The Try Guys Prank Each Other // Presented By Warner Bros. Pictures Fist Fight

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The Try Guys test the limits of their friendship as they wage an all-out prank war against each other.

Presented by Warner Bros. Pictures' Fist Fight. In theaters this Friday.

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Bri L
"rise of the keiths"
Paolo Alvaro
Need didn't notice the go pro in front of him during his shut or whay
This almost killed me 😂😂😂😂😂
Kerli Loomets
I laughed so hard the whole video! 😂😂😂 Eugene's and Keith's pranks were the best
Yeah, 5 cameras placed in the bathroom and everyone is okay with it no problem
Bryanne Mckenzie
i can just feel the hate comments arising about the hella gay sticker on the computer
Nerdy Nutella
BEST VIDEO EVER! I would so do this!!!!
Keith was the best! Subtle, but increasingly annoying for the others.
Eugene was bad, bc if there's one thing I hate, is playing with people's fears. It's not funny. If it will cause real distress and maybe even a traume, it is not funny.
Amy Blue
I love the ending!!😂😂😂😂
cfloresluv luv holo
Omg I love Keith tbh and then mrs Kipling was featured in the video yessss
Jaydeen Alfaro
Eugene:he keep saying i love you
Bear:i love you eugene
Eugene:*Runs off*
Random Person:*looks at eugene*😲
Try guys are the only reason ppls watch bizzfeed
Hahaha everyone is so mad at each other!!
Angie Paul
This fake at 9:15. Could see camera
Official Bailey
Question: Where and how did Eugene get flamingos to take into the bathroom? 😂
Marble Soda
Every time they say Keith I keep thinking of Keith from Voltron and I'm d YING
Ponies More
Keith"Can I uh.. pay u to punch this bear" XD
Wolfie Blazez
It's like Keith took over the prank in the beginning of video
Skyler Ross
The very end combination though 😂
Zara Dreemurr
If I saw the alligator I would pick it up and treat it like a dog.
they got cameras in the toilet
Latenightowl KM
I love the fact that they took that opportunity and took selfies with flamingos in an office restroom XD
James Ellsworth
They should be on impractical jokers
User 26 Primary
DangerouslyS3xi Official Channel
That ending though... WTF!!!!! The funniest Try Guys episode I have seen! They are the best! I am still laughing!!!!!
Charlotte Aquilina
ugh keith is actually me i love him so much XDD
crazy friend lazy friend
am i the only one addicted to buzzfeed?
Audrey Graham
I love the Keiths so much! XD
Bailey Neshay
I have never laughed so much
Searing Song
Am I the only one who thinks Eugene would look GREAT w/ dyed hair
Anne Marie Ridge
who loves charlie day from when he was in its always sunny in philadelphia
Véro Schmid
Danica Ramirez
where can i get a keith shirt
Alana Pacleb
Lmao, how come they don't question the camera in the stall?
Samantha Mauldin
Ned is my fa
Samantha Mauldin
Ned is my fav
Samantha Mauldin
Ned is my fav
Allisaurus Rex
KawaiiStarWolf _
This is my fav episode EVER ALREADY WATCHED IT 15 times
Happy Face
Why does this look like they're in a realtiy tv show.
Captain French Fry
olivia k
keith's prank was my favorite
Turquesa Azul
9:21 u can see Neds poop hahaha
Hal Sy
Love Zach's outfit in this
Nuceular? did he mean nuclear?
the ending tho
Jasmin pixel
i'm so proud
I want sexy Keith please
Tye Ross
Why was there a camera in the bathroom? Was it not noticeable or suspicious enough?
Hilary Squishies
Is it just me or did Keith not wash his hands in the bathroom? 😂
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