Marvel's INHUMANS Teaser Trailer (2017)

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Official "Inhumans" TV series Teaser Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Anson Mount Show #Trailer | Release: 26 Sep 2017 | More
After the Royal Family of Inhumans is splintered by a military coup, they barely escape to Hawaii where their surprising interactions with the lush world and humanity around them may prove to not only save them, but Earth itself.

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Filip J.
I like it and I'm gonna watch it.. don't care :P
Guy who made this trailer - "easiest money ever"
Luis Jesus Ramos
you pathetic incredible people
Phill Davis
bad fkn ass
I love Marvel, but this looks like garbage. I'm SKIPPING this.
The thumbnail made me think it was a straight up X-men spoof.
Andy Sosa
well thats a truly "Teaser"
Tim Palmer
Should be ashamed of yourself to call this a trailer
1 image + logo = teaser trailer?
lazy eye
Lamest trailer ive ever seen
Flagged for misleading
Ramsey Bolton.
Austin Drake
not a fan of the casting choices at all 😪
Rose Caroline
who came here because simon from misfits is in this show. 🙋
Josh Higdon
I can't wait!
Prathamesh Gandhi
A Marvel Television series in IMAX Theatres? Not sure if that makes sense.
Clayton Westfall
No footage, don't watch.
Is Cloe Bennet, Daisy Quake skye going to be on this show?
It took them all of 5 minutes to make this "teaser trailer". The Inhumans are movie-worthy & shouldn't be ruined by a TV Network.
Cupavi Kurcic
Marvel needs to put all of their TV projects on Netflix and substantially increase all of their budgets but reduce the number of episdes. This is coming from a dedicated fan of all of the ABC and Netflix TV shows. Please, for my fucking sanity, reduce the number of filler episodes and soap opery bullshit. If i wanted that, i'd be watching one of the glorified DC tween operas that are plastered all over the CW. That shit does nothing for me but hurt your brand.

I want quality! Not fucking quantity! That includes quality writing and action. As much as i am a fan of the Netflix shows. Iron Fist was very fucking weak at every aspect and looked rather cheap compared to the previous show.

They also need to bring back Agent Carter is some form or another. That show was fucking decent and had some good performances in it. How about some flashback or time traveling episodes on Agents of Shield, ya fucks!?

By the way. This Inhumans show looks like utter shit from what i have heard and seen so far.


Ike Perlmutter is a massive cunt!
Andrew gamer
Este fue tu peor trailer
Is anyone else super excited that Anson Mount, aka CULLEN BOHANNON is playing Blackbolt, while Iwan Rheon, aka RAMSAY BOLTON is going to play Maximus???
barbacoa de rancho
Sting Savage
Abdul Rahman
inhumans = marvel's poor attempt to top xmen
Mark Kim
Iwan Rheon the savage
Pierce Morton
gorgon is not a fuckking NIGGER!
Some sort of name
If this is anywhere as good as Agents of Shield Season 4, I'll be happy
Barbara Chevallier
the same showrunner that iron fist , oh my god no!!!!!!!!!!! right now i'm just afraid . will see
John Douglas Wilson
The idea of an Inhumans T.V. Show sounds different, I like the trailer also.
Aixa Tello
medusa is hot and tall in the comics,who's the ugly chubby midget they cast as her?
Steve Contyes
I have a feeling it will be Dr.Who tier CGI and acting show... :/
Dale Chalfont
Jesus christ...evan as someone interested in the idea and who liked the inhumans in A.O.S...this trailer was so shot it made me less interested in it. May to go marvel you faggots.
Are we supposed to follow our king?...... continue
Travis Baker
ABC did such a good job with their first iteration of Inhumans...why not let them keep doing it? (Sarcasm)
justin g
if something had to replace agent Carter, I'm glad it's inhumans.
All the dudes have cool outfits but wtf is going on with theses bitches , especially the one in purple
Jack Alan
I hope it's better than AOS.
No Uatu... no watch
The fake ass X-Men.... smh marvel, dead on arrival series.
>trailer of a trailer

Abdul Rachman Mayeli
Ini yang main MFF(Marvel Future Fight) pasti tau duluan ini
Darkcore X
People forgot what a Teaser is.
Ethan T
wonder how many lines black bolt will have ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ronaldo hobbs
These cheap looking ABC series man.
Victor K
Cmon, I dont have an IMAX TV ...
danilo alves
não mostrou nada nessa porra, vai se fuder
in the comics black bolt gets betrayed by his brother. Hope this teaser makes since now.
Luke Byrne
Iwan Rheon (the man speaking) is going to be the villain. He plays Ramsay Bolton on got so at least we know the inhumans will have a strong villain.
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