Game Theory: Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie and H3H3...and Everyone?

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It's the most wonderful time of year again when I break into the Holiday Meta Theories! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! No, H3H3, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye, YouTube isn't killing your channels. At least not on purpose. What they ARE doing is trying to become less like YouTube and more like TV, which means that what YouTube cares about it is changing. What IS really killing channels? Why is there so much less suggested video traffic? And why is asking for likes the stupidest thing you're doing right now? Let me explain.

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deleting you in 2066..
Tovarisch Stalin
oh so this is why I dont ever see jokes in videos anymore
PurplexGamer nun
Lolol my cousin always watch Spiderman and Elsa type of trash I mean she is 4 years old right.... I need to save the baby.
I hate the fact that these stupid changes have made many spanish and english talking good youtubers to stop becat¡use of the fact that youtube dosent care if you put 10 hours into edition for your vid.(ex:juggerwicho a good mexican youtuber) they will only care if you make long videos constantly (ex: Noahj456 who just clicks once to start a livestream and another to end it which really pisses me off)

PS: as I said before juggerwicho is mexican so he speaks spanish
H3 what? That's my name I DIDINT even know about it god please no get away!
TemIsLife :3
5:14 I died xD
Danilo Novaković
Feels like yt is turning into a television.
waleed afandi
Popular youtubers should start uploading their content on pornhub
It's really stupid, why promote daily videos but not weekly videos? If people are consistant it keeps people coming back anyways.
brendan roy
It took 4min and 50 seconds for him to finally begin talking about the subject matter, no thanks.
Kapten Kangroo07
Sniper Spy272
I remember all the 2 hour long live streams in you tube now
YouTube should care about the PERCENTAGE of the video that was watched
MatPat never featured about videogamedunkey in the video.

Welp still like! Came here for the data anyway and to hear MatPat ramble about how he loves diet coke so much.
Wouldn't it be more effective to use the percentage of a video watched rather than the minuets watched as a way to rank how you like the video ???
daria Namjil
yep i have lot of popularmmos minecraft hunger games
nix bennett
so that's why there are countless try not to laugh challenges!!!! XD
but with all seriousness though.. my young niece and nephews search for Disney stuff all the time! and i worry about them watching pregnant elsa.. it's so brain damaging!!! does youtube not care at all?
who else only likes mat Pat video voice overs :/
I saw a lot of minecraft hunger games maps and matpat film theories.
Watched three of your videos and just subscribed. This is one of the best channels I've come across in a long time.
Aliza Polanco
It's official...I need a team.
MlgSwagscopexxx Get rekt
Do more hello neibor
Bryce Phenis
I have an Idea just stop makeing videos until youtube gives in
Timothy Creighton
it seems like they're valuing quantity over quality. I don't turn on the tv and let the mind numbing monotony wash over me, and for the most part I stay with a few known channels unless I see something really interesting
A link to the game A link to the games game
Creators like me and watchers like Us need to stick together
I found the film theory when I searched for frozen
Agar Drago
lmao the begging xD
MJ Jacobson
I only saw that hedgehog taking a bath...awwwwwww😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
James Dinius
This is a problem. I don't like vlogs, and prefer well edited and put together videos, backed up with research when relevant. Videos like theories, lets plays, and the like. The daily vids are good for quick laughs, but its the well edited ones are what I truly enjoy, and what acts as TV replacement for me. If I wan't news, YouTube is not the place I'll look. This algorithm could be death to what I truly enjoy about YouTube. As for trying to compete with Netflix, that won't work. Netflix has a combination of legions of creative writers and animators as well as HOURS of preexisting content (ie old shows) to rely on for pumping out "new' content. Actually, YouTube HAS that preexisting content on many of their channels, and they are throwing it away, demanding only new content.
Most of big channels are losing views...
Skipper Scratch
Waya 13
Oddly enough, this is almost exactly what you warned against in your first "youtube is broken" video. There priorities have shifted, & now their system is almost exclusively benefiting the big, mainstream companies instead of the hard-working, personal creators.
Tiger liam
matpat should be a detective
Budda tifa
0:08-0:17 omg laughed to death
100,000,000,000,000 likes? That's impossible with current world population.
Youtube killed the video star
The most dirty minded person ever XD
ITS CALLED The Game Theorists this isnt games JK i dont care great 👍vid👍
richard stephen
if matpat replay this comment I give to who ever replay this comment
Masked Manatee
what about Northernlion :'( may his sub count never reach 1 mil
Aegis Arclight
Is Youtube killing Pewdiepi- No.

More like THE MEDIA. The Media such as WSJ, are ruining entertainers lives.
Ant Tone
you're a badass, matpat.
First 15 Seconds and i alredy die of laughter
Larry the Lobster
As Old Snake once said: YouTube, YouTube has changed
W.D. Gaster
Bleach Beach
I love you nohomo
A YouTube without Pewdiepie would be a miracle.
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