Train plows through trees after snow storm!


After the first big snowstorm of the season central BC, an empty grain train plows through fallen trees on its way eastbound into the Canadian Rockies. "Get your smash glasses on!"

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How do they manage to stay on the path thru the trees with the windshield covered with snow? Crazy magic
Train versus fallen tree. Train wins.
Andy Guy CantYouLift
If jontron was narrating this. "Oh no, here it comes, OH NO!" thud Arin collapses on floor laughing
Q morning li
this may be the snow cleaner train
nithin jose
Where is this place
This is how i want to drive with my car. At stoplights and pedestrian crossings.
It's really cool, dudes!
These guys are hilarious
calvin salvin
Its all fun & games until you hit a tree that derails the train, and then the conductor says: " Oh no! Now I've gone and done it IM TIPPING OVER"!!!!!!
Those wipers suck!
Advent Seph
lol how high are you guys
Poo Face
Trains literally don't give a shit about anything.
Working in 121 aviation for a major carrier for 19 years now.....I'm glad these guys don't fly. I honestly don't know if that was safe or not,but they seemed quite cavalier about it. ......
Bro riding in that train with u guys would be so fun
Coraci Nicu
Thomas LOL Hansen
Fun and Nice job
John Trussell 3rd
Amazing that they can take such abuse
Brent Kirkland
Awesome video! !
John Hall
These guys were doing this on purpose. They didn't do anything to try and avoid hitting them. I hope they got in trouble for their childish behavior.
Thomas B
If his was England the tracks would be closed for years
Kris Jenders
Ran my train in the snow (UK), but being a 159 class diesel - no problem. Third rail German built juice trains couldn't handle it 😀 . Definitely wouldn't have liked to hit that last tree though. Too many bits underneath that would trip and bring you to a halt.
mic S
this guy is nuts driving into tree all he needs is one coming thru the windshield
Jeretube0209 Cintron
Me to
Arjun Chatterjee
Dont bring the carbon fibre environmentally friendly v2 engine hybrid for these trips.
4 ohm
this makes me laugh really hard
Mark Emanuele
So much for a "sterile" cockpit.....
Rator LP
Is that an AC4400CW?
Aussie Rob
Only funny till they hit a mother of all fallen trees . . .
Train don't care, train go destination. WROOOM
Desi Stack
I love how this 150-ton beast has these cute little window wipers that struggle to get the snow out of the way.
Seamus Greene
Which province was this in? I got fifty on bc
I absolutely LOVE this video ... WAY longer would've been more fun ... :D
Daniel Guimaraes
Is this the GTA V train?
Todd Kirbh
I know there's good and bad days, but that sure looked like a GOOD ONE.. THANKS
james yarbrough
We arrived!!..No ditch lights & NO front handrails or MU hoses & the door is stuck.
james yarbrough
They sound like the MOOSE from the movie "Brother Bear"eh
Seacat Playz
Train workers having fun
These guys are having as much fun as kids in a candy store after hours.
Carson Prince
Casually hitting trees during snowstorm and laughing (Loud thud as branch hits knuckle)
Thomas Drowry
Never been to British Columbia but it looks like the most beautiful part of the world.
rear speaker
PTC-so railroads can drive trains on the highway!!
Wtf is John Goodman doing on the train??
Keep the welders on the pay roll....
Muhammad al jihadi Al australi
bunch of weak cunts...i would have gone full speed
Niles Gillis
Ever see a Big Foot ?
Astrit Jasharaj
this is not even a train. its a truck
ricky jurecki
now this was interesting. much moreso than the videos with trains about 2 miles long. RAILFAN TAKE NOTE.
Crunch... Thanks for sharing, thumbs up!
marcus callahan
I wish I could weight 415k lbs too
Lori Flynn
my sister ran trains for eleven years out of Newark NJ, never saw snow like this!
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