Game Theory: Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie and H3H3...and Everyone?

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It's the most wonderful time of year again when I break into the Holiday Meta Theories! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! No, H3H3, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye, YouTube isn't killing your channels. At least not on purpose. What they ARE doing is trying to become less like YouTube and more like TV, which means that what YouTube cares about it is changing. What IS really killing channels? Why is there so much less suggested video traffic? And why is asking for likes the stupidest thing you're doing right now? Let me explain.

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The Game Theorists
Deleting the channel at 100 TRILLION likes...
Yong Han Tan
ok matpat is legend 27 at guessing
Fazzy Caz
I'm glad you're a fan of h3h3 matpat
Renegade Jerome
Subscribe To My Channel Pls
Andrew Bennett
Don't eat monk fish it's a critically endangered species of shark.
Squggile Frie
MatPat u r sikekik u were able to tell me wat i would see and guess wat u were rite the youtubers u said i would see i did see them.Props to u MatPat
True Gaming 360
LoL when I searched for hunger games I got movie clips and trailers LOLOLOLOLLOLOL
Michaela Walton
Each time I see news it makes me furious, because I came here for entertainment.
rocker 10039
i actually barely even got any minecraft and instead a ton of movie related stuff.
How did I know that before I searched up hunger games on YouTube it would be Minecraft videos?
Why do you say partner, are you gay? Just kinda weird
Sick Ducker
Why make YouTube into Netflix when they already have YouTube red?
Rahul For_Life
I thought steph was his gf....😲
Ronnie Williams
when will you do truth out of nothing
Dacia Schoengarth
you're cool you're cool you're cool
Shuriku 卍
I wore a table while watching that video... and while typing this comment. You know, one of those little, wooden, fold-up tables? Yeah...
Inbox therapy doesn't even upload like 4 videos in a week let alone 1 once a day
gameboy, s
goldman007 Worried about the BIG D
subscribed...hit me up with the same and thanks...
Cole Steppacher
Can you watch my videos
stefan diaconu
youtube is pure evil
Punkrawk Bbob
Why people watch spiderman/elsa instead of stuff like this is because people rather watch a train derail then watch a professor. We value absurd garbage over intelligent thought or creative expression. It sucks :(
DJ Hyperdeath
in the hunger game search thingy i got a pokemon minecraft hunger games video. what
Black ButlerFan
2017 now 🎉🎉🎉
Regina Fernandez
YouTube is loved for the weird awesome scary funny cute and more but... The things that are happenning right now aren't the things that made me fall in love with YouTube.. And many others too, it must be scary to be a YouTuber right now...!
Alexander LimHo
Sometimes I feel like youtube is mentally or even physically abusing people who has channels that are popular until those people quit youtube
And so this is why I hated 2016
Advyth Ramachandran
Brave Wilderness is G a R b A g E

He mistreats and mishandles animals as well as contributing to reactionary biophobia. Also he misidentifies some species. Just wanted to throw that out there to any idiots who watch his sewage.
lelouch vi britannia
so youtubes basically changing audience?
Ava Stelmaschuk
XxNightcore Critical/ HunterxX
Nowonder Ive been around for a year and only got a 101 subs
EpisodeAuthor May23
Hey, I, umm, I searched hunger games. Top result was the Hunger Games from $3.99 Aud purchase from YT. shurgs
Same with frozen (Sing Along #1, Official movie #2)
John Warren Stacruz
just realized...
MatPat is the most intelligent YouTuber
aiden aquaknight
YouTube company vs YouTube channel makers
I searched for "Hunger Games" now and there were a lot of GTA-Video...
MusicCan Addict
I was watching two hours of Braille before this
wanted beet
Chara _
Can someone make a new YT-Website plz?
BananaJoe 199
i typred in hunger games it came up with hunger games the movie
So people filming organic quality content are being replaced by huge companies for the minutes and number of videos a week? Wow. How could one single person do the same number of videos as such huge companies? Wth? What does youtube prefer? Content or numbers? People who are youtubers because they love have to compete with literally... Television. Because these changes are taking what youtube had so special. I don't need another tv.
what about the -subs glich?
Mercedes FunTime
#1 dont spam.
Youtube is Hard, I am Struggling to grow my channel
Tucker Knauss
Screw you Youtube
EMT Films
Braille HYPE.
Lucario 777789
and Skip the cat
Tooltip Tinkerer
Jesus, I did search up Hunger Games, & it was the exact opposite of what I had thought it would be. I love the game, but the community is obnoxious & toxic beyond belief.
Danger of Destruction
Pewdiepie practically killed his own channel, he was a giant but he stopped gaming
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