Kyle Gannon
I want you all day
jaws should be its name
lets name him fat tip
Bob Clarke
Thought from looking at this bloke that he wouldnt be so silly and childish, scary really
Luis Saucedo
The only thing wrong with his fish pool, is that the koi fish needs to be in clean water and koi are vegeterians
flo rappas hiltoaks
Mangesh Saroj
You need a giant silver arowana in this pond! :)
Brandon Ziegler
DReis 7
It has Gill curl.. It won't live long without proper care
What a faggy twat.
Regular Pianist
you can name him Goliath from the story in the bible
B. Petrică
named fish
Yeah Right
Small i caught one that his head and tail was hanging over the tail gate of a full size truck
Isaiah Naatz
Red Dragon
Isaiah Naatz
Red Dragon
Isaiah Naatz
for the catfish Red Dragon
Isaiah Naatz
for the catfish Red Dragon
Orlando Francis
Big best man
Liam Ferguson
Name him charlie or comet anyone agree
Janice Stp
Do you have to torture the feeders before you feed your fish??????? Do you know they are living being? You throw them around like a potato. You are heartless! You aren't a fish keeper you are a self absorbed trophy hunter !
F Kristi
Utom shall be the name plzz
Amanda Haney
Name him killer because he has a red tail that it looks like blood
Brian Enlow
I love this show
Carl Andrew Butcher
All you need in that pool now is a Northern Pike ! To keep Shamou company ?
Patrick Silva
Call him shimano
Catch'n Bass
it says all sold out
Call it cash
Bennett Smith
May I get the mask that you had on please
Bennett Smith
Can I get the shirt
Bennett Smith
Name your new fish-based or boss
name him shadow
LyleTheLoser Corwin
2:06 fish abuse!!!!!
im jake721
Jessica Slaughter
you're so awesome
minecraftManyak dude
Michael Jackson
Pj Nagy
it,s my birthday so can you give me gere
Riley Happ
Sgt_Shiloh _Barrios_25
Bananogmous is a cool name
Name him Brutus!
Overgrown humanoid feline whom wears whimsical hats
i wish my mom would let me have a fish pond:(
Yu Jay
Fishy McFishFace?
Kaylin Graham
You should do another live feeding
Isaac W.
Name it jango
Jessica Shilton
Why did u throw the poor fish 2:06 ? Also why didn't you out water in the bucket? :(:(:(
ethan denmark
ethan denmark
Tyler Reed
Name it king or Thor
NOAH Begue
Name the car fish Lion. It just seems fitting.
Maddox Collins
jack jonson
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