Stephen Returns From Russia With An Apology For Trump

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Stephen reactivates his First Amendment rights and delivers his first monologue since returning from Russia, complete with the apology that the President tweet-demanded.

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Mария Got
Hello from Russia! I like Stephen but he looks pitty and miserable when he behaves so disrespectful in front of the world to his own president, the president of the USA.
why was he even in Russia?
YouTube sheriff
I'm sorry too 😢
Егор Панов
Большой брат следит за вами !
now we know what T-virus was... watch out for new conspiracy theories
"Not T!" Hahahahah. I thought Trump's nickname was "Easy D"!

"what should be easy D!"
Wait wait, Trump! The election was November 8th?? Not the 28th?? So HOW far in advance did Obama know about the election hacking? How many months would that make it, then? One or two more months? Can you help me with the math? Oh wait, guess you can't. Your budget math was off by what, three trillion? L.O.L.
So it is official. Trump has confirmed the Russians meddled in the US election.
Rol les
this liberal prick is media hack
Dead Inside
@5:38 I think that's a good look for Pres T.
MforZorro | Movesets
"The comedian has to be watched." To be fair though, if a comedian doesn't watch out what he says in Turkey, he's in jail right away.
Paul J. Klosterman
Dear Russia,

I wish you had kept Stephen Colbert while you had him, but I don't blame you for not doing so.

Гена Синагогов
JFK переворачивается в могиле от такого, гнилого юмора. А ведь когда-то была такая страна, на которую хотелось быть похожим. Ни стыда, ни совести, тьфу
Михаил Конгоровский
The propaganda against the current US president in USA is even worse then propaganda supporting current russian president in Russia. It's not even covered, lol.
Emma SpAce
you can't give yourself a nickname, unless it's a username, in which case your internet friends will always see you as dickfucker69 and be surprised when your real name is Tim
Ferdinand Ngale Njume
Kanye West calls him T
Дмитрий Брагин
Fucking USA 🇺🇸
I think comedy is the best way to stop this ridiculous Cold War 2.0! Keep up the good work , Stephen!
Jim C
I haven't been close to supporting a presidential candidate since forever, but love watching fake news. The Trump opposition is the craziest fake news to ever happen.
greg j
This guy "Colbert" is absolutely full of vengeance. All he does is criticize and rant and yet offers no alternative. I want to specifically know from him what his alternatives are as if your going to use your show as a vehicle to run down the 280 million who voted for Trump then I want to see some sound logic in the criticism. My guess is that there isn't. I've yet to run across anyone who backs up their BS on Trump. No facts, no logic, no valid substance of anything. Then we have the murders in London, the now explosive details of the former AG and her interfering in the Hillary email investigation, and yet nothing from Colbert or the fake news networks. They're full of crap! The DNC derails Sanders and hardly a thing about that as well.
livia 1881
I am so very happy u are home Stephen. Love, T.
Are all of Stephen's monologues political all the time? I loved Stephen's previous show and I haven't watched his recent show on television much but from what I've seen online he seems way too obsessed with Trump and often does he veer away from that and talk about any potential non-political things that are funny? It would seem like this kind of show would work better on HBO than on late night network television where I'm expecting a hilarious break from all things politics...but I guess there's no escaping these days
Hanne Lambert
Our expose count xpbrex only virtue besides identify prison
Kyrsten Athan
Lmao T 😂😂😂😂 that tweet was ridiculous
S. Gillespie
I'm sorry with you Stephen. So, so, sorry for the entire earth. History will have Trump's images all destroyed sometime in the near future for being the worst president in the history of mankind. And all his followers will once again recede back into the hole from which they were spawned!
vijay narasiman
What's the song in 7:45
Ricardo Montalban
Can't accuse Obama of colluding? So you're just going to ignore Loretta Lynch meeting wil Bill Clinton in an airplane on the Tarmac while his wife Hillary was under FBI investigation? You're a joke Colbert, most people like Trump and and more than comfortable with the direction this country is headed. You live in your own bubble of reinforced laughs and opinions every night. But go on and keep being further and further out of touch leftist propaganda peddler. You're only helping Trump with every passing day, exposing yourself for the unfunny shill you are.
Finley Jenkins
Exhibit consult shelter bone neither pure click.
Prez T, lol
why is that i did not laughed, not even once?
Rodsuper 1213
great last line, I am sorry you are President! Hilarious.
Dennis Marchant
Why don't you go back to Russia, you fit in there better. Sick.
Anthony Wilson
Such a low value show!
Vicki Bee
You people need to find out why Putin did this in the first place. The man was in the former KGB. You think he does anything withOUT expecting something in return? And what IS that thing he's expecting? It isn't good, I can tell you that, and I don't know why nobody wants to find out.
He's so totally stupid about it, he's just like Professor Quirrell thinking he could handle having Lord Voldemort inside his head and ended up dead in the end bc he COULDN'T handle someone like Lord Voldemort. Do you really think Trump can handle someone like PUTIN?
иван карпов
а есть такой же, но с русским переводом?
"colluded", "obstructed" Two words with more than one syllable! And spelled correctly! Somebody else must have written that one.
2000 dislike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eyedeas Never Die
Fucking hell, why does he feel th eneed to say "greatest country on earth" every time he brings up America. It really isn't
I'm a Legal Mexican citizen with a hardworking family. I don't sell drugs like some hispanics Ik, i agree with trump about many things. #Latinosfortrump
Alan Yablonski
Hit literally makes his living just insulting the president
Hahhahhaaa im Stephen Colbert. Shoudnt we bomb those evil foreign russians. No americans voted for trump it was all russia. hahahahahaa. Listen to us when we try to paint some country evil like we did with iraq and weapons of mass destruction. Drumpf. hahaha. We great americans are too great to have voted for trump obviously.
Political Watcher
Trump brings black unemployment to seventeen year low. MSM won't report it.

Unemployment among black Americans ages 16 years and over fell to 7.5 percent in May, its lowest level since December 2000. Black unemployment has been on the decline since February — falling from (February) 8.1, (March) 8.0, (April) 7.9, and (May) 7.5 percent, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The national unemployment rate in May was 4.3 percent, its lowest level since May 2001.
Sam Smith
Hey Stephen did you not hear about CNN's producer getting caught on cam admitting that the whole Russian kookspiracy is all a bunch of BS??? You should check into it, then check into REHAB! You're a real mess these days...
Sam Smith
I think the applause meter is broken over at Colbert's little shit show...
Douglas Aunt Jemimah Maple Syrup
Lol liberals get triggered when people bring up the Hillary Clinton emails but actively preach that there is a Trump and Russia conspiracy. Oh the hypocrisy 😂
iFazer8 AKA The Doctor
Lawrence Little
Queeven Stephen and his queeving twat fest show.
jonathan marquez
sooo were just gonna leave out the whole "Obama let Russia mess with our election" to focus on "Trump blames Obama for election" like really???
So he seriously thinks that Russian intelligence were monitoring him when he went to Russia?...
Oh please, Stephen, get the f**k over yourself. You're a TV-presenter. A late night talk-show host/'comedian'. The Russian authorities don't get a sh*t about you, because they're far too busy dealing with all kinds of Real situations. Eg: (allegedly) swaying elections...Trump... Assad... committing cyber attacks... multiple human rights abuses...
You don't even Exist to them. Get the f**k over yourself. Russia cares more about someone like Edward Snowden, and they pretty much don't care about him at all, he's just a toy that they keep tabs on, only having him there in the first place to piss America off.
You're a talk show host, Colbert, not some hard-core political journalist.
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