Puke Egg Challenge! YUCK!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew find a gigantic Emu egg and decide to make a super sized breakfast! 

Not only does this huge egg look like it came from a dinosaur but it is the equivalent to 1 dozen chicken eggs. So hopefully Coyote and the crew brought their appetite! 

Oh and in case that wasn’t enough, director Mark found some surprise “dessert” eggs that he’s sure will throw the meal for a twist… 

Get ready to see the Puke Egg Challenge!

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That salt bae part is funny 😂
Toxical Weazle
Mario and coyote have Zero table manners
mlg 😎😂
Kokonoe Mercury
Me in a nutshell- 5:47 (puts glasses on wrong way round)
Taco Boy
Can you do a viper bite challenge and in the same video a guarder snake lease your my biggest fan and I didn't follow your rules but I took a guarder snake
Juangv Vasquez
I feel so bad for Coyote
Stitch Ho
Ok I don’t like the barf but the eggs look good but i don’t want to eat those eggs anymore! Eww
Stitch Ho
Cooking with Coyote wildlife style!
Stitch Ho
The Pickle Puke Egg! Sounds gross!
Evren Luis Tandi
Cayote sucks u cant eat gross fruit i can rat durian fruit
Thea Blue
Looking at this.. im a weird child but i feel hungry😂
LightningLord 115
He was so happy with his eggs tho mark ruined it
Shad Mayi
Never trust edited comments
Raniel Lexus Banasihan
My spelling of your name is warong but I deserve it like you deserve eating it
Puke fruits
Raniel Lexus Banasihan
Kayote I am a fun of yours you are an awesome youtuber your the best kayote <>
Annelisa Birkheimer
I dis like pikled eggs
Annelisa Birkheimer
I dis like pikled eggs
SillyActs Heyyy
After all of his adventures, aligator bites, red ants, the food always gets him
CoolSuper_ Cat
<3 emus!!
If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! xD 5:14
Lang Pham
You guys rock
Black Night DX Gamer
nooo maan dont do challenges
pink ninja
you NEED to try quale eggs
David Braune
oh my goodness this is click bate he said the eggs were good wow

Mark: oh no no no you don"t we have dessert gets

Coyote: whats he talking about EW
KSM WARRIOR8692 Old Channel
7:15 the best sounds I have ever heard! 🤣
Chriz Z R
At 7:20 that's how I puke
Unicorn Glitter
Nikolos Macksoud
who else likes pickled eggs?
e g g
7:05 - 7:08
btw i love these rejections when you try to puke, they're hilarious! xD
the savagest moment of all brave wilderness episodes.
7:15 Me when I try to eat chili.
Jett Irwin Yu
Kaly loves Roblox
Şu tuz hareketini bziden çaldılar abi
Jett Irwin Yu
I was drinking chocolate milk when you barfed and now I need a mop
kaitlyn cristian vlogs :3
Is that where you live just asking🤔
Cutie berry Love
well that puke sounds like a dinosaur
Aiah Rivera
Aiah Rivera
The Gamer kid
im shy peterson be shy we won't see you on the next adventure (in the background he book it out the door)
「† ᴍɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛ sᴛᴀʀ †」
S a l t b a e
Tamsyn Chaffins
3:10 But, but you were at the store.... you could have bought all of that.....
Ann Art
Jacob Stone
I saw that Coconut Aloe Vera drink in the fridge. Who’s is that. They are now my favorite
RJ Newton
poor coyote
Sahil Rassool
Coyote if you are scared you won't get stung by 2 bullet ants if you are brave you will do it ok
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