VOLDEMORT Official Trailer (2017) Origins Of The Heir, Harry Potter New Movie HD

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VOLDEMORT Official Trailer (2017) Origins Of The Heir, Harry Potter New Movie HD
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Mystic Mama
Da fuck?
Amy Coulson
RedLuka K
Nalla Zetroc
This better be real
quando vai sair?
The Grand Warden
When is this coming out!? It's been months
Lhuv A
Lady: I, Grisha McLaggen, Heir Of Gryffindor will stop you.

Harry: I call dibs.
Lhuv A
0:49 (Insert witty joke here.)
Movies literally make this movie pointless to watch
Voldemort wins
He's in the original movie ffs
This a real movie?
Ayla's Private Channel
Is this real
Anonymous Anon
Voldemort=Michael Jackson. The nose and pale skin gives it away.
Jamie McFarlane
So excited! OMG!!!!!
LYH 30
Alguien sabe cuando sale
Jake Clifford
Is this real or no
Mike BornReal
Jes TheRavenclaw
b c
she must feel like an idiot now
is this real?
Somebody explain me is this a real movie or its just fan made trailer?? I dont get it
PricedJam 15
Is this real?!?!?!
Zoe Rehnborg
why her voice sound like its recorded with a toaster
Electro Fan
Escapade Wonders
I would like this better if it were about Draco Malfoy
0:48 amaterasu ! y pum se acabo todo :v (like si entendiste)
Jan Brumec
Well i guess she failed, the movie ended before it even began 😂😂😂
Ferencné Besenyei
This is realy?
Docu Watch
0:14 Vladimir Putin cameo
Lucas Lindgren
gender peer dedicate couple force please tape spread technological side remain orange
Lee Ara
oh god, oh no, this looks and sounds awful
only one
Greisha MacLadden?.....from up da' street??....aw snap, my gurl dun made it.
Lion Peach
Is this real?
Can you make Korean tlanslate??
Bruno Lobo
I smell black magic😂
Obviously Toast
I didn't even know this was a thing. I wanna watch this..
Olivia 1D
Is this real ? If so..it's bad
Treesap Studios
Is this real?
Aangee Shah
is this `fan made?
Alex Rautio
This seems very shitty low budget turd
Aurora Lara
They should do an origins movie of the founders of hogwarts
Aurora Lara
Is this realll???
Dragon LP
Clara Jabbour
Can’t wait!!!
Ha, she'll die
Renan Hohenheim
Nossa, ficou muito bom
So much hate for a fan made movie that you all are gonna be able to watch for free..
Gloria Pasaribu
Hah? Grecia who?
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