VOLDEMORT Official Trailer (2017) Origins Of The Heir, Harry Potter New Movie HD

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VOLDEMORT Official Trailer (2017) Origins Of The Heir, Harry Potter New Movie HD
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love anime
Movie hoax
Jillian M
Is this real??
Hasin Awsaf Halim
The girl just ruins everything. We don't need a strong female protagonist. Just give us the half blood prince backstory of voldy which the movies missed out on.
niccolò ardù
It's made in italy wow
Wtf was that thumbnail lmao
The Greyest
What the fuck?...
Tweedier Sine
Im exited. I love harry potter and this looks realy good.
Emily Ascepiter
SPOILER ALERT: She doesn't stop him.
I hope this is fake all I see is shit cgi
Bolognese Please
Wow I wonder if she really did...stop him.
Yalın Tümer
SPOİLER ALERT!!! She will not
A big no for me
o0 Aero 0o
I bet a Mannimarco version of this would be better.
ohhh its a fan film thank god
looks like shit
Shivani Singh
is this really a movie
Zunaid Ahmed Majumder
JK rowling, how much money do you need?
Sanny Sanny
Эх, Гришка, Гришка, можешь даже не браться за Тома! Все мы знаем реальную концовку...
War for the Planet of the Apes ᴴᴰ [ bitly.im/Watch-War-for-the-Planet-of-the-Apes-Full-Hd-Movie ]
anshul bohre
is this real
Efraim Pajarito
is this real?
Mansur I
What a BullShit! They should leave the movie as it is instead turning it into gatbage
God damnit I thought this was real

Fuck you
Erik The Shitposter
VOLDEMORT : The Legend of The Lost Nose
She obviously failed, didn't she.
Paul The Gamer
Except she didn't stop Voldemort
Ryan McCarthy
0:35 well considering this is a prequel and you have a really stupid name, I'm gonna assume that you don't stop him.
Huflepuff is NEVER taken seriously. It doesn't surprise me everyone despies us...
Bill Taylor
harrys cat
Bill Taylor
Big V is not dead in Harry Potter
† Castiel †
Спойлер: У неё не получится!
bad j
oh its a fan made.
Rafee Shahin
Good attempt, character name needs some work.
Amanda Hobbs
FAKA!!! The Death Note movie looks good,but for this,your tryin to get our hopes up.😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Brian Miller
But she doesn't... the end
fan made right?
Wizold Sage
why does this look like a fanmade movie.
Trailor looks awful
i smell a lawsuit
Happy Paddy
Finally A SLYTHERIN MOVIE..............
Tianaz Bryant
James Baxter
So...i guess that she didn't stop him at all...Maybe this film will show how she fail miserably doing something that even a baby could do :v
ofer katz
Some one please tell me if this is fan made out not
Well gee, I wonder if she's gonna succeed or not...

On a more serious note, I'd love it if this film "rewrote" some part of the established HP backstory, like the Artorias of the Abyss DLC did for Dark Souls.
OBluestreak Z
spoiler alert. she fails.
i could have sword i saw this when it was a fan movie
Yall tried..
What the fuck is this knock off bullshit? 🖕👎
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