TRANSFORMERS 5 Final Trailer (2017) Action New Blockbuster Movie HD

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TRANSFORMERS 5 Trailer (2017) Action New Blockbuster Movie HD
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Andy Dwarika
Can someone explain what will happen to humans when unicron decides to transform?
Good Spark
Seriously, what the slag is going on?!
someone is missing... where is his daughter?
alez hatyham
2013: zack snyder announce Batman fighting superman
2014: Kevin feige: We are going it to do it to with iron man and captain america
2015: Vin diesel: We to, im fighting the family in fast 8.
2015: Michael bay: Me to, optimus prime vs autobots.

And then all tells me zack snyder sucks-.-

Damn copycats lmao
Slayer DV
I just hope this movie is still good even with bitch ass characters I probably won't like
Kaz Islam
Action packed 🔥
Does Grimlock have a voice actor ?
in the beginning, there was the cube... i used to play Double dash on it
Savfk - Music
Only going to see this for Steve Jablonsky's soundtrack ❤
Derp McTrollington
2:00 yeah bitch! magnets, ohhhh!!!
wait the second, what the ffffffffFfffFFFFFFFFFFFFffffffffffffffish
war monger
I hope Michael Bay gets cancer in his balls and fucking die. Fucking ruined the whole Transformer franchise.
Oh My God
David Devan
not going to lie this movie is going to SUCK 😤😤😤😤😤
[N U T]
0:23 why the fuck is there a Metal gear there?
Blabla blabla
Imma watching this shit
Jericho Onahon
Nice When will the TransFormers 5 Will Be showed
MK suki
still love the old storyline with vicvicky
Mikail Mazleen
i want sam witwicky
so prime is now side of megatron?
Relaxing End
afizha afizha
5 star 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Still no Sam... they cannot treat like he dont exist
online wish
did tony stark build bumblebee?
Alexandra Lopez
Did Disney bought a franchise?
Alex King
What th...... Optimus turn into villain ?
10/10 if the kids die
Comment Commenter
I don't get why people hate Michael Bay movies. It has EXPLOSIONS! What more could you fucking want.
Chhut Tola
Luqman Harith
truly....a movie only about Bumblebee's background can win oscar (best picture)
Yasuo Main
Oly shit optimus is fking busted champion just 1v5 pentakill
Jazz Franz
damn i didnt know bumble bee could do that
Aqeef Zafran2016
the mega robot from the space is the bad robot.. then the robot that rises from the sea is a good bots.. but to wake them up under the sea they have to insert a key that is a sword kept under hopkins hands.. evil prime hunt for that sword cause that sword contains a key for another whole chapter of movies that bay telling us previously.. evil prime then give the sword to unicorn in order to have a multiple orgasm..
Steve Work
Might as well posted the movie
Fruchtknoten Gaming
ok but why are there gekkos from mgs 4
Joseph Tolentino
Wtf i never knew bumblebee can do that
Be like Bruh
This the new season of Gundam?
pro Jesther
Michael Bay?!?? Well that's gonna be great... no... save me I love explosions.. call my lawyer....Call Jacksepticeye
If I was a transformer
I would have no idea what side I'm on and literally just shoot everyone
Wait......bow optimus is now the antagonist...dafuq
OverSizeOP Gaming
There's no way Optimus will not turn good anymore
jordan michael
When i saw bumblebee parts .... i knew the entire movie right away ... they should save that part
ezrah palmos
Optimistic Pessimist
"No. Anime was a mistake." - Miyazaki Hayao
Jaycel Butastas
as long as bumblebee is alive I will watch
Leo Young
That 1 scene where Bumble Bee put himself together was Bay literally saying they will not/can not kill him.
The Glorious Sapphire Monkey
WTF im too late for notification squad!!!!
Miroslav Hajduk
no thanks.
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