Anthony Martinez
Annoying people shut up 🤐 and stop talking
stresx luck
Yes her voice was annoying but then people do not think about their audience in filming things of nature live. This is a big strong mature snake that has eaten big animals the sizeof that cougar before. That explains why the little curious cats are so careful around the python. They know who they are dealing with and that it is not a prey they can have easily. I have seen videos of a python almost killing a full large 400 lbs tiger. It had the tiger wrapped up in coils all around its body and was squuezing it so tight that it almost suffocated it to point of dying. So yes these snakes are really strong and quick to attack and fight back. They regularly hunt huge crocodiles also.
The Jungle book of India
Then what was the final outcome of too much labor by these Leopards?
The Jungle book of India
Awesome... We have large no. leopards here in The Gir forest, and now they are being victimised from increasing no. of lions even.
g.e. g.e.
They are crazy, getting soooo close to a jaguar!
Amazing Piko
That the smart leopard
Tell the Truth
This guy talk to much 😂😂
nik krit
sick abnormai people standing by the animals to see what? one eating each other?? what s the pint of that??
Flaming Warrior
Snake probably tastes better than humans.
Lincoln C Mitchell
good video
Cinko Ro
Shut! Oh! Oh! No... 2 Cougars attack snake in my pant
Drsuresh H
Python wasn't hungry. Otherwise we would have expected a fierce fight
abhishek kumar
always be constant while shooting a vedeo.
lol! these leopards doesnt even care about the people
Nathan Isayas
You guys talk to much. Be quiet mota fuca
jslfc S
Leopards are such a great animals. Go team leopard.
Omg I can not help it I hate pythons and anacondas I was holding my breath worried that snake was going to end up getting a hold of the leopard either mom or baby and she almost did!! Hope they left it alone after the camera was off!
Mick Carson
I just hate these annoying humans sticking their noses right next to these wild animals. It a woned they aren't mauled yet. Harm will tell when that day comes and a pack of them jump on the jeep and teach them a lesson, to use cages if getting too close to them. Money is the scourge of this Earth. Now not even animals have some dignity left. Everyone seems to be a movie producer these days.
Nulom Sounghom
Why not help the tiger
MacVan M
that woman is the worst thing that can happen to you on a safari. constantly commenting what everyone can see.
Why are they so close...
Denise Young
too much talking... but that was one bad leopard!
Danny Yang
I was hoping someone get killed and eaten..
Johnny Stevens
You should of petted the cute leopard. They look so friendly.
Flaviano de Almeida Carvalho Costa
dá hora
Morris Terry
where's the rest
Susan Cruz
Cats are super fast wow
Ambrose Munai
pray that the python swallows whole the onlookers.
King Lion
i hate leopard
Jorge Farinha
Fucking clowns almost run over the animals, stupid people
Danski Barnes
oh oh ` you need a better guide than that, puff adder, lizard wrong 'now he's guessing the weight of it
Don't these jeeps bother the animals?? Don't they go TOO CLOSE to them???
ede godson
leopard is the best hunter among the cat family because the lion hunt in a group
james palerino
Since when did pythons make sounds like rattlesnakes?
Joel Davies
"You're supposed to be the expert, c'mon..." I would've thrown her out of the jeep and let the leopard and python fight over her.
Muhammad Khan
If you were not there leopards would have killed python 🐍
rafael Layton
that womam needs to shut the fuck people are way to fkn close....give the animals space....this is the food chain...its been happening for thousands of yrs...its nothing new lady.!!!!
Lisa Hankins
srq lisa
This was fantastic to watch and a great paws on teaching lesson, something Karula would do go Metsi. Thank you for sharing.
Fiona P
Yikes! It's definitely “the quick and the dead" in The Africian bush here🐆🐾
Alicia Salazar
that python is wants no part of them big kitties lol
Jalf Dado
those people are annoying.
Jose Gamell
Esta mierda de land rovers llenos de turistas no hacen mas que molestar a los animales ¡¡¡Que los prohíban de una vez¡¡¡
Samuilcho Samski
when the leos need some spaghetti
Jonas van Eeten
fkin tourists
Why are they so loud.
Thomas Pullmann
kill that fucking snake
Liger King
Leopards are excellent and agile hunters. I love them
syed zubair
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