2 Leopards Attack Giant Rock Python ! Kruger National Park.

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This Leopard Mother and Cub combination went after a giant Rock Python.The Leopard cub soon gave way for his Mom to take over the attack on the snake.

"While on safari in South Africa we witnessed a rare and unusual event.  The morning started out with a bang - finding a female leopard (Metsi) in a tree, one of my favorite sightings.  After a short while she climbed out of the tree and climbed upon a termite mound and began calling.  Soon her cub came out of the brush to join her for a little bonding and motherly love.However, before long the cub was off exploring again and noticed something in the bush and curiously approached to see what it was.  It turned out to be a huge Rock Python that began hissing at the cub.  This is where the video begins and all bedlam breaks out with vehicles backing out of the way, the cub sitting on the sidelines, and the mother leopard and python squaring off in a battle to the death.  Enjoy the show.

Our guide Khimbini, one of the best we have used, commented that the leopard was killing an endangered animal in the form of the Python.  The interesting thing in this was watching mom after vanquishing the foe come around behind the cub, who sat intently watching the whole time, and gently push her towards the carcass.  Very tentatively she reached out a paw with claws extended to touch the beast.  Kind of comical but also incredible intriguing to see a real live lesson in surviving the dangers in the bush.  The leopards fed on the carcass and then we were told a clan of hyena came in later in the day and ate the majority of it."- Video Taker

Amazing Kruger Sighting for the visitors.
This is just a short video to show how a Leopard and her Cub attack and hunt a giant Rock Python in the Greater 

Kruger National Park area.

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You can read more about Leopard facts here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/leopard

2 Leopards Attack Giant Python ! Kruger National Park.

Serhat Çelik
Mammalia's upper class :) than reptiles but python is cool thn this cats right
Ditmar Westhoth
Как бесит английский язык. Какие-то уёбки, на нём разговаривают.
Алексей Алексей
Бл,питона жалко((((
Mircea Tady
Super Tare 👍👍👍👍👍👍👉👌
You guys were extremely lucky to witness this and thank you for posting.. Can you at least tell us what happened did the Leopard mom finally kill it?
GG Easy
не лезь, дебил
Бека Калиев
lol 7:57
Надоели со своими болтавнёй
Do these people not realize they are right in front of TWO hungry leopards?! LOL!
rajiv savant
Poor snakes...they always lose.
Pets And Animals
survival of the fittest
Amber Gardner
I feel bad :(
Diks Daring
Каршыга Салимжанова
llexuss Лаврухин
Оператор урод блять снимать не умеет ни хрена
Olga Sokolo
Тупые говорилки. Не могли и на минуту заткнуть хлебальники. Изгадили все видео. Оу, Зэт снейк, пиздетс комплит.
Михаил Тритон
Болтают на каком то непонятном языке.....)))
George Ribbon
poor snake (
Edward Deitch
These people missed recognizing a classic defense mechanism used by pythons and many other snakes. They curl the end of their tail up, elevate and move it about creating, in effect, a false "head" thereby diverting attacks from their more important real head to a less fatal area. Note the leopard hitting the tail several times while the head goes underground.
que weones mas estupidos estar filmando encima de lo que psa en la naturaleza , dejen que siga su curso ellos estan interviniendo un descuido y el leopardo puede terminar muerto por culpa de los estupidos que estan filamndo y gritan mas encima que mal .
Pauleen Alinsunurin
Lol the leopard is just pulling it
Did they kill it ??
Fart Knocker
Please tell me the python climbed into the jeep and ate the annoying fat chick that wouldn't shut up?
deepak garg
Somebody shut that stupid, lame bitch up.
If you saw the snake getting killed, etc. why isn't all of that included in the video? Is there another part to come?
NOD 32
I have seen this movie before in 2014
Big Slimm
That snake hiss sounded real intimidating. When u hear it that loud and clear u know It's a huge snake
Mthandeni Ndlela
Iyho what a thriller
Another amazing video from Kruger! Thanks for sharing!
zoji rushi
Simply The Best
This is why im subscribed to this channel! more animal fights and longer videos!
Sakuna Swona
What happened at the end? Leopards given up at the end not worth flights for?
wow, that was intense! every time the snake would lunge forward, I would jump lol
firas baransi
7:48 are dogs allowed to enter the park?
Elisabeth S.
Thank you for the amazing share.
Melbin MB
Who won
Blue -eyed
Very normal that leopards arent disturbed by a jeep filled of humans talking and smelling..
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