Train plows through trees after snow storm!


After the first big snowstorm of the season central BC, an empty grain train plows through fallen trees on its way eastbound into the Canadian Rockies. "Get your smash glasses on!"

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Mazhar Khan
Gudd yarr.
The force hitting the trees if the loco was going 40mph = 17.78m/s. Mass = 225,000lbs = 102058kg. Impulse = change in momentum. Momentum of the locomotive would be around 1,814,364 kgm/s. Change in momentum = Final momentum - initial momentum. The momemtum of the trees would be 0 kgm/s since they are not moving. So the loco exerted almost 2 million newtons onto the trees in the space of around 0.5 seconds. More than plenty to send them flying.
Jacky Leung
Best job in the world
And to think they call it a Canadian Safety Cab....
Sounds like potatoes are being lobbed at a house lol
choo choo motherfucker
Wish England had landscapes like that
Andrew Vera
stupid quesiton... i know nothing about trains... how do they stay on the rails with all that snow?
John Armstrong
What a waste of an upload. Thanks
Is it really that funny though? Is it really funny? Is it at all funny?
Swag Bihhh
"you gotta keep your eyes open Jake!"
Haley Oster
This is why I fuckin hate trains they just snap giant branches in half like nothing fuck that shit dude.
Smitty Rules
A nudda one
Sean MS
dj khaled shows up "ANOTHA ONE!"
Nibin Raveendhran
This is in Canada eh.
Surprised the train stays on the tracks with all those blows. What if it was a huge tree? Could they stop in time?
you should make more vids of the train ride I could definitely watch one of these for 2 hours lol
Oh Canada
Sudden Kancho
Great f***ing video man!! XD
Brandon Cahill
Well I'm working for the railroad now.
Man that last one was a bit hairy 😬
George Pantazis
Is this a plow train or a regular engine?
Christopher Kirkland
train lives matter...everything else is a joke
What I want to know is how tf so you get a job like this?
I liked the part when the train hit the trees
Alexander Vlasopoulos
There's another good one.
the word CRAZY was made for these guys
Baska Za
Looks so Beautiful
Wade Guidry
Is it sheer force of impact that is keeping the train from detailing even after hitting a tree?? I'm not a science guy.
Darth Belal
My God, those guys are driving around hurting and murderin' trees and LAUGHING about it to boot. Bastards! Trees have feelings too you know!
Jonas Klement
Poor car ^^
Felix Müller
Deutsche Bahn be like "lol nope".
Oh you'll be alright ! I know because I used to make locomotive underframes .
Cade Ramsey
these engineers are hilarious.
Mac Diddles
"Hit her hard". Yes please
mike ross
Dunno why, but I enjoyed watching it
All fun and games until you are impaled by a tree
Iron Mike
White dj khaled #'NotherOne
david Stillow
beep beep bitch
What Dafuq
Seems like the railroad would have teams up ahead of the trains to clear the rails ahead of the trains.
Intel Core i7 7700k
i love how excited the one guy is getting
So cool
Rump Spank3r
152 thumbs down from tree huggers
oh theres another one
Jerome Saverimuttu
And people say American trains suck ha!
Subaru Sti
Nice vid man. I got so many cool videos from in that chair I'm just too afraid to upload them with the shitty management we have at Cn. Prolly load a guy up with 59
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