The Boring Company | Tunnels

Canal do Springtrap
Taavi Albert
Imagine all these earthquakes...
And the cost...
And the awesome GTA-ish gateway from police :D
Ran West
I hope it occurred to Tesla that if you put the sled system above ground with a designated highway lane, you could skip right past self driving cars. This could 1. Alleviate a lot of congestion 2. Provide great public transport 3. Save taxpayers money as it would be pay to play. Tunnels can always be welcome addition after the initial program..
Ran West
I hope it occurred to Tesla that if you put the sled system above ground with a designated highway lane, you could skip right past self driving cars. This could 1. Alleviate a lot of congestion 2. Provide great public transport 3. Save taxpayers money as it would be pay to play. Tunnels can always be welcome addition after the initial program..
Count Nulin
Elon must've been on something while making this music clip
To everybody who is trying to "debunk" the project with the "earthquake" issue :D I did the research for your lazy arse, and I went on their website FAQ, and here is the answer: "Tunnels, when designed properly, are known to be one of the safest places to be during an earthquake. From a structural safety standpoint, the tunnel moves uniformly with the ground, in contrast to surface structures. Additionally, a large amount of earthquake damage occurs from falling debris, which does not apply inside tunnels. Some examples:

1994 Northridge Earthquake: no damage to LA Subway tunnels
1989 Loma Prieta (Northern California) Earthquake: no damage to tunnels, which were then used to transport rescue personnel
1985 Mexico City Earthquake: no damage to tunnels, which were then used to transport rescue personnel"

You're welcome!
Computers improve everything, so let's build huge tunnels made out of computers and coat them in solar panels and hyperloop glue, look at me, I'm a fucking engineer

-Elon Cunt
This is a cool idea but it looks like at 0:14 when the car descends, it leaves a dangerous hole in the road>
Edipo Santos
Like if 1 people driving a oversized car wasn't inefficient enought, lets have a car to transport a car.
Gary White
It's all fun and games until an earthquake happens
Scott The Loo
saumya yadav
what if earthquake comes what will happen to the tunnels?
I just realized what the point of this is ... cars would stop using their own engines and use these ELECTRIC boards instead, which is esentially like making every car an electric car. Plus, charging or replacing batteries no longer takes place in the cars themselves (which is one of the commonly brought up issues regarding electric cars).
Elon is a bloddy genius.
Michele De Luca
Elon.. soon we will have 100% autonomous cars, why create tunnels underground which are expensive to make the car to go only to 200km/h? it s easier to create new roads ONLY for autonomous cars and make those cars to go at very high speed, no risk of accidents since those special roads are only for autonomous cars...
are these tunnels water and earth quake proved?
Omega The husky
Good idea, but knowing how many pipes,subways and sewers are under NY+ the practical problem that suposses I think that this idea rather be left as a concept since its destined to fail by the many problems that have to be solved.

Ty Willis
So... its a car sized subway...? The redundancy hurts.
Hardik Dhokiya
awesome innovation
Taffy 123
"Come with me, and you'll be in a world of pure imagination..."
So how much time does it take to lift down 100 cars? 200? Does Musk invented new super fast tunnel building?
is it possible to build a rail system in space to be used for launching ships to mars? if possible then we could use this as a space station/ waiting area for people who are waiting for the jump time then every one launches from here with multiple rail systems.
But what if you open the door while going? There are too many risks...
MegaKing D
Why dont they just build a subway in LA? This concept seems obsolete.
Christian hitrancis
what if it snows.. will they still pile up the snow on the side streets or nah
Dmitry Fedyaev
What is the name of the musical accompaniment?
Programming Cats
Confirmed: Elon Musk is an alien from another planet coming to show how to properly do crap.
Alec Huis
1)The location of the droppers (whatever there called) would take up one or two lanes causing extra congestion on the road.
2)Due to the convenience of it I can imagine there being huge lines for the droppers creating even more congestion (after all why would anyone drive on the regular roads when they can bypass all traffic lights and jams by going 200km under ground and not use any energy?) this would create even more congestion and defeat the whole purpose of the project.
3)If not there would likely have to be a huge toll imposed to lower demand and pay for the enormous cost of construction. This would mean that few people would use it therefore once again defeating the whole point of the project.
4)Many of the highways and roads that people use for travel and long haul stops are above ground meaning this system could only be implemented in certain areas.
5)Instead of spending billions of dollars on this stupid idea a more effective solution would be to encourage lower income individuals who live in the area to use a fast and cost effective subway system (which could be built instead of these car-tunnel things). The system has been implemented in cities all across Europe has been very effective at both reducing traffic for long haulers and those with cars and providing cheap travel for low income individuals.
P.S All Musk fans who initially fell in love with this project- just because something is complex doesn't mean it's smart. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions.
Dan Andrrews
waddup hila kleiners
Marvis Hayden
I hope to see this. Looks like a future
Carson Lujan
One might flaw besides the cost THE SPEED I know it said 124 mph but I'm not talking about that I'm talking about how much people can use it you could of been sitting in a waiting spot for an hour until someone comes up and they could at least hold more cars and move faster and seriously why put Teslas in this video Teslas suck and stupid and are a waste of money
Razor 09
This projects truly helps a whole world! ☺
Keep it up Elon Musk!
Kevin MacTrump
Looks like a great future, but can we make sure it's only whites and east asians? I don't want niggers and streetshitters around in this scenario :(
Piano Tutorial Guy that no one watches
NOW! How much will this cost to use?????
damn you elon musk!! your a genius!!
Ishmael Moh
So what will happen to the city's subway system?
Ramanpreet Singh
if everybody starts using this then there would be long waitings to get to that hole platform like at 0:56 the black car waiting for the red one to go. It is good if only half or few people use this and others use roads.
Emmanuel Reyes
Shit fam when we deadass goin to mars 🅱️ fuck you stalling for fam shit 😂😂😤
Dino Sabanovic
Do you all realize how much is this important for making tunnels in Mars?
Joel Hernandez
why are people disliking this video, this is the best thing ever
Gilang Akbar
Just wait all of you who despise this idea, just wait for it..,
you guys will become one of those grumpy grandpa/grandma on the future, or you already one of them.
OMG Videos
If you're stuck for any reasons down there. it will be a fun wait!?
Can we don't love Elon Tesla & Boring company less?
Qwerty Y
I don't know if this is actually feasible but holy shit it's still cool
Alexander Mahabir
Safety? So another car doesn't fall on yours while its riding the elevator?
nice idea
Though I wonder how many bazillions of dollars it would cost the US tax payer.
Juan Carlos Rodriguez
And how about public transportation? I can see only Teslas? what if I can't afford one?
This will need some safety system in place, to make sure that the descending wagon is enclosed so that no people or animals or unwanted things, end up loose on it while speeding.
Aaron Schurman
The planet is just a series of tubes.
Tuan Anh
Is this possible or not I don't know - I'm not an engineer and I won't pretend to be one. But I will support this project and those like this, because they're the ones who dare to dream and to chase those dream - and the future are made of all those crazy dreams.

And maybe they will fail, maybe down the line they will realize their way of thinking had been wrong from the start. So what? Do anyone belive the ones who created the first plane or the first car success on the first try? No, they try again and again and again all while the rest of the world ridiculed them.

If you won't try something new, you will stuck in the past.
Alberto P.
I LOVE how they put the metric system first!
Elon Musk should be world president...
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