What Sean Spicer thinks of his 'SNL' impression

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CNN's Jim Acosta took a moment to ask Sean Spicer about Melissa McCarthy's impression of him on "Saturday Night Live" at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Jim Alexander Rice
Chase Moylan
Lol CNN reporters are so stupid
My Driving Videos
I like spicer
These two have so much in common... They would make a cute couple!

Sarah S
Don't know why but I love Spicer. He's the best Press Secretary we've ever had.
The Spicer skits are hilarious! Moose Lambs??? Come on, that shift is golden. Have fun with it.
Tamal Firoz Md.
You know sometimes I feel bad for Sean Spicer, I mean the guy has an impressive track record but now he has a tough job in hand. Being Trump's WH press secretary is not easy.
Rei Moon
How is Sean Spicer a likeable person? I'm just trying to understand.
I would hope he could take it in better stride, I mean there is an air of sympathy in how everyone makes fun of him, including SNL. Nobody's acting like he doesn't have one of the hardest jobs, it's just really funny to watch how bad he is at it and how the stress manifests itself, which is what Melissa McCarthy really taps into.
The SpiceMan.
Christopher Johnson
I can neither confirm nor deny that I have no sense of humor.
Clem Cornpone
This man is like LeBron James. We are going to miss him when he's gone. He's like Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton's winkie, and George W. Bush's who personhood. He is hilarious.
He handled the off topic non important and non-advancing question with professionalism and dignity. Fuck off CNN
Jeez he's pint sized 😮
2017th comment
At least Spicer has a sense of humor, unlike Trump the Chump who thinks he's a god.
lol he doesn't like it...too bad everyone else does 😂😂
Even when Sean is having fun, he's saying "fuck you" under his breath
Hekat the Evil B-tch
What a shame the 1st Amendment in this instance, does not seem to apply to Sean Spicer...
Jay Rich
ya know, it's not so much that the people are weird. the damn reporters always ask stupid stuff to try and make something out of nothing
john smith
Man that poor Guy , ..Got a long road ahead of him. ..he is going to look 90 by the time Trump is done in office . Spicer Got one of the toughest jobs in America.
John Carter
This guy looks like he's hiding somethin g
no name
Atleast we know it really does hurt his feelings
Abby Barron
lol you can tell he's salty
G-Fox Gaming
He handled it with some class
Tyler Spence
Sean's a great guy
click bait bs
Toure Yacoubou
Sean Spicer laugh too wow he is really human.I thought it was a hangry robots
Max Brown
Salty lmao
Danny Boy Jango
SML impersonations sure is news.
Cnn is fake af. Act kind then throw shade lol
Christian the Executioner
counterfeit news network
What a pussy
Title is misleading cause he didn't even answer the question
Patrick Schaefer
So when he's not being a dumbass liar he's utterly boring.... surprise surprise
Go to bed and get up and go to church bahahahaahahahaha fuck you sean. lying sac of shit.
Aaron Harper
Anybody remember the last press secretary? Look up Josh Earnest and do a compare and contrast
Cams Toy Box
love Spicey
Cairne Bloodfist
Translation: He fucking hates it
Thunder Victor
Look TRUMPS female dog Spicer what good little doggie maybe one day TRUMP can have him tell the truth instead of all bullshit n trying so hard to get us to believe that TRUMP dumbass is really working hard at the wh when he's really PLAYING GOLF N TRUMP IS PUTTING THE BILL ON US HOW NICE ENJOY TRUMP DON'T FORGET TO ORDER ROOM SERVICE SINCE IT'S FUKING FREE !!!
Frederick Bishop
I don't think he handled this well he didn't seem butt hurt but we know he's seen them he could of just said "well Mellisa is very funny and I think her impressions are a good use of the first amendment"
Steffin Mezger
sean spicer is savage ...he could give a fuck if someome wants to mess with him
Barry B. Benson
Spicer is the Bill Belichick of the White House
Very fake news!
Lost Under the Sky
Is Sean spicer smarter than trump?
Mike Donaldson
Liberalism is a mental illness.
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