled with rain water and the fresh water meets the salty groundwater eventually. By having different levels of density, the two waters layer, creating a breathtaking image.

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