6 GIANT GUMMY WORMS! Real Food VS Giant Gummy Candy Challenge Kids React

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Hi friends:)
WOW We had 6 giant gummy worms real food cooking today lol,Jordon was frying gummy worms and it was so funny,me and dad did a funny candy challenge,sorry we did not get to skip with the worms,we hope you still enjoyed the video love Tiana and family.

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Inaya Waqas
this is a soup
Arnita HOBBS
Milly Rose
Who is John and who is Joanne is John I was John father I come
Alexia Young
Tiana you are the best
Zayra Farias
saniyah Ratcliff
Holl Kidd
Can u do the gummy vs real food challenge with summer or Isla
daniel terris
hi i love your videos
Kell Robinson
I love your videos
Thea Duran
toys and me i want to see you in pesonal im so happy to see you
I love your videos somuch
Kelly Johnson
looking good
journei gameaholic
can u guys pls do a slime challenge u know how to make slime don't u
Who is Jordan?
The sparkle girls channel
I thought the mom said nobody in the kitchen
Kyle Collis
I love you 🍠 :-)
Toys top secret
Poor worms,they keep on biting the heads of
Sigita Sulinskaite
l wan
Purple Unicorns
Hi tiana i was just wondering where you get them from and i kove your vids dont let haters bring you down you are a strong young girl keep your channel going
Erin (well my name is lorena but its erin for short)
Isabel Ortiz
my sis used to do that to me
Lilly Bug
where did you get the gummy
selina kaur
Tiana is such a good little girl for her parents but she needs to stop stealing her dads car
why is the dad taking over
kalawati shahi
hi Tiananmen I love your videos
Lea-Celine Schwemler
Justina Dambele
the dad is dis custing
Katie Odonnell
Jordan is crazy
Katie Odonnell
COOL!!!! ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guinea pig Gamer
We're is your gummy store jordon? Lol nice gummies
Leslie Smith
Rebecca Wilson
I love you're videos 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💝
Lydia Slusser
you guys should do real food vs astronaut food
lonsha smith
that is good
lonsha smith
i have 200 dollers
kto z Polski?
Michael Thai
Where can we buy one of those
Cassie Brown
love your channels and your house you an amazing youtuber
Isabella Flanagan
Pedro Amaro
Do u live in London
Isaiah Hoost
IT is WoW 😱
Alyssa Rizer
can you guse do the eat it or wear it chaling
Banana_ 2612
Is Jordan tiana brother
Fun with Jessica!!!!
for a video I think tian a should cook real food and Jordan cook gummy food and then dad and mum can test the food
nicky lacy
Deutche kartofel shit
Oha amk
Sienna M
Wow tiana pulled the gummy worm out of the moms hand
garish kumar
it's not real
Josephine Mate
Can you do a gummy vs food challenge with you brother
German Shepherds
Hi Tiana I have a video called Hannaa's bop it!
lee flowers
Where do you get the giant gummy worms
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