Train plows through trees after snow storm!


After the first big snowstorm of the season central BC, an empty grain train plows through fallen trees on its way eastbound into the Canadian Rockies. "Get your smash glasses on!"

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Tom Smith
1:08 A small branches fly out :D
Steven Gutierrez
this is satisfying, beautiful, and funny at the same time. What county of British Columbia is this?
John Saint Vincent
Wao, It is a great war of snow.
Maine Railfan©
Im surprised the ditch lights and headlights survived along with the wipers.
Might be a few dents in the plow, but this goes to show how strong North American locomotives are built. A big MAC unit like that will have no trouble with anything smaller than a big tree.
Bernie Jr
i died laughing the first time i watched this. it pops up on my homepage.... i watch it again. same laughing. thank you
aaron pelesasa
"Another one, annnd another one, there's another one, another one, here we go, another one" lol this guy is great
rob wells
waaaaay to much fun!!! more vids plz💪
Dustin Largin
that actually answers a question I have always had... so you can ram a tree
John Roman
What they don't tell you is that the video ended when it did because the left front wheel lost all air pressure and went flat. Must have been a nail in one of the trees.
Haha. This made me smile. Thanks for recording. :D
Who knew winter could be so much fun? ...and, as a bonus, you guys are getting paid for it too!
Mark Emanuele
Looks like they are a pilot engine running light. Look how quickly they were able to slow down at the end of the video.
Careful, Tree Huggers Anonymous will probably sue for "Tree Abuse".
Vadim Anokhin
Хорошего бревна им там не хватало, тогда бы хохот прекратился.
Dash 2 in the snow, and a hundred more miles to go. Rocking two and fro.....
Wide World of Trains
Awesome video, wish I had one like this on my Channel
Alexandru Lipan
In Canada, train derails trees.
Advanced Clear to stop Pyramid in BC Canada.
logan regan
Ya just having fun ant yall
this wasn't good at all. while unlikely to derail a large tree could easily break windshield and even hurt drivers causing great danger to the train. trees should be removed by dedicated plow service prior to this
alf beef
Kayaking and River
those were some pretty good size trees that could derail a train ?
Harry Baulz
and people are worried about fucking pennies.
Andrew Muhling
So those blokes on Alaska RR TV show are pulling the piss when they make it sound like an angry rat with a ice pic could possibly derail their trains?
I'm going to have to write them a stern letter I think..
Rodney Brown
What line...railway is this from....Anybody know?
Glenda Clark
And they think this is funny ? Hardly.
dave jones
um, is that dangerous for possibly of derail
Mad bastards....Love it. Not long enough :-) More fun than watching cats make jerks of themselves
K.H. Weiss
Sturdy wipers.
The builder
In the UK our trains get stopped by a leaf!
How strong are locomotive windshields... obviously this is no threat but just curious...
You guys are hilarious! Good show!
Eliot Giles
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha BAD LUCK
Jake Crise
The one guys sounds like John Goodman.
Gurn Blanstein
LegendLength ... Why are some people on here being such pussies? This obviously is a common practice here. It likely takes a little more than small tree to fuck with a train. I've seen trains hit cars buses and semi trucks and not derail. To derail a train it has to get under the wheels. Any tree small enough to do that is too week and would be effortlessly cut in half. And any trees big enough to be a problem can't get under the wheels to derail the train. Must be a bunch of accountants watching this video lol.
Ryan Scherbluk
I think that guy was having too much fun hers one here's another one hit her hard lol.
Henry Luu
That's a paddlin'
Sara Tars
Very risky.
Mazhar Khan
Gudd yarr.
The force hitting the trees if the loco was going 40mph = 17.78m/s. Mass = 225,000lbs = 102058kg. Impulse = change in momentum. Momentum of the locomotive would be around 1,814,364 kgm/s. Change in momentum = Final momentum - initial momentum. The momemtum of the trees would be 0 kgm/s since they are not moving. So the loco exerted almost 2 million newtons onto the trees in the space of around 0.5 seconds. More than plenty to send them flying.
Jacky Leung
Best job in the world
And to think they call it a Canadian Safety Cab....
Sounds like potatoes are being lobbed at a house lol
choo choo motherfucker
Wish England had landscapes like that
Andrew Vera
John Armstrong
What a waste of an upload. Thanks
Swag Bihhh
"you gotta keep your eyes open Jake!"
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