Game Theory: Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie and H3H3...and Everyone?

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How PEWDIEPIE PWN'd YouTube ► 

It's the most wonderful time of year again when I break into the Holiday Meta Theories! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! No, H3H3, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye, YouTube isn't killing your channels. At least not on purpose. What they ARE doing is trying to become less like YouTube and more like TV, which means that what YouTube cares about it is changing. What IS really killing channels? Why is there so much less suggested video traffic? And why is asking for likes the stupidest thing you're doing right now? Let me explain.

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The Game Theorists
Deleting the channel at 100 TRILLION likes...
Caitlyn Killian
YouTube shame on you let's fix you tube by threaten in them YouTube fix it or everyone will quit YouTube!
Koala Whisperer
Dude you and your partner look like siblings...
Bryan Guillen
uh i noticed you weren't subscribed to mark
Can you go and click it? Thx
Luke gario
I went back and searched Hunger Games, and there were still minecraft, small amounts of clips, and some... other stuff
Reni Rain
this is why every time I click YouTube I click off this is no longer YouTube... this is old people channel 👴👵👴👵
No One
3:26 That comment made me angry
Valentina Belle
I searched frozen and 2 of your vids were there
I think youtube had to change all the time cause of one thing.. there is way too much content being produced..
CreeperLord2020 CL20
You forgot about the not interested button, I did it once on trending and now I haven't seen trending things for two months
Eileen Rose Dunger
i found minecraft hunger games
Satan's Wifi History
YouTube's about to kill you for this 😂😂✔
cackle various
I saw hunger game remixes for Minecraft YouTubers!!!! WTF?!
Chirs Thorpe
Great video. Would watch all the seconds of more videos like this.
DarkWhiteWolf 3
Matt you are awesome, giving youtube channels the know how to keep being successful.
the only thing I hate on YouTube is that he is trying to compete with television I wanted YouTube to be original
Cool Guy
I watched 1 hour of people playing uno
Angie Lee
hes right about hunger games search on youtube
Cyber Balls
Do one on injustice 2 please
I just got the regular hunger games instead of minecraft stuff
Rock Games
well you tube I'm a KID so you can't fire me boooooooooom and I watch you every day of my hole life ha ha take that ;)
thee legendary derp /null
after telling me that you have to watch some thing for like 20 minutes I searched up the longest video on YouTube
Carter W
I was a cringeworthy minecraft kid long enough to know what happens when you search hunger games on youtube
Owen Macqueen
Where's markiplier?
Horror Versions
Interesting. Sounds perfect for my content, except that my videos are pretty short. I wonder how I can make mine longer...
10:21 hey u stole Kurgesagt's vid
youtube. i made a 3 minute video. no sounds, with a dead minecraft like game (terraria) and some bad overwatch characters in a joke video, 1000+ views. and my channel was very small. less than 50 subs ^v^
tusar mandal
this is improtant finally matpat I got a trillion likes
Deepril Vids
Since I saw mArk I watched he's subnauticA so fast ;)
The Glitchy Gamer
We need more Skip the Cat
how did u know i did see some like songs for the hunger games but WTF
hiçbirşeyin kontu
it was the worst turkish subtitle ı have evet seen
W.D Gaster
So i just searched Hunger Games and all i see are Gta5 vids?.... like what is life?
Ven Rox
Ah the good old days, when you clicked on a video and wasn't met first with an annoying advert. When YouTube only had side adds that didn't make noise and everyone used Microsoft Movie Maker lol
Safwan Azam
Isn't Stephanie Matpat's wife or am I really high
Kevin Turtles
Hey he added m3rk/Eric I'm happy now Notice me ERIC!
Selin Naz Sur
I actually opened a new tab and saw your Film Theory video on Hunger Games ;)
So the point being, is Youtube's algorithm getting better?
Melissa de Blok
I love the Youtube email.
Get kindles youtube doesnt play ads onnthem!!!
Rory Antonsson
I love this..cause I'm curious on how these things work..fascinating! I'll be seeing more of your videos again in my feed and knowing why..thank You!
ammar sidiqui
i searched for hunger games on youtube and most of the videos i saw were minecraft ones
Whoa, whoa, stop for a moment. What's this about miss hedgehog taking a bath? That looked adorable.
Jullian Toribio
i just like this guy idk why!!!
I watch YouTube via my phone. And every day, I have to click the dots and remove 27 videos out of my list of things I'm supposed to be subscribed to, but have never heard of. Just like the ad under this video is for cheap cat litter delivery. Wtf is wrong with YouTube? I don't watch cat videos and I sure as hell didn't tell them I have a cat (until now). If it's linked to Facebook then there are no pictures of my cat and I never make mention of my cat. So as you see, something is bad wrong here. I do have photos of my cat on my phone. Now, if that information is or has been accessed without a post, then whatever companies involved have broken the law in ways that any judge and lawyer would hammer them to the ground over. Here's one perfect example. I follow Sl1pg8r yet don't watch a lot of his vids anymore because the developer Wild Card screwed my friends and I over badly with their game Ark through their support aspect. Well, every day I remove the Ark videos that pop up from various channels I've never subscribed or even been to in my history of watching YouTube. However, as many Ark videos I remove, YouTube makes sure that Sl1pg8r's Ark videos always pop up at the very top of the list, along with an ad for feminine products or women's clothing. I could understand that if I was a woman. I could even understand that if I was on my fiancés YouTube on her phone. But I'm not. I'm on my phone and I'm a man. One thing your not saying is that all of this ad and non-subscribed videos in egregious amounts showing up on feeds that have nothing to do with what one even watches or is interested in, is on the very cusp of harassment. However, certain things could be construed as harassment as in the daily feminine products or women's clothing ads that are always on my screen at the top. Usually within the first 3 videos listed. So I pose a question to you The Game Theorists. How long before any of this boils over and others get wise to it, and it becomes a severe legal issue that could affect the future of YouTube's existence? Please feel free to take the time on the numbers crunch as well as the theoreticals of it and respond via this comment. I'm saving this video and liking it to keep track of your channel and this post. Thank you for this video upload.
Boss Plays2ooo
69 steam ; 25 youtube ; 6 netflix
CheekyFox 05
Whilst searching Frozen I got your video on the True Enemy...lel
MTB Gaming
I'm just curious, is Youtube still relevant anymore, and a viable job for a creator anymore?
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