The Family Behind Viral BBC Video Speaks Out


In their first interview since their children interrupted a live BBC segment on Korean affairs, college professor Robert Kelly and his wife Kim Jung-A spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the circumstances, the chaos, and the global reaction to the now-legendary slapstick video. Photo: Miho Inada/The Wall Street Journal

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Syeikh Al Razi
I'm sure he's not wearing any pants .. only boxer... period!!!
Maz Man
wtf is a PEWDIEPIE?
Pops Wagon
Space Cat
the girl is awesome!
archรญv Film
this is why i haven't family
Dad: "what did you do for b-day at school?"
Child: [I'm a goat now] "baaaaaahhhhhh"
OMG that little girl so dorky and adorable..... i'm dying of her cuteness !!!
Kim MacDonald
Love it!
John JJ
stupid wsj, FRAIMING pewdiepie
Fuck you WSJ
Leo Matthews
hitler did nothing wrong
Love that map on your wall.
I noticed they cut the part where he pushes the kid away, his forearm collecting with her face.
Christian London
you can tell he has a GREAT CONNECTION WITH HIS KIDS.... NOT !
Why is everyone talking about tweetie pie or some shit
Coni 31913
OMG! I though she was the nanny
Mehdi Alzghoul
her name is kim jung a
His slippers tho!!!
yoon Kim
Olivia Fleming
WSJ is cancer
Nature's Dildo
Why are they calling his maid his wife?
I'm sick this this overrated family... stop showing them already fuck
A Korean that speaks English! Wow!
Danny boy DJB
well im shocked I reali am absolutely shocked I'm beyond words.....

I thought I thought that Korean woman was the nanny.
turns out it's his mail order bride
I mean wife who new
Hahahaha, when the wheeler baby comes in and the mom comes sliding in the room after him. So good.
Kempy- Pokรฉmon go
Dislike all WSJ VIDEOS
fuck off wall street....just fuck off
siti mariam
so cute n so funny..hihi..
Pro Asbestos Removal Melbourne
So cute baby!
Psychic Velvet
I just love them! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Š
Aylien Real estate
This is adorable
David Maric
Ein volk, Ein reich, Ein Fuhrer!
Nathan Larkin
Love this video but you guys are scumbags, trying to ruin someones reputation on Youtube #FreePewdiepie
Yo WSJ , there's a nazi gesture, why dont you do something?
Louis Kingsta
why is everyone mentioning pewdiepie on this video?
Bro the way the wife came in like that lol mad respect. Yeah she fucked up by letting the kids in, but the way she came in like that, fast and to the rescue. YOU'D NEVER see that from a WHITE woman. Never. She'd fuck up too, but she wouldn't even try fixing her mess and would probably blame her husband for everything somehow.

How To Do Tech
Look at how he pushes the child
Grand Chariot
Who also thought the Asian woman was a their baby sitter not their mother?
satya varshini
what was she replying him
Vivek Pattanaik
fuck you wsj you suck balls assholes
Raw Potato
Pewdiepie fans STFU. You're doing yourselves a disservice by being so fucking annoying in a completely unrelated video
Caleb Kumarasinghe
so cute
mohdamir saari
baby sooooo cute
Oh yeah, his 4 year old's a spoiled brat.
kevo buda
children are beautiful !
Hyun-SE: Zegal
am I only one who thinks this big head, crooked arrow nose professor working at the 3rd class university of sk should go back to his country with his hybrid children? FUNNY~ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ how dare u euro descendant racists treat, look down on great people from such an advanced region like Northeast Asia awfully? do you guys even know our countries are more advanced than your dna's origin homeland, western/northern europe where smells like rotten cheese and seem old fashioned and sucks like countryside and it is really hard to say even the usa is more advanced than great northeast asian region ( japanese, korean, northern chinese provinces)? face the fact we are still rising and your homeland is collapsing! if you are american, are you still so proud of being western/northern european descendants~?ใ…‹ใ…‹ I have respected ur race because I know ur ancsestors & people have achieved so many wonderful things through hundreds of years. but, after watching too frequently red skinned people' the hatred comments and calling bad toward us online for almost 10 years, now I changed my mind and I regard you red skins are the mortal enemy of my race. this is why I think s.korea & japan should also arm ourselves with nuclear weapons, so non-east asian monkeyes can't look down on us anymore. don't forget s.korea or japan can develop plenty of brand new nuclear weapons so easily and so fastly with world's highest technologies once our governments make mind based on forming public opinion to be a superpower! let's see who would win with smiling in the end~ red skins with so much freckles, highest obseity, longest face or too broad square face like shovel, too thick body structure, too large godzilla nose with giant nostrils, and such lagre mouths with big troats like cave, almost like popped out alien eyes if someone punch your back of your head~ mountain pigs!ใ…‹ใ…‹
I kinda have doubts about his parenting. I'm still not feeling the love from him.
Santos De Santa
Come on, Street Wall Journal. You guys can't... Sorry, I mean Wall Street Journal. Pardon me. You guys just can't beat PewDiePie with your shitty news. He knows how to fixs back his mistakes. He know how to return back the peace. He's also got some backup from another YouTuber, dude. And his army is bigger than your crew. I guess he's got more popular after you guys post the "PewDiePie is a new Hitler" or "Anti-semitist" some sort of shit. PewDiePie is just undefeatable, untouchable and he's almost like god ( not for real ) because he's got the power, dude. The money, the views, the subs and more! I can see that you guys got a lot of haters in the comment section. Guess what? It's POODIEPIE FANBOIS!!!
dislike because WSJ
what the fuck are THOOOOOOOSSSSEEEE
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