ognjen tabajica
I never did trick or treating ;( and now its too late
Retu Kingi
When You're a diabetic on halloween....
Hunter Playz
I used pillow case
I can't trick or treat... I hav celiacs
Natascha Tan
Once when I was younger my dad was working late and my mom came with me trick or treating cuz she wanted me "safe". Anyway my mom put out a bowl of candy and put a sign that said "please take one" well, there were these teen boys who were counting down from 3 and as soon as we walked a little bit down the street they sprinted to our house and ran out. I back tracked and saw the bowl COMPLETELY EMPTY!!! At least I got some decent candy... btw James I love your vids! :)
I tried your trick and no one asked about the logo so when I said those words they thought it was weird and gave me only a few pieces for the kids.
Ditto Intensifies
Trick or treating? What's that?

Dearmoss Grobis
The best thing to do is... lol IDK... wear ten different colors of a ghost costume and then do all the houses and then next rip off one and then do the same ones.
Dearmoss Grobis
I like Whoppers!!!
Fowzi Farah
This reminds me of a buzzfeed video
Luis Alfonso Mercado Aguayo
One time me and my friends were racing and we went to a house that had a bowl that said " please take one " we were fighting over the Candy that we made too much noise that the owners of the house came out gave a piece to each one of us lol XD
Die Fischies
I draw comics too. I can tell: Its really fun 😄
I used to do that...
Maegin Williamson
Pillow cases hold more candy. You did it right.
Shayne Charles
I did that ounc
Kimbo Chandler
Aiden DeMarsey
Trick: go to a different neighborhood after your done one neighborhood
I wish I wasn't to old to go trick or treating.
Vera R
I just change costumes and go trick or treating in other towns
Mario Candelaria
Dress up like Andy sixx and say, "if you don't give me candy I will shank you..."
This why when we come back from Halloween, the candy bowl is empty...
Zoey Gonzalez
my friends and I Not me and my friends!!!
I am going to totally be like a sassaaayy gurrrlll
Ama The Llama
who else is wacthing this in 2017? Also what are you gonna dress up as? Im gonna be a panda
MysticMurkrow 16
My dad was a paper boy and he dressed up in his uniform lol
Layla Massey
This one time for Halloween this family had a bag of candy and gave it to me and my mom and I ended up driving hom with a small bucket and a garbage bag ful of cady
Adam Ghandour
My best trick was that every year I would wear a Harry Potter done yer costume but in my candy bag I would have a Dracula zombie Frankinstine and sniper I'll start on a mask after getting the candy I'll do where they can't see me and change the mask and go back and so on
4th 654
This video did not have music before...
Chicken Permission
I went tricker treating last year. I was 18. I passed out the candy again, but I'm still not ready to grow up. Dressing up is my favorite part.
Matthew Quinonez
what about going to a house as a zebra and then change into a rock star but still have the zebra pants on and go to the same house
Ash Greninja
Roman Perry YT
Dude I use pillow cases to they can fit more candy in them. ;)
Michael Coffman
Pillow cases ftw
Bridget Jordan
I take pillow cases too also my sister was a garbage can and people gave her extra candy because her costume was good
erica duarte
I know a trick when you go trick or treating you hide the candy and only put on in the bag so thell feel bad
the gaming controller
I don't know if you are doing this in America, but where I grew up all children said something before they get their candy. Some people just said a little verse probably translates to 'Trick or treat' (although more acuratly they said: 'Give us sweets or we gonne be mean to you.'). But some made an effort and search for a little poem or something. And then there was me and I wrote a poem myself for every year. Well it did gave us a lot more candy. But I realise not everyone want to write a poem every year and that's fine, but you can probably find some on the Internet to memorize. It could pay.
Mermaid Mels
I just be polite lol, this one woman was giving out candy bags like lil plastic lunch bags with crisps, chocolate etc and she gave me another one for being polite LOLOLOLOL
Dakota Wynchester
I remember we went to house and they gave me a pickle in Saran Wrap

Yeah their house got TP, egged and covered with Pickles
Leah Ohalloran
I asked someone's house multiple times to get lots of candy
As a kid who had cancer and was in a hospital during Halloween, I give full permission for kids who used that last trick into guilting people into giving more candy. That's funny 😂
Max Teicher
Pillow case twinzees
spooderfaxy 1987
Last year I took more than half the bowl of candy that was sitting out
Jbad11 42
•Glues candy to the bowl
Takes bowl
•Glues bowl to a stool
Takes stool
•Glues stool to the sidewalk
Time to get a new sidewalk, you had this coming
Jbad11 42
When it comes to take one bowl I always take one

One bowl full
Am I doing it right
Totes used a pillowcase. Which is also a good strategy for getting more candy.
Peanut The Dragon
one year i dressed up as a rubicks cube and when i whent treak ot treating, they said "im gonna give u extra candy because ur costume is the best one here" ;3 god blees him so ya
Very year I use my pillow case because the little pumpkinsare Way To Small for Holding Candy
Gracie Guisewite
"Please take one" dumps whole bucket into bag "SKRT SKRT!"
Hernesto Mercado
Dressed in t foxy 🦊 i love him 😘🌹
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