How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating

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Here's some tricks for anyone out there who's still trick or treating! You don't even need to go to the rich people neighborhood! 

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Darkendlight123 Gamer
what disrespect for whoppers
Lingeringtiara Soul
I LOVE WHOPPERS ;-; why skip dem houses I ALWAYS GO IT DEM ;-; not in but yea..... ;-; I also love haunted houses ;-; oh and milk duds X3
God dammit, when I used to trick or treat my mom or dad would always go with so I couldn't go to houses twice by changing my costume or hoping the person was an idiot. But the most annoying thing was that since I was being supervised I couldn't pour the entire "take one" bowl into my bag. It made me sad. ;-;
Blankest Blank
The most candy i got on halloween was 42.7 lb and i had to lug it around as my friend followed, then i got home and my mom gave me 15 lb of MY CANDY I WORKED HARD FOR and the rest to my friend... Wow thanks mom... Btw this kid literally did nothing but trail behind me and snack on what i dumped... He also tried to get me not to dump the bowls... But in the end it benefited him... Last but not least he was a single child and i have 4 brothers, a mom, step dad, grandmother, and aunt who all expect me to share my 15lb with them as my lazy friend leaves with 27.7 pounds of candy all for himself cause he parents don't like sweet things... This coming halloween im going alone and my mom wont know what i got
Master Mike1011
I use pillow cases it's ok you aren't poor
Hailey Lamb
Here's a trick, get one of those candy small plastic pumpkin things, and tape\glue\staple a pillow case to it and dress like a murderer like from Friday the 13th and say you what ever you want but first cut a hole into the plastic thing and.... boom!!! FYI I was 7 so my excuse was my age and lazyness XD
lawanda Wilson
i have a huge trick i go to fall fesivals a few halloween fiars that have candy and trick or treat and get candy that last until march
Didier Reyes
dress up like a robber and the bowl of candy in the pillow case!!!🎃🎃🎃
Allie Michael
Yes! Finally someone else used pillow cases
1 used pillow cases
Amy Gregg
Little James looks like my little brother
Rene Rickey
I took a pillow case too
DaeDae Elite
So imagine that you had a bat man costume and the lady gave you candy now you put on a Spider-Man costume and you get more candy from the same lady but only do that 2 times but remember get a different candy bag because when you are in the custom she will look at your candy bag and think you are switching custom
Epictale Chara
My trick is go a bit late cause then they'll just give all the king sized candy bars
DaeDae Elite
And have a other candy and tell them that your brother or sister were sick and they ask you to get candy for them
DaeDae Elite
Sew a bag to get more candy
Xavier Mendoza
here's on way if you see someone give ing you candy and they turn around with the bowl in front of you take handful quick double candy
ldshadoe cadet
1. Wear two costumes 2. Wear one on top of the other 3. Start early 4. When your done take of the first costume 5. Go again with your second costume
Silas's YouTube factory
Olly Clarke
I just noticed James has a younger brother or sister because of that photo
Rachelle Swyers
If they go out and leave candy by the door.. It may say.. "Take 1!" I say "take all!"
Queen Sepron
I don't have a childhood

I've never gone trick or treating 😭
Y - Katsuki
one time i dressed up as a realistic wolf the kids thought i was a real wolf then they just beat me up i took off my wolf head then they realised they done GOOFED
Puppy Girl
I clicked because it said candy... then I realized it was one of my favorite YouTubers I was like OMG
muffin media
i like the comic
_TheMysteriousTopHat _
Like they did in that one regular show episode, Dress up as a dad or mom, and bring 3 or 4 fake kids covered in sheets so that they think their giving 4 kids candy, when their just giving an adult x4 candy. A good costume for the older kids.
i havent trick or treated since i was 5 :P
Jason Ortiz
Grab the candy and run?
Nicholas Wreschinsky
I take pillow cases trick-or-treating
Keith Marrow
Ok first knock at the door eh en they open the door to the bowl of candy and run
Bekah Enfield
My friends and I, last year, went trick-or-treating and we saw a take one bowl from the end of the driveway. We glanced at each other and just charged at the bowl and my friend, Kate, got to it first. She just dumped the enTIRE BOWL INTO HER BAG!!!
Bekah Enfield
All I say to the take one candy bowls is, "You didn't care enough to give me the candy in person, so no, I'll take the whole bowl."
I use a pillow case
AfterCore Sam
1 tip wear a costume thats easy to change example i dressed up with a mask a jacket an hour after i went to the houses i came back with a diffrent mask tip 2 take one candy bowls more like take all candy bowls huh what a fun year
Godlycrockman Charnander
you can do this you can lie to think that you are giving away some treats for the homeless
Juan Bojorquez
another way is to dress up as pikachu which what I did
ArkhamJ15 GamePad_Pro
james do you have steam?
ArkhamJ15 GamePad_Pro
pillow cases hold more than those stupid plastic "jack'o'lanterns"
GoldenTail's Clan
Also, sees a take one sign. You think "I. Am. A. Rebel! And take two.
GoldenTail's Clan
When it says take one, take the bowl. You are only taking one, one bowl😏
Jewel Minor
I only take one
Robo Kitty
no no no FUCK MILKDUDS OKAY....?
tatertodd 31
its called who ppers not wohppers
Samantha Gilbert
just say u have a friend scAared of the clowns so u can get 2 times as a much
Ava Gores
I only take 1 candy when the sign says take 1 but these teens took the whole bucket on 1 of my Halloween me and my bro got none soo n I beat him up took 2 gave 1 to my brother and the teen got mad... im awkward..
Diego Cartoon
one trick or treat i was with my friends and we went to a house where the lady give only one gummy bear to each of my friends but since she didn't have any more candy she gave me a water cracker box that is closed so I went home with a box water crackers and my frinds with one candy piece
But then it takes so long per house james!
Aidan Kurtzman
There was a ginormous take one cast bowl and no 1 was home so me and my 2 other friends split it up into 3rds' and we all got like 40 pieces of candy
If anybody here is getting too Old for trick-or-treating, I have some tips on how to still get candy. So what you have to do is you get a really, really scary costume and when little kids come to your house you hide in the bushes or in a tree or something and then you scare them are really bad so that they drop their candy and run away and then you take their candy.
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