The Boring Company | Tunnels

The newest invention of The God Of Money-Generating Ideas and The Prophet of High-Tech, Elon Musk - behold! - The Underground Tunnel! "Shut up and take my money!", scream the investors
Денис Будняк
Полная ерунда и дороговизна для того, чтобы избавится от пробок в мегаполисах. Уже давно всё придумано, эффективно, недорого, безопасно и комфортно. Инновационный транспорт SkyWay.
Alexandr Novikov
Задумка хорошая, но реализация - вопрос: на долго затянется ли постройка, как они это думают делать, на сколько глубоко хотят копать тоннели?
Dale York
Great to hear that Elon Musk is getting into and stepping up the Tunneling game. Being part of a company that is also leading edge and offering a system to actually monitor production and supply a lot of info on your tunneling process. Look us up Elon and we can work together.
Bradley Eversley
I know Musk says tnning Boring machines are really slow, but he's never been Batman underground with the Arkham Knight.
Tesla Tesla Everywhere! xD btw i like tesla
Albin Sigurdson

Thank me later
wouldn't this be easier if it was above grounds...
Flippn Elon Musk made a mother company. Jeez, Musk makes a new company like every month now.
Bmw EM
as if tesla cars are not stupid enough , another stupid idea from the maker of another stupid idea
Kyle Langford
Well that was boring
James C.
This is an excellent idea. And I think it's going to be very popular.
The Jettsons never did happen... Either!
Fellipe Z
wait...and if we pick these things and put people on will transportate much more people...
oh wait, its called SUBWAY.
American Citizen
Would doing this with an elevated rail system be more or less expensive? I.E. build above the roads instead of below them. Elevated rail systems were popular 100 years ago.
American Citizen
Cool, but this would be insanely expensive to build. And one malfunction in a lane and everything comes to a screeching halt.
Eugen G.
and cars still using a internal combustion engine
Kilian Burger
wouldn't it be smarter do build EVs with those electric rails in the middle so you can use your own car in this automated system​ instead of carriages?
Disclaimer: Can only be operated by Tesla Vehicles $$$
Philbert Thelonius Bogswallop III, esq.
what a dumb idea
Мне особенно понравился момент на 33 секунде где две рельсы в одну соединяются. Люди веками строят железные дороги и до сих пор до такого не додумались, а Машк взял и придумал! Осталось только реализовать. Реализовать ебаный неописуемы бред сумасшедшего.
Smug Puss
don't think Musk is being realistic!, creating thousends of tunnels under the surface of the US? really! that should fair well with sheer amount of earth quakes they have, well should test their trust if nothing else! lol.
Val D
This is acheivable, compared to Hillary never ever becoming president hahahahaha
Ed Pin
What about a space for an elevator on the street level, who owns it, who pays for it ?
Price for this kind of space may be higher than for tunnel itself. I see wealthy investors that are in hurry and need this kind of "connection" , maybe somwhere in the underground garage? Then they want some bucks for every customer that will use it (and becouse of it, it will be quite expensive). And what about the other side, there will be heavy traffic around this hole (in a suburb area ?) Does every hole connects to every other ? It seems that elevator part can be costly (for safety alone). What about collision-free conjunctions? It has to be made by damn-good AI, real web of tunnels, and managed by it too. And no combustion-engine cars allowed, and no hazardous cargo. And what abaut malfunctions of a cart (Murphy's law says there will be truble). Very bold and necessary (for Mars missions and for Hyperloop), but very gimmicky. It seems to me that in era of ubiquitous drones, "flying cars" have greater chance for succes (despite that every one of them has to land, but some of them will land in emergency mode :) This project in my eyes is far harder than sending a rocket to Mars, because rocket have to fight with gravity, and tunnels have to fight with reluctance.
Стас Петров
Давайте лучше церковь построим и помолимся
So those would leave a car size hole in the steet when it goes down... nothing can go wrong.
Someone needs to explain to Elon that tunnels don't actually reduce traffic, but instead create more traffic.
Errmmm what is the purpose of the car then? What stops you from just walking down there without any car!,whew
Nikhil Pande
Elon is dead serious about this:
Haters can suck it :)
Curious. Is there a risk to destabilizing the land from all the underground drilling?
elan stop sniffing glue
Berke Beenhouwer
I don't like the idea of e.g. a car fire underground. My guess is to many things can go wrong, as with all systems, but the thought of being unreachable for minutes or hours kind off scares me..
This just seems like madness now. Why put cars with wheels on wheels?
Chaz Gann

D Dixon
now that is a LEXUS lane ... how much/mile? 50 dollars?
Khris D.
This would probably only create more traffic. Why not just build a subway? You can pack more people onto it and you don't have to bring your car with you.

This is just a congested freeway for the rich
This only works on a flat Earth.
Ney Pimentel
El Chapo is true INVENTOR...
Chris Perko
Unrealistic demo. Needs to show cars falling into the holes...
Очередная бредовая идея в основание той пирамиды идей Маска, которая скоро рухнет. Просто миллион причин, почему ЭТО не заработает. Например, а что если кто-то провалится в открытую шахту? а если размер авто чуть больше? А если оно чуть тяжелое для лифта? А если лифт застрял? А если внизу коммуникации? И т .д. и т.п.
Hypotenusluv Triangle
And then the earthquakes hit...
Turk 1
I have an idea for Elon. What if they can utilize those transport vehicles that drive the Tesla's underground, but instead above ground in order to extend the range? For example, a Tesla owner enter a specified car port located on a map, then dock their car on the transport vehicle, and while the transport vehicle drives them on the highway from one port to another, it charges the Tesla at the same time! So its basically a mobile Supercharger... it would be similar to "station hopping" if we ever start interstellar space travel. I would appreciate if Tesla gets me on board as I have extensive design ideas. Everything from new Tesla planes, boats, tanks and trains. I even have an idea for developing a medical grade tanning bed, only instead of getting a silly tan, its lasers and proprietary technology targets adipose fat and melts it away. It will non-invasively burn 3,300 calories per day with no effort by the end-user other than getting inside the damn apparatus. It will also target atherosclerosis and clogged arteries. Either they get me on board, or I go solo and crowd fund and start the future now. There is NO F'ING reason for us to be suffering and/or wait any longer for future technology. I will do start the process on my own if I have to. If you think Elon is a man of change, you ain't seen nothing yet! It's 2017, where is wireless concentrated electricity? With enough forward-momentum and funding, I will bring this to reality, too. I want to be able to grow new organs and limbs and teeth. It is taking too long and I am getting bored. We need to make it happen!
Уже сделали. Метро называется
Lui Franco
I think Elon Musk should first come up with technology to remove the fault lines under DTLA. I can't find my civil engineering degree, but wouldn't this make more sense if done with above-ground tubes, in f-ing Los Angeles????
It's all fine & dandy until Muslim fundamentalists ruin the show.
vijay kumar
I think musk is an alien
Jubin John
why not more interconnected subways? won't that be more efficient? I feel this is going to be a waste.
What about traffic waiting to use the tunnel?
Balta Asmuo
Супер, дожить бы до этого будущего.
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