Is the new Capt. of Star Trek Discovery a Transgender based on Michelle Obama?

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Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer

KS Wolf
Why the fuck would a trans woman have a male name? PMSL.
She will not be the captain. You really don't know much about the new series.
1st thing - She is not the Captain. 2nd thing - SHE is a Vulcan and NOT Transgender. 3rd thing - if you don't know what you are talking about and you want to make a video, then pick some topic that people don't care about. From this video it is obvious that you have not watched any of the per-views. It's idiots like you that mislead people and put them off shows they might other wise like. Either get it right or don't waist out time with false information on you posts
david esktorp
2:44 don't fall for this one bro.. it's not true. Find the original clip and listen to it in context. He was talking about a man named Michael, not Michelle. I'm not disputing the liklihood that Michelle is a man, just that one bit of evidence is being passed around to purposefully make people look stupid.
clayton boyd
the new klingons look like alligator people!
Sassy Cat
Do more research please.
Sassy Cat
Seniqua Martin Greene is a woman. She played Shasha on The Walking Dead. She had a baby last year. Sorry, she is not transgender.
Holographic Multiverse
Michelle Obama is not transgendered. None of them are
Could you be anymore ignorant? 👎🏾
Kim Jong-un
I believe Gene Roddenberry to be a centrist. Although he did fight against for prejudices and for women's rights in the 60s, the times have changed, and even he would most likely see that now. The show had hidden messages of classic liberalism, but nowadays, liberalism is mostly hate speech and pretending to be “oppressed".
Suesann C
Ok, Stop!!! "SHE" is a REAL WOMAN!!! She just left "The Walking Dead" to be on this show!!!! While she was on the TWD she was pregnant, yes she was caring a child in "HER" Womb!!! She is also married!!! Y'all really need to do in depth research before you speak on people's lives!!! Folks look up too people like you because your brave enough to put the real stuff out there, but if your stuff is not real or true then why are we looking to you for truth??? Your becoming just as bad as mainstream news!!! This woman is truly missed on TWD!!!! She is a young beautiful and very talented Black Woman, just trying to put food on the table for her family, please do a better job at researching your subject matter or kiss your followers goodbye!!!
Trent Timoy
WHAT THE FUCK! Are you a MORON?? Michael can be a female or male's name.
Chante Moody
They probably are trying to make it out that the captain of the Star Trek show is a strong, black woman, that is as capable as a man, and she blurs the gender line, just like Michelle/Michael Obama. While I do believe Michelle Obama is actually a man, I don't think the actress playing he new Star Trek captain is actually a man; but, they gave her a man's name to blur gender lines on the show.
The new lead in Star-Wars is a boy! In Star-Trek - a man!
The recruited them from the planet - Use2beagirlion
Darvenne J
As a Old Trekky,I will politely decline watching this new version. The Social Justice Leaguers have taken the genre over. Threw the TV out eons ago,and even Hulu ,is somehow "''Suspect"'? DS9,New Generation even the series with Bakula was the "'Good stuff"' ,its only Space Opera anyway,and what can they add? Roddenberry it was his baby,and the guys who followed was in the paint.I have to admit Janeway even with her shrill was still ST. ( and 7 of 9 well she filled the seats. ) I believe it has all been corrupted and hi-jacked for a secret "'Agenda"' . Let the sleepers ,and sheep watch it. C'est la vie !
SJW's/Feminists bring so much filth into the world,, I can't see why not.
Dang! I thought that was Vivica Fox!
michael terracina
Hi Paul I hope all is well with you thanks for the report from the big A
Dreamcast 84
Yeah the show looks bad. My species was created with one purpose, to sense death. This show will die after one season.
shahbaz saeed
two females, or two males, are not supposed to create a family, they can not be father and mother they can not bear children, it is ridiculous, hideous, disgusting, and pure satanist. stand up human protest and save yourselves from this transgender bomb which is no different then a nuclear weapon,
Captain Kathryn Janeway will always be the best women captain!
LBGT planet that is getting weirder. As reality fades away into the past.
Borpheus Maximus
Was that the chick from crouching tiger, hidden dragon??
Do scifi fans really want to watch social justice warriors in space? I see a ratings wormhole ahead. Evasive action captain! All hands off deck!
Richard Teresi
Hilarious....!!! Now how can we help them in the year 2151.....?
Lashonda Casta
The fact that you took the time to make this video displays you need help "BADLY"!... By the way Michelle/Michael in different countries is pronounced the same, and spelled the same.. seek help
gideon Haileselassie
It's deeper than most realize. The majority of A-list celebs are tranny. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron and on and on. It's their religion.
Obama is also on video speaking of his "Muslim faith" and not correcting himself until the interviewer said..."You mean your Christian faith"
That is like me calling myself a communist or a Nazi and not catching/correcting it...
Hello, is this thing on? tap tap tap
Lep P
There have been numerous women in history named Michael.
some black people name females michael. I knew one. she was my patient.
Jennifer Kass
Testimony as a Highly Sensitive Empath Coming to Faith in Jesus
go and listen to her testimony on Soundcloud.
Cicero Meridius-Decimus
Former fudge packer, President Obama and his he bitch Michelle.
Andrew Holloway
Dumb ass the facts are she not even the captain shes first officer
and its already been said shes not transgender Michael in the universe is a both male and female names do u research first
It's probably going to be a flop, nowhere nearly as good as the original or next generation. I love the black captain actor from Deep Space Nine but it was dull because they just sat there in space and let the trouble come to them. LOL!
Because jo reverse was a bloke in a dress so he would know.also huge in the trans community.
ak froggie
Wondered the same thing about the Walton's mom actress Michael Learned. Did her dad just want a boy? (Like Obama's mom, Stanley Anne Dunham?)
Господь мой пастырь; У меня есть то, что мне нужно.

Он заставляет меня лежать в зеленых пастбищах; Он ведет меня около тихих вод.

Он восстанавливает мою душу; Он ведет меня по путям праведности ради имени Его.

Даже если я пойду через долину смертной тени, я не буду бояться зла; Ибо Ты со мной; Твой жезл и Твой посох - они меня успокаивают.

Вы приготовили передо мной стол перед моими врагами; Вы натирать мою голову маслом; Моя чаша переполняется.

Несомненно, добро и милость последуют за мной во все дни моей жизни; И я буду жить в доме Господнем во веки веков.
Dallas Baldys
Obama's husband is going to be my wide receiver, corner back and play a little inside if need be . or my running back trying to think?
Dallas Baldys
Haha I love the very beginning . "I woke up and saw this God awful trailer". Haha so true, but you had me laughing for a good 5 mins just on how you said that.
Never Trust Power
Get past Michelle Obama.How about Victoria's Secret models,Taylor Swift,beiber,Kate Middleton,Farrah Fawcett,most if not all European royalty,Lady Gaga,Carrie Underwood,on and on? Don't believe it?Mr E channel or just type the word transvestigation on YouTube...and WATCH what comes up.
Jay Serio
Don't forget Michael Learned who was the Mom on Walton's mountain. She had a male first name.
Designer English
In 1956, my birth mother named me Michael which was on my original birth certificate. My adoptive parents changed my name to a more conventional girls name. When I asked my birth mother why she named me Michael, she stated that she just liked that name and had no other reason. This was highly unusual for the 1950's and I'm glad that I did not have to grow up with that name.
Thanks for all the great videos. You are in my prayers for more patrons and a new home that you love. Cynthia
oak mitchell
Hey Paul they've also announced the first openly gay star trek character on this new one.damb smdh
Scentless Apprentice
Michel is French for Michael.
Loud Noises
Star Trek is butt.
Scentless Apprentice
well all through history men have been playing women from sports to caballywood and off course the royals and rulers so it's time to bring out the truth slowly. you have been lusting after the wrong sex if you worship the false idols. and women have been playing men Satanist family's gender swap and raise their kids the opposite gender
#Civil Disturbia
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