10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Refused To Act With Each Other

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There are many celebs whom we want to see together for their chemistry but there are many who does not want to work with each other due to rumors or misunderstandings. here is the list of  10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Refused To Act With Each Other. 

• Priyanka Chopra & Kareena Kapoor:  It is said Kareena Kapoor snatch the attention and limelight from PC during the movies Aitraaz and Don. They have been rivals for a long time. They are the  actors who dislike each other.

• Salman Khan & Aishwarya Rai:  The couple's 'dil de chuke sannam 'as a super duper hit. They broken up in real life and never worked again. aishwarya even reported salman khan used to physically abuse her. They are co stars that hate each other.

• Kareena Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor: They were a couple before and they broke up in real life. She got married to said Saif Ali Khan . They became one of the co stars who hated each other.

• Katrina Kaif & Deepika Padukone:  Due to affairs with Ranbir Kapoor they stars would not work with each other. They are bollywood actors who never worked together.

• Sonakshi Sinha & Ranbir Kapoor:  The latter thinks Sonakshi Sinha looks older than him and they would not look good onscreen.

•  Priyanka Chopra & Akshay Kumar: There were rumors about them having an affair. Twinkle Khanna made Akshay promise he would not work with one of his costars PC.

• Bipasha Basu & John Abraham: They were in a relationship for nine years. After break up john said she would be the worst actresses to work with .

• Sonam Kapoor & Aishwarya Rai: Sonaam called Aishwarya aunty in a public gathering so they are one of the hated actors.

• Raveena Tandon & Akshay Kumar: They got secretly married and things turned bitter between them and so they got separated.

• Kareena Kapoor & Bipasha Basu: They had a fight where the former slapped the latter during the on shoot of Ajnabee. 

• Vivek Oberoi & Salman Khan:  They both had a tiff due to Aishwarya Rai.

• Karishma Kapoor & Abhishek Bachchan: They got engaged but their relation did not last.

There are many famous hollywood stars and They have to work together. Yet they might be worst hollywood actors to work with. Sushant Singh Rajput is gaining popularity these days.

Rad Ry
I love Kareena Kapoor
cute baby masuma
Ranbir is right right
Haseeb Bin Waheed
kareena worked with shahid after their breakup this whole video is fake
Everyday Morning
but i think Deapika and priyanka hate each others
Kulsoom Fatima
Aishwarya rai is far better than sonam kapoor . Aishwarya had also got crowned for miss world how can she look old????
Stupid sonam
Hamad Hussain
Yo whatsapp all of u in the youtube
asad halepoto
what about King Srk and Flop actor sunny deol Lollllzzzz
asad halepoto
kareena and shahid did
balal butt
Sirf ranbir kapoor ka sunakshi sinha k sath kam na karne ka reason bilkul theek hai.😀😀😀
Yash Sharma
I want to see salman and Aishwarya together in movie.....!!😢
Tulusa Luitel
i hate kareena
Kuljeet Singh Khalsa
ohy sonam how dear you
Kuljeet Singh Khalsa
aishwarya is the best only
l hate sonam
Zamina Hamza
this is fake...these idiot...should delete their YouTube acc.
rani Sahu
Kuch khas nahi hai video,not interesting at all
Angel Of sky
I don't like Sonakshi
Maliha Waseem
Shahid and kareena already did lol
Sharmin Ferdous Toma
Ranbin u can work with ash,kankana(wake up sid) bt cann't with sonaksi haaahh,,
Actually u dont desever to do film with sonaksi
Vivian Achieng
I think Kareena got Issues..she doesn't wanna associate with many pple.
Purgass Laksh
Nice video
Isha/Shomila Rathore
All reasons are breakups only 😑😑😑😑😑😑
yuzi . life
Ranbir is not serious
He acted with aishwairya in ae dil hai mushkil. does he not see she looks older to him than sonakshi?
Uspandey 0916
East or west
Vivek is the best
Love you
Uspandey 0916
East or west
Vivek is the best
Love you
Shriya Sigurupati
I subscribed!!!!!!!!!!
Imranrd Shaikh
This video is just a fake video , really
Sushmita Sarkar
I really wonder if its true or just a rumour.. Y Akshay kumar is associated with every actress he works with? He really had affair with all those ladies or its just rumour.
Rachana kanwer
kreena priyanja k juti b nhin h priyanka is a kalakar kreena is sunny leone
gaming with Eric
Lol salman khan love ash
Queen Of challenges
Oh well firstly even though they never had a scene together Kareena and Shahid still did Udta Punjab. Secondly, for most of them the main reason is "break up" well duh we can already predict that if someone breaks up it's very unlikely they'd do a movie together and thirdly Katrina is way better than Deepika and Sonam is way better than Aish so they don't need the other two for their movies to be a success!
Sabrina Ishmael
Kareena kapoor and bipasha bash kissed
bleeding rose
Sonam😧 u tooo ugly and also you can stand no longer facing ash and her damn beauty😍
Maliha Waseem
Kareena and shahid have a movie together lol 😂
Nisha shaikh
Nice vedio
Hatoon K
when priyanka dated akshay?????? he cheated on twinkle???
Muazzam Shah
Kareena kapoor will you like to come to France I'm Pakistani don't mind please
Bina Adhikari
Aishwaraya Roy is beautiful than sonam
katreena kaif
Deepika ki kise ke saath banti hi nhi stupid
Fatema Taher
kareena and sahdi did jab we meet together
Bujar Marselji
Kareena Kapoor is the queen of refusing and Salman Khan rthe king😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kiran Ben
all most fake
Naveed Khan
priyanka is always right
Sadique Hussain
katrina is old and do just over acting in her career...
Deepika's acting is far way much better than katrina...
shivangi Kapoor
i like deepika more than katrina😍😍😄
Hoor Shiekh
jab we met me tow kareena nd shahid ne sth kam kiya hai
moroccan girl
Am i the only who think that kareena was better than priyanka in aitraaz
Sonam toh Aishwarya se jayada old lag rahe he
Uma Timilsina
sonakshi is far far better than that chutiya ranbir kapoor...she is beauty queen so he never match with her...cheap guy ranbir
Niraj Garg
ranbeer + katrina = jagga jasoos
Nino Ninho
no connection with breakups
they are professional actor/actress
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