Game Theory: Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie and H3H3...and Everyone?

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It's the most wonderful time of year again when I break into the Holiday Meta Theories! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! No, H3H3, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye, YouTube isn't killing your channels. At least not on purpose. What they ARE doing is trying to become less like YouTube and more like TV, which means that what YouTube cares about it is changing. What IS really killing channels? Why is there so much less suggested video traffic? And why is asking for likes the stupidest thing you're doing right now? Let me explain.

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Ghost Hawk
Dude. No wonder I'm so addicted to youtube... I need rehab
You said Trending isn't paid promotions, then continued to say that it was YouTube's own organic promotional system. If it's their own algorithmic decisions as to what people are watching how do you know that companies aren't paying to be placed into that system over small creators? You don't know what plays into the selection. Especially considering a lot of these videos do not have the numbers to back up your claims that they draw in the casual viewer. Also you broke your own point by saying that these videos are on there to appease advertisers, so either the advertisers are paying for those spots or YouTube is just trying to appease them which is still a problem in and of itself.

Also while the large companies, upload daily, majority of their videos are quite short. Which doesn't support your idea of videos being promoted based on watch minutes.
Vaylon Kenadell
If YouTube kills the goose that laid the golden egg -- and it looks like they will -- then I would suggest that would be an indicator to start selling off your stock in Google. They clearly don't understand what makes the Internet great anymore.
The notification squad!!!
If 5,000,000,000 people liked this video every day, it would take 5.5 years to reach 100 Trillion likes.
I've noticed that your vids are close to an average of 15 minutes. Don't you ever feel like you have to upload vids daily. I mean they're g like I love your vids but do you ever think about if you HAVE to upload vids everyday.P.S. no offense.
Some of this might be a bit better if YouTube was going by the percentage of time a video is watched as opposed to just the amount of time watched, with some exceptions for extremely short and extremely long videos so that it doesn't punish one and favor the other.
Hunger Games: The first result is a buyable "The Hunger Games", then a bunch of minecraft videos, then "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", movie mistakes, cinemasins, yourmoviesucksdotorg, minecraft, "THE FULL MOVIE" playlist, more minecraft, the official channel, a 4 minute "FULL MOVIE", and lastly, minecraft.
The Lost Gamer
Wow my only long video has about 2.5k all my others have around 8 views
wyatt loftin
Trumps fault.
Lewis Grayson (TheYorkshaGamer)
I thought I came here to watch GAME Theory?Now its YouTube Theory.
George Melin
sub to my channel and i sub back ! ;)
little creeper
I have a new channel yay :( :(
Vasco Silverio
I don't understand the Game Grumps shoutout, they have been doing the 10 minute, three videos a day routine before all this, and these youtuber's complaining are the one's who conformed to Youtube's stipulations after animators got cut off by youtube changing focus from watches to minutes watched. This was the major and most vile change in my opinion. Now this is favourable to Game Grumps yes but they have evolved to a more efficient machine with more staff, so the money invested justifies the outcome. If PewDiePie invested in three videos a day, is it so unthinkable? He could manage it, as the Grumps do, and they do have the energy and characteristic tone ever present in every video, I don't see the problem.
It's good for some, bad for some.
And I mean this for entertainment, animation was cut off and remains cut off.
For spreading insights and ideas, the utility and quality of the information to whoever may it concern is and always will be the important part, not monetary outcome.
Youtube deals a lot of money to it's users, so it's normal it tries to push them to iniciate a more capitalist approach on their earnings, it's sad but it's true.
Fortunately I watch Joshscorcher videos when I wash the dishes
why are you using the music from super pinball from the snes?
Atiqur Rahman
YouTube what the ####
930M Gaming
Example: CaptainDisillusion makes quality content which is entertaining to watch but uploads only 1 video a month, that's probably why you don't know him!
Giganotosaurus Carolinii
Derp Cookies

I'm going to try to heed your advise my good friend
what video dose he talk about ryans toy review
Outerfell Sans
AT 4:28
Outerfell Sans
The real video starts at 4:50
Both of those guys suck and if Pewdiepie is gone for good on YouTube than I would be so happy. And If h3h3 left I really don't care
"Hunger Games" Results in GTA
Arham Shams Sameer
Congratulations :) you have gained one more instance of 15 minutes of watch time.
- NanoNoobGamer28 -
Your right, they now already have watch time bullshit...
Chad Kroeger
Skip the cat had me in tears
From what I get is that big companies are jealous and want attention, so Youtube is helping out, clap clap Good job Youtube, way to make the world work in your own image.
Piotr Eljasiak
after searching for "hunger games" first result is official trailer, and only 3 of top 10 results are not related to the movie so i call what you said at 6:20 bullshit
Kirstyn Hawkins
This makes me mad. Not this video, but YouTube.
DΣXISTΣЯFXᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰ
I'm triggered. You're not subscribed to Markiplier... 9:09
Tristin Shewmake
this is insane, YouTube changing like this is NOT OK YouTube is turning into, well a slave platform.What was once a small and fun way to publish little videos is becoming a creative straining network, and fans might be the problem.
Annette McCool
i typed hunger games and it came up with minecraft hunger games
The Last Bull-Frog
You should do a theory on don't starve
Surely the more videos a viewer watches the more money youtube makes in ad revenue? Youtube wanting people to spend less time watching adverts means less money all around.
hello everyone, I am a small youtuber I want to become famous, Subscribe for daily walkthrough of tuber simulator, have fun guys
love game theory
YouTube has such a bad reputation for communicating how it works and how it pays and ranks videos with the creators I feel like there needs to be a class action lawsuit or something
Magnus adams
Starman Gaming
I don't know if Youtube knows this, but if you keep adding rules that stop Youtubers from being themselves, which gives them their money, then to be a business it's a big No no
Jake Tilley
My opinion no more companies on YouTube yah
Eleanor Breheny
So thats why my youtube is covered in talk shop clips that i dont give two fucks about

I dont come to youtube for tv style things- funnily enough, i go to the tv for that

I come to youtube for 'youtube' style things- for lack for a better description, less 'processed' with less strings attached. I come for things like Cow Chop and Brandon Rogers that would never fly in traditional media.

Sorry i didnt mean to go so long
When he said hunger games the first thing that popped into my head was Minecraft...

I have a little brother....
Zachery Nicoson
Realistically though, MatPat could destroy every YouTuber.
GeometryDash Hero
You have no idea how many $1 vs $558272 products I've been recommended by YouTube from Buzzfeed
Ivan Ovish
"Soccialism/communism only works in theory."
Well capitalism doesn't even work in practice am i right.
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