Inside SoCal Newer One - SNL

Todd (Kyle Mooney) and Casey (Beck Bennett) send Keith (Jonah Hill) to the hospital to investigate Jessica's (Cecily Strong) breast reduction.

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I love that SNL took Monney and Bennett in and let them do some of their own little skits similar to what they had on goodneighborstuff
I love beck
jeff peake
Nobody does awkward like Kyle Mooney
Zachary Atkinson
So true
emily knevett
were the audience asleep or??
Ev Ye
I'm from the opposite side of the United States so why do I feel like I know that this is an accurate impersonation of the socal lifestyle or whatever? lol..I really love watching these.
Durka Durka
Not even close as good as their original.
Ralph Lina
Lmao all these hats
This should be the new Weekend Update
Joshua Creedon
I spent the entire video trying to figure out if that was a Hodad's hat or not.
Nickolas Sikorski
"this is one of the least baller situations in recent memory" dude I'm dead
Jake Ochsner
Kyle's fucking stance when he's talking about Indian food is sooooo good
Symphony Eliza
When is SNL gonna be funny again?
Jake Ochsner
that audience suuuuucks. what r there like 4 dudes laughing??? this shit was HILARIOUS
I love inside so Cal or whatever
Mia Cameron
Fucking genius.
Arina Matsumoto
This is 100% accurate.
Michael Reid
I saw these guys tonight in Rocky's in PB and Jessica Cabarra still looks good
It sucks almost no one understands how good of an actor Kyle is. He fully commits to the character.
Mark Lopez
this is really accurate
Devin Tanner
1:59 that little giggle is a great touch
Matt P
RIP Jessica's fat bitties
Brian DePalmaDeMajorca
"One of the least baller situations in recent memory"
kyle mooney sucks. i'd like his job.
Haley Eidsen
That was stupid 🙄
fuck masculinity
Liam Anderson
Watching this video ultimately led me down the rabbit hole of Kyle Mooney's personal YouTube channel and holy crap that dude is funny
Tyler Nevins
I hate to be that regressive pessimist, but this is so much less organic than the Good Neighbor Inside So Cals
Wouldn't expect this one to go over well on the East Coast.
Vic D
Spot on SD
Christy B
This was fucking hilarious
Denise R.
That Aaron Hernandez joke was underrated. LMAO at that part!
stu pid
can someone explain to me why it's so accurate
Michael M
omg the table
T Dente
Kid with the San Diego Clippers hat on killing it.
Frank Russo
But all the homies love your fatties
Mitch Morris
fur sur
I love so-cal guys!!
Idk Idk
All them whiteboys wearin snapbacks tho xD

so accurate
Mystic Mungis
more of this please
Chad Heredia
omg. This is so good. There's always a guy like Pat with a baby. He just needed a girlfriend that treats him like crap and him putting up with it and his friends asking him why he puts up with it.
nick turner
Emy Anderson
God this is so accurate
matt porter
I live in SoCal and yeah this is accurate as fuck
jon jaquez
sf hats are nor cal foo the old one on kassem G's channel was hella funnier
Go Padres!!!
lol superbad reference with Jonah Hill aye...she totally slapped God across the face
Pumpkin Smasher
everyone in this skit is halfway through a stroke and I love that
Safa Yosafi
I'm from SoCal and now I'm scared at how accurate this is...😂😂
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