$7 Cake Vs. $208 Cake • Japan

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“An extra super season 3 finale!” “Stay tuned for season 4!”

Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.

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Kaoru Suzuki
Koji Tsuchiya

Steven Lim
That’s a wrap on season 3! I wanted to take a moment to thank the people who put their heart into Worth It behind the scenes: our production manager, Matt, our editors, Josh and Jared, everyone who helped in the pre/post production process, our hosts from Tasty Japan, and the wonderful restaurants who shared your food with us... we couldn’t have done it without y’all 🙏. And of course thanks to my girlfriend Ying for always having my back and supporting me every day ❤️

And finally, thank YOU guys for tuning in every week from all over the world. We appreciate your patience as we ramp up for the new season. If you have any questions/suggestions/or just wanna chat, I’ll be responding to comments (here, IG, Twitter). Peace out!
Kyandra Reyes
I want dat cake
Not Named Marino
Stop slapping your tart steven!!
Emma Ng
$ vs $$$...

Instant Ramen

Roast Duck


Bubble Tea


Ice Cream

Caithlin Lavinia Hunt
0:37 Meeee!! Every time I find a cat I pick it up, and my friends tell me that I’m weird
Lucy Heartfilia
Um. Tart isn’t a cake
"Please give us whole cake!"
That chick knows how to get the most out of working with worth it lmao
Faith Shadow
a tasty member is in the video
The Ethan
It’s Low Budget Adam Scott
JC Cherry
Can’t wait for season 4 🤗
I'm not a piece of CAKE, for you to just discard. <3
kike resendiz
You should do a worth it in mexico city
Kiera Thomas
THAT'S a good idea
crazy girl dat love to eat
Do you want to see

:Adam laugh and smile
:Andrew dance
Janie Xu
come to omaha! we have tons of food! mmmmmmmm
Johnyismes Gamer
What was that gag... Lmao
Pervy Chu
Best part about knowing Japanese is understanding the audio without subtitles ^_^
Buffalo wings
Natalie G
"We are going to be spending, 2 hundred dollars, worth of cake"

I found a cat!!!
elizabeth hummel
y’all are eating cake, and i’m up in the gym working out bro. #GETSWOLL
Viraat Anand
Hi Steven Lim and Andrew! I love your worth it videos and can't wait for season 4! 😊
Heipos s
The most expensive looked the most cheap (without knowing the process)
Ok, I want these guys’ job! 😍
your step dad
Kathakali DasPandey
Man Steven's job is better than Mark Wien's
Green Ruby
Andrew reminds me of Archie Andrews.

Just a little
10:20 salvage af
You guys have to do a holiday special!! Egg nog, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie
Hyunri Choi
I hope they will make a video about curry. I think that will be worth it
Do hot pot
Mercedes Mou
I’d love to be them. Also I watch these for the reviews/to satisfy my hunger but instead it makes me more hungry😭
Alpha Gaming
10:10 Dinner is ready , who wants a roasted steven?!!!
Muhammad Ramadhan
why there is no steven , andrew, n adam again ?
Lauren Jeffrey
Please come to Italy for pizza, pasta, wine, and coffee! Maybe some dessert. 😉 cannolis, gelato, and tiramisu! There’s lots of cats for Andrew too 😸
Kelian Chen
Look at the channel Gierige Gasten, one of the hosts is Andrews twin!
Oisin Reilly
R u doing more of these
Oscar Casas
Follow me in Instagram @oscar_casas_ and @oscar_casas_1998 pls ❤️
Oscar Casas
Follow me in Instagram @oscar_casas_ and @oscar_casas_1998 pls ❤️
Oscar Casas
Follow me in Instagram @oscar_casas_ and @oscar_casas_1998 pls ❤️
I hate watching this show..... because I know I will never try any of this food
Kari R
“How do you you know that?” “Because I went to school in Japan and I learned stuff” lol, Rie is my favorite now
You know, I think it's really selfish of you guys to end the season already, I mean finals are around the corner and I have no other way to procrastinate, think of the people next time LOLOLOL
Julia Cao
Andrew with the cat though
Michael Vo
Anyone realiced (i dont know How to Spell it) that there is too episodes With cake?
5:52 Steven just nutted
Terence Xavier
For the season 4 can you guys make a couple videos about Indonesian food please 😊
Bart Simpson
I have a good trio name the Three Mouthketeers
Is steven the one who says "yeah" after every tasty videos? 😲
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