Dusty Mack
i like the episode of the kid.
0:25 nathan!!!
Kim is a good actress. When she's in more dramatic roles.
San Diego Blog Time
Looks promising! Let's hope the negative nellies below are wrong.
OC Guy
LA Or Vegas? What city would be better for a single guy? Interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the future. I like Vegas due to the fact it has no state income tax price of living is cheaper than California however people tell me i'll get sick of Vegas and the 24-7 lifestyle. LA is expensive traffic is horrible but it offers many opportunities every city has it's pro's and cons overall which city would be better to settle down?
I love dylan
Lisa Neuman
This looks like a good show!!
you know when you watch something and immediately know its going to fail HARD.... yh
Cassandra Blackburn
Funniest trailer I've watched and I think I've watched every networks upcoming trailer. Would have probably made a better movie, but we'll see.
Yasin Lago
It looks dumb, but looks much better than The Orville (eyes rolling) or Ghosted. The Modern Family producers are behind it, so probably better than most.
Millie Bean
looks like fun :-)
TheRedBaron Lives!
surprised that this crap made it past the pilot episode.McDermott must need $ bad.
Lets hope that fox dont cancelled this show.
oh wait never mind they already cancelled it.
See, this is how you edit a trailer.
Angry Brazilian Fanboy
I've been watching upcoming TV show commercials for like 30 minutes now...and this is the best thing I've seen yet.
Mahitur Islam
Can't wait to watch this movie.
lol looks good
CaptainTango 27
A tv show pretty much based off Allegiant Air... love it :)
this should be a movie. a show is just a drag
olivia twyst
that's hilarious!
max gee
What's with all the hate. It's not out yet just wait to see and then judge. Personally I think its looks promising, i like the pilot.
How many episodes can they get out of a flight crew only flying from LA to Vegas?
Sable Senegal
This looks funny I live in Vegas and I have never heard of this flight before from la but I'm a fan of Dylan's so I'll watch it!
I'd love to join the Mile High club with Dylan.
Kyle Force
i got bored of this b4 the trailer ended
I'm torn. I can see it getting cancelled and I can see it going on for years.
this looks good
Las Vegas Locally
There's a lotta meh here.
This could totally be a movie! A show though? Hmmm.
my brother craig
Eugenia Trujillo
This reminds me of Mixology in that it has a premise that can't really be stretched past a first season, probably won't get a lot of rating but you know who will most definitely be watching

Chyanne Foresman
That pregnant girl was hilarious! 😂
Too bad Fox is ruining our country with their lies and bullshit. Unfortunate all these actors had to get involved with such a sleaze bag company. Guess you have to pay for all those Bill O'Reilly settlements somehow!
Looks (and sounds) like the real life Archer ditched the spy game and became an airline pilot 😋
So this is where Freddie went after iCarly!
James Pasierbowicz
This actually doesn't look like crap as many tv comedies usually do.
micheal cameron
I'm in
Not Funny
Annmarie Rivera
This looks stupid. I will skip. All the characters seem annoying
حمادة خميس
Jane Doe
This would make a good movie. The show will get old fast after a couple of episodes. It's a shame because I like Dylan McDermott. He's aging well.
G_ _T
Haha this looks better than the new Seth Macfarlane show in my opinion. Dylan is hilarious !
Red Hat
great Archer impression
Ralph Furley
This looks amazing! I can't wait to watch it. Freaking hilarious!
This looks good... but the problem is that Fox has three shows that seem to have the exact type of comedy. Not granted I like that type of comedy, but it seems like overkill. If you are going to have shows that are written like the GRINDER.... Why didnt you just keep the GRINDER.
This looks good! Dylan and Nathan + that girl from UnReal.
HRH Prince Nicholas Herrman
This is a tv show? Is it good?
I don't know how this is a series? Much like "The Resident", I actually like the cast but I can't see this being funny for more than a couple episodes.
Joseph Tobin
is that Freddie Benson
Macario Patrick
Why do they keep giving Dylan McDermott a show to be in when he's had like 4 or 5 different shows that were canceled after the first season? Although he's never been in a comedy before, so I guess it's okay.
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