Game Theory: Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie and H3H3...and Everyone?

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How PEWDIEPIE PWN'd YouTube ► 

It's the most wonderful time of year again when I break into the Holiday Meta Theories! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! No, H3H3, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye, YouTube isn't killing your channels. At least not on purpose. What they ARE doing is trying to become less like YouTube and more like TV, which means that what YouTube cares about it is changing. What IS really killing channels? Why is there so much less suggested video traffic? And why is asking for likes the stupidest thing you're doing right now? Let me explain.

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The Game Theorists
Deleting the channel at 100 TRILLION likes...
Jensine Cabo
wow he is right about minecraft
what i see on my home?
relaxing ASMR
Jacksepticeye stuff
lord of the rings
I have noticed something too it just shows famous ones
Tucker Selby
Evrybody! I have a good strategy! A loophole where you get a break. Spend hours upon hours gaming in one day. He careful to make several epesodes, then post them once a day, until the series is complete
The fountain pen hub
Thanks JewTube
Rodney Scott
omg when matpat said google hunger games in YouTube I literally thought he predicted the future lol
Kung gurka
I understand that why gtlives videos is over one hour
Steven The True
I've never watched a goddamn Pootie Pie a day in my life!
Yemi Agesin
I think a lot of the Youtubers should band together so that there is enough daily content but also fresh and creative. This "band" could also compete against the larger companies easily.
xX_ LongTailKitCat3333 _Xx
10:53 R.I.P Furby
First, right off the bat this felt like a YouTube apologist video, perpetuating the notion that it's the creators fault they're not giving YouTube what they want. excuse me but aren't the creators supposed to prioritize what THEIR AUDIENCE wants? without that, we're straight back to corporation-ad-run content that's at the expense of the audience, and ultimately, the creator who needs said audience to survive.

secondly, MatPatt has done numerous videos with YouTube corporate to promote initiatives and the like...the conflict of interest is glaring.
Lizard ghost 75
Now I feel Iike I'm being waich by YouTube....
dat1guy 0
So, if theres 4 bars on the channel logo, then when is there going to be comic theory? Or even a real life theory ? I NEED TO KNOW
types in Frozen

Oh, I see Film Theory's Elsa's true enemy! :DD

scrolls down a bit more

Ali Shahin
But now there is YouTube tv
Hakeemollah Karimi (407hakkari)
when i searched hunger games, I saw one of your walking dead videos as the 6th option. explain this
First of all, PewDiePie, doesn't have any ideas left. ;(
lacy matthews
you have a kid on here
lacy matthews
Stephens Yu
ya the trending chart is totally rigged
Wesley Palmer
You delete this channel I will....... I don't know why I'll do I don't know your address 😭 plz don't delete at a trillion likes this is my go to when I'm sad
3:04 i'm a nerd too! exept I get exited about video games... andgoshoutingaroundaboutitwithmyfriends.
Madfacts 300
Your right
Alexis Uhl
you videos are awsone and im goung to tell you a story.whene i first wached 2 minits of you video i was thinking meh but slowly i waches morecall of a suden thene i was so adicted to your videos i wached all of theme one more thing i wach all your lives and you are truely awsome relly awsome and ever sence i did some therys my self thak you matpat we all love you with all our harts 😊☺truly your fan alexis
PG The Hedgie
did i just see sonikku
Dragonkeeper 4242
very scared to start a youtube channel now

I will never be famous :'(
12:30 dammit mark ye fell
Davis Tuck
okay this makes sense because shows like roadkill do really well and it's because they're shot, edited, and produced by video crews. but YouTube is popular because of its accessibility to the average person. it's popular because ITS NOT TV. GET THE MESSAGE YET YOUTUBE?????
Your the Best
W.D Gaster
I stopped watching tv AND Netflix only because youtube was a good place where people enjoy themselves. NOW I HATE YOUTUBE. I WAS EVEN GONNA SPARK UP MY CHANNEL AND NOW? IM NOT F*CKING TRING IT. I WISH YOUTUBE WAS SET STRAIGHT!!! F*** THE NEW RULES AND CRAP! #BringOurJoyBack !!!!
Rick bonnie
I prefer Film Theorists. But this is good too. Subscribe to my Channel!
Horses Feather
You think that's hard, look at what the algorithm has done to animators.
Lee Gee
In early June of 2017, the hunger games search DID give me clips and not mine craft
holy bologna hes right, nothing hunger games is actually hunger games
Darkstorm Shade
i will participate in this and watch the he will not divide us stream for the next four years
all-seeing eye
if you do not do duxking doctor who part 3 i will shoot up my school
ceoel marketing
Eugene the Gamer
summarization: animation is screwed
Can you make a video about Kantai Collection? I promise it will be fun.
FrahaDreemurr Gaming
I actually always watch youtube, unless I'm grounded or ya know busy...or just other stuff but I spend most of my time on YouTube
FrahaDreemurr Gaming
well not every one can open a tab I'm watching on my tablet on the YouTube app
Holy crap when I went to type in hunger games and frozen it completely predicted it like if it happened to you.
Reyes Alexi
Make youtube great again!!!!
The Overwatch Gamer
Don't worry matpat I'll watch all ur videos to the end
Jen Mei L J
got more from the hunger games film than mine craft
Foxy failure playz!
not everyone is watching pewpiedie some are watching other 1millon subcriber people.
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