Mr. President Wasn't Mr. Popular At The G20 Summit

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the President needs to beef up his vocabulary to explain the photo of him sitting alone at the summit in Hamburg.

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Keith Knoesel
These people despise President Trump because he is taking care of the US. They loved obama because he s*it all over the U.S. in favor of the rest of the world. He cheated the country that elected him. He gave our money away to enemies just like the whore he is.
Everyone liked him you cunt! Even Macron haha. The fact is nobody likes your cuck show. That fake trump voice is annoying I wonder does Colbert use that voice during sex as Well? Seems like it he is such a trump fanboy. Trump is the centre of his world and show.
About the hotel thing. What I had heard was that every hotel rejected Trump. No one wanted him. I love my home city ๐Ÿ–’
I can't imagine a Colbert show without Trump. It has never happened.
rory burke
Fuck this lefty retard
Scott Capell
Happy Nobama Day to all!!!
Badri Ergemlidze
david singh
I'm not even American but man..stop whining over trump.he won..period!
James Taylor
So what you jack ass you aren't Mr. popular either except withe liberal haters. So fuck your self and your daughter ass wipe.
LMAO! @ 0:43 it sounded like the pianist played a piece of "Hotel California" in a different key, right after Colbert addressed the White House's lack of preparation in booking Trump's Hotel Room. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Michel Marcil
every fucking night like slaming trump hoo the fuck are you your a piece of shit soon your day will come fucking stupid your show mother fucker
Michel Marcil
fuck you colbert show your guest the money you earnd from the dnc your so fucking moron shut the fuck up you will see soon we will lagh of you loosing your fucking job im glad to live in canada with morons like you you suck
Linda Goffigan
Former President Obama would not have remained president long with a performance of President Donald Trump.
James Sudbury
hey guess what? you are never right about predictions because your anger clouds your judgment. you are 0\3 now
Albert Einstein
Orangutans can stay over night in the Hamburg Zoo....
Toribio Hechanova
Is this true? If it is, this is incompetence at its best or worst i guess?
Jeffrey Robert-Dicken
Django Fandango
I dont understand you Americans, your president is trying to establish good relationships and trade deals with various countries and yet you undermine him because of petty ideological differences. Trump built a good relationship between Russia, China, Japan, and my country Indonesia, he is a great diplomat and he is very friendly towards my president.
Hardy Varvatos
I patiently wait for the day that Colbert is involved in a scandal and he can bet his ass that hell is going to break loose on him when he does. He is as perverted, greedy, self absorbed and sexual deviant as Trump. That's why he criticizes him so viciously because deep down he can't stand the fact that they are so much alike.
Colbert has lost his edge.
Alpha January
The secret service should demand foreknowledge of where their man is going to be so they can set up a plan... ahead of time. Like weeks ahead of time.
Tinh Le
Putin is the guy who robbed you and then you ask him to help you setting up a security system.
Franziska Huber
I've been watching this walking talking dick joke from a safe distance across the Atlantic ever since he rear his ugly mug. After getting really fucking drunk on the morn of the Disasterโ„ข I passed out in front of the TV for a while. I slept fitfully, but when I awoke I suddenly felt calm. Then I started cackling madly and put the popcorn in the microwave. This might all be a sick joke, but I'm gonna spend the next years laughing anyway.
Michael Jacobs
Our president doesn't know how to use ellipses. Jesus Christ.
better love story than rodman and kim thats for sure.
LeavingIt Blank
"Why talk about things you know can't happen?!"

Seriously Stephen, you need to ask that question?? Because he did it all through the campaign and it worked!!
To Colbert and all of the shit talking offended anti-American Americans, just know that they don't give a DAMN about any of us. You spend your time talking, insulting, and thinking it's funny. The comedy is the knowledge that the people you take up for hate you even more, and would rid the world of you
That picture of Trump sitting alone..he's so pathetic. Just an absolute buffoon. He's WAY out of his league and too full of shit to admit it. He'd have to admit he gets no respect because he's fucking retarded when it comes to most global and political issues. He's a simple bitch and I don't see how people still support him
kimberly washington
I freaking love this guy, subbing immediately ๐Ÿ˜‚
For the love of God! This is not suppose to be funny, this is real life. This guy is our freaking president! Why am I laughing? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Chinky BlingEye
where i'm from, people who are under inviestigation bei the law/government aren't allowed to leave the countrey.
Blind Benny Hooker
I love trump ! He is so dumb some times ! I think you all miss judge him .
the late show...with a sad faggot...
Sk V
Okay but he mentioned Aruba....people actually know about us. Wow.
T Mc
This CRYPTIC SHEKELGRUBER KOSHERSTEIN is on his way out like the rest of the RKM who have taken over Hollywood and America's Major Mass Media. Soon, NESARA will be unfolded to the GOYIM of America, and the likes of this CRYPTIC SHEKELGRUBER and hid KOSHERSTEIN SEWAGE RKM will be removed once and forever. OYE VEY,Thank You Father!
Ask Antifa
You forgot to talk about us burning everything down and attacking police officers. You're worse than Hitler!
Just imagine all this ridiculous shit going on and then he won't be re-elected and all this is over, that would be SAD...
Margot Gorske
because a former spy, head of KGB, Russian would never lie right?
Margot Gorske
I am laughing through my tears over this trumped up presidency
Alex Weiskopf
Poor left wingers. Whatever they can do to make themselves feel better that their hypocrisy, intolerance for different opinions, anti Christianity, anti Americanism, and race baiting among other things has led them to have utterly no elected power despite the media and tv shows doing everything they can to help the far left wing democrats
maggie singh
To the great American Public, have you guys not realized that Donald Trump Jr. is the fall guy. he is the distraction while the real clown gets away. wag the Dog guys, wag the dog!!
F Rus
This page is full of trolls lol
That entire family is a clan of morons.
audrey mishca
six months performance review rooooooooofl that was SAVAGE! :DDDDDD
"Benghazi, lock her up, emails, obama is black and everything is his fault, trump understands me because i live in a trailer park and hate everyone who's not white, the mexicans took my job away" and so on and so forth...all of these alex jones lovers will scream til they're blue in the face and deflect everything on everyone else and to them the sky is falling tomorrow (though it never comes)
I don't think Stephen knows how big moose are... those fuckers do not explode, they make everything else explode.
Trump 2020! #mega you bitches
babloki tansmania
he make america so bad again.
Hey trump Turds, hows that #FireColbert working out for u??? His ratings are just get higher and higher Hร… HA Hร…!!!
Ryan Skamfer
Trump the orange clown
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