VOLDEMORT Official Trailer (2017) Origins Of The Heir, Harry Potter New Movie HD

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VOLDEMORT Official Trailer (2017) Origins Of The Heir, Harry Potter New Movie HD
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Spoiler Alert:

She won't stop him.

This is why I don't like prequels that try to use some sort of plot tension as a selling point. The story events have no choice but to lead to the start point of the original story.

In this case, given that Grisha isn't mentioned in any Harry Potter book and that Voldemort still rises to power anyway, anything she does is ultimately inconsequential.
omg stop with this fucking fake movie.
Su Merve Eser
after harry potter series coming new movies are very bad
azk ka
for those who said she didnt stoped him, who knows. maybe she stoped him and she died and after hes back somehow with some black magic xd
JJ Greeno
As much as it's fake this is really good editing
afie dofie
is this legit or not ?
Andy macintyre
Just have the movie about his nose
Steven Harrison
Why another gryffindor protagonist. Give us a main character that's a hufflepuff or Ravenclaw
Heir of Gryffindor?...too forced for my taste.
Wasantha Hewage
Well spoilers...she doesn't
David Taylor
Looks like a fan edit.
Alex Barker
How to milk a series 101
Ozly 903
Is this real!!!!
Your Movie Goer
Wow just another example of a lead woman trying to copy a lead man in a successful movie role, and will use the sexist card when we all say "yea not as good"
Jon Stark
Is this a fake trailer or a fan made film?
Lame, I was hoping for a movie centered on Voldermort.
William Kelly
Anything to keep it going.
Otkud Znam
I dont give a fuck
Justin biebe
the chill you get man.
Alia Taylor
Voldemort is and always will be the weakest and the worst villein in the history of film... he is not scary... not smart... not able to beat just one kid... with a scar... Harry Potter is alright... but the Voldemort is the worst...
Bilan Yassin
She clearly did not. Harry did
Peter R
SPOİLER ALERT!!! She dies....
Grace Sisson
Is this real??
Lydia Moore
wtf is this
yasha mohometh
Voldemorts history of loosing his nose must be related to the sphinx....I CALLED IT
MagicCereal 123
fob adam
and it's a fan mad film
When does it come out
Ethor '
Spoiler - Voldemort fucks harrys hairy ass!
Bryan Bolger
so she's the one that took the locket and replaced it with the fake that harry and dumbledore find.
Is this real?
G. Bobob
Really glad this isn't real, I don't want to see it
Akram Zeghouani
Hopefully, we will know the story about his nose 👃
Imane Elannani
The trailer made me laugh 😂 really hard I don't know why It sounds so fake to me
Squirrelflight :-D
Voldy will kick yo booty, "heir of Gryffindor."
Sonia Deaster
there is no evil or good. i think there is story behind the story
hmmm she failed I think
Shubham Dhoot
Looks like a television series to me
David Shekelstein
da fuck was this shit?
I DeathSinger I
Ah yes, feminism.
So it's not fan made
Elaine Donaldson
Is this good is the out yet it looks good
Phirnyne [aka Bro2494]
A prequel we already know the ending to.

Vinnccin_ #ConTV
Legendary Niwatori
Sike, Nigga you thought!
I thought Harry was heir of Griffindor through his Father's side... Unless this is an aunt of his we never heard about.
its a discuse
Avik Mukherjee
Who is playing Dumbledore?
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