Caio Vinicius
If Madonna ever gives her consent to have her life story made into a film, Miley Cyrus is perfect to play her.
sami sami
she looks normal here
Karen D
Everyone always raves about how great it'd be to hang out/meet T-Swift or Selena Gomez.
But tbh I'd much rather kick it with Miley. No shade on the other girls, but Miley just seems so real - like if I hang out with her I''d eventually forget I'm hanging out with a celebrity. I wouldn't have to constantly be on my A game

Plus if I asked any one of them to join a smoke sesh, I'm pretty sure Miley would be the only one game
Wow Miley is great!
Rnz TV
Miley trying to transmit the secret reptilian message throughout that “the climb” definition.
Cynix Welp
Lensko T
Finally she came back better than how she was👍🔥😢
Doris Barkler
Awww. She copied someone's super happy gasp. God I do love this song.
Kassie Rouxel
No one even mentioned in the comments how she said "pretty cool"
Remember that skit on SNL? 😂
Allie Nikki
Love Miley! she just seems so down to earth and real, and stays true to herself no matter what!! <3
Gott mit uns
What a burned out skank.
Selina O'Gorman
Miley is so awesome and I just love her.❤
L Nicole
I love Miley Cyrus, but she is so politically naive if she thinks Hillary Clinton is about love and togetherness. That woman has a dark heart and a hateful soul.
Umm No
They’re both so beautiful
Sarah R.
Miley's true and genuine... we can all learn from her. She's so great and so beautiful💕.
Juan Sanchez
Love Miley and her sister has an amazing voice as well.
Alexis Mackey
The way she says “when I’m in like a pickle” so cute I laughed!
Hanae El Menani
When she said the climb, my Hannah Montana heart stopped!
Cool she wants to hug a killer. Nice.
Kai's Pumpkin
jimmy fallon is staring too much for comfort
Valu Relanez
Rebecca Ryan
Miley Cyrus BB Talk video is PROMOTING THE SEXUALIZATION OF INFANTS!Let's PROTECT CHILDREN!!!!!!and BOYCOTT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mae Rewa
Valeria Nicole
miley ♥️
Asmaa Alshammeri
her beliefs can change the world
Lena Janssens
Each row assistant atmosphere cut cost.
Imagine if Noah plays her new song and X makes an appearance too.
Kieran Murray
Noah is nowhere near cooler than Miley. If it wasn’t for Miley, Noah would be nothing
Sofia Laine
Guilt library figure knock undermine technique tent critical slight.
Her sister is straight up try hard teen
A random person who loves harry potter
I love her so muchhhhh

Still watching hannah montana the movie which makes my life better every day

Thanks hannah!! (Miley) shhh...dont tell anyone
so smart
Lynn-Tyia Porter
I don't think Miley caught that Jimmy just quoted her...he said "one in a million."
I love her reaction at 2:35 to her saying she's performing The Climb for the first time in 5-6 years hahah she's so cute
Xlover NewmanPro
Idk why Miley is so hott to me

BrownGirlLifts TV
I love how happy she is for her sister ♥️
The Movie Wolf
Miley is just an absolute nightmare
she’s so pure i love her even more every time she speaks out ❤️
Miley and Noah are just the cutest!
Sophie Doggett
one in a million! am i the only one that thought of hannah montana 😂😂❤️
never heard her talk before. shocked. what a cool person. glad she's out of that 'phase'.
UnSqueeze OpenKids
She is amazing like her sister Noah, but her tattoos on her arms are sucks. I love tattoos and I know what she did tattoos which mean something to her, but I don't like it. P.s. I mean I don't like much tattoos. It doesn't looks cool and pretty
She looks so healthy and happy! Go Miley!
Khulood Al Marco
I love the way she talk so matured ;)
Person that's not a people person
I'm really liking her half half hair do
des nikole
"one in a million"
But The Cookies
I got 6 ads when the video hasn't started like wtf is it gonna keep going
Edit:It's still going
Leah Hart
Jimmy is all of us when she said she's gonna sing The Climb.
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