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Adam Lewis
i think its funny how the vlog was 420
StewieKing 247
was she high?
New Show “Toilet Talks” 🤣
Admiral Ackbar
Jay Leno looks like an older Jake Paul
Isaiah Ramirez
of course corinna works at fucking hooters...why can't she be at my hooters :(
I legit thought that was WoahhVicky in the thumbnail
Maria Palacios
The ending was perfect!!!!
yass bih
Duck Face
Hey my name is Amber ~follow me at Amber.senpai69
Carla Taylor
BABY CORINNA (I know it was only a year ago but damn she’s changed so muc)
Riley Uncut
Honestly I feel like Alex and Corinna are legit secretly in love like I feel it through the phone
Kailarina 2
David’s phone was upside down during the “kiss me through the phone” part lolllll but I still love them
Amber Brisco
aaaaaahhhhhhhh my name is amber..... lol..
Relishly Nitraa
Everyone subscribe to mt channel
Julia Bocsan
Did anyone else realize that David’s phone is upside down in one of the scenes?
Amanda R
I love the outro. Her laugh flows so well with the music. Sounds so cool
Amber Bilton
My name is amber ❤️🥀
Naira Hoque

David is holding his phone backwards...
Peyton Crawfish
2:39 Liza swears
Alana Shrader
Are we not going to Talk about the fact that at 2:38 Liza cusses
Wonder Girl
Why was such an innocent ad on one of YOUR videos
undyne 666
Did anyone else see David's phone was upside-down
CarleyMarie B
How to get free meals and Shawn Mendez posters
val roe
I love the vlogs with Liza David and Alex together
Ella Anderson
Yessss aunt not ant I’m with Alex💪💪💪
Gracie Joseph
Does Corinna have a yt channel?
T Smith
Oh my gosh Alex never let them tell you it's pronounced ant. It's aunt, Minnesotans are correct
Enduro NJUSA
David had his phone upside down
Gracie Chirico
Shush duh I love your hair cut you off my hair and I’m not sure if I have any luck or Dare I don’t want you going I want you I love your outfit (outro)
Jessie Jordan
Jack Phillips
Liza going ham In the car is my favourite clip of 2017
bianca rose petal
dom in an Avenged Sevenfold shirt is my favourite thing ever
Caitlin Steele
The outro song 😂
Aarun Dooley
Why is David’s comments not at the top of the comment section.
Thaeron Anderson
Wait...davids phone is upside
Davids phone is upside down I’m not ok
Donald Garrett
What are Lizas toes 😂😂😂
nia rose
Joseph Najera
Katherine Alvineda
kiss me through the phone,classic 😁
Simon Tamang
making a joke on gays!
Black Queen
Kiss me through the phone....LMAO
Sean Ellington
That was actually Jay Leno!!!XD
Miss Wolf
Did anyone else notice David holding his phone upside down
Alyssa Joan
Evanescence love it
Ana Babic
I too
Edwin Saavedra
David’s phone was upside down
Phoebe's Theories
2:38 LIZA SAID “you know what pi$$es me off?” WTF AAAAAHHHHH
farzana ali
anyone notice david was holding the phone upside down 😂😂
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