How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating

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Here's some tricks for anyone out there who's still trick or treating! You don't even need to go to the rich people neighborhood! 

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BlazeBoy Gaming
Here's my trick go early on a bike and loot all the take 1 boxes 😈
Emma Wofford
At my house we have a 8 foot tall metal gate and for one Halloween no on was at home so we put the bowl of candy on the other side of the gate with the sign "please take one" we assumed that most people would reach there hand in and grab one and maybe a couple of kids would be sneaky and grab 2 or 3 but one kid was walking with his dad an his dad helped him climb over the fence grab the whole bowl! And hop back over. We arrived back home to see the son and dad(possible older brother) walk away with this giant bowl of candy
Dpad Link
James what are you taking about I like whoppers
Red Bananas
I started laughing hysterically lol
Pro Gamer3000
Agent Washington
okay anothet way to get candy for Halloween is to go but it XD
Isabel Gomez
James:0:41 me: (eternally laughing but then passes out)
Yasmin Contreras
i don't
The TRUE Battle Cats Fan
people give me double candy with a good costume they know
Erin Clive
lives in Australia goddammit
You get a coustom that uses a backpack then u get a bag then when fill the bag u emptying out in the backpack then do the same over & over again it's works 🙂😏
Zach Gaddy
lol when i see a bowl that says take one i get all of it XD
Raven Thrush 1290
idea 1:Get the truth from u and use it and don't LIE OK???!!!
luv it
Wonder Wolf56
Tell your dad to come so he can get more candy if he says its "For the little ones at home" and then you get some candy.
Jacoby Landers
I use pillow sacks screw those tiny pumpkins
error sans lover
an idea is to change costumes every time to get more candy
Kuri Yami
I take pillow cases too and btw just take one or two from the please take one candy bowls guys.. Thoes people who do that aren't what u think they are single parents who have kids or elders with a sickness or something plus some people put cameras up XD I knew the people were rich when I took the whole bowl and ran with people from the house screaming at meh
Madeline Baumbach
Every time I saw a "please take one" bowl I would take all of the candy or most of it. Does anyone else do the same?
Supreme Overlord
I use pillowcases
flamingarrow 1234
Who takes every single candy when someone leaves a bowl a candy on a front porch
my mom said not to go trick or treating anymore :(
Kylie Dyer
One time I was trick or treating and there was a take one bowl and my friends and I looked at the bowl, looked at each other, and then were like,"so how much u guys want?" And we divided the bowl into thirds between all of us and barely got away as the lady came out to refill the bowl
Domi- T24
After knowing Undertale... it kind of makes you feel really bad taking more that one candy from a bowl that says "take one"... sniff
And I never went trick or treating so why am I saying this?
Monkey man James
lina samuileviciene
2:39 What the hell??? Are you some type of demon like satan?
Pixel Perfect
You know those bowls that don't say take one go back there multiple times
MarlyTheDogGaming MTD
just go round a bunch of houses and each time change your outfit for more!
NPC _ Plays
Your My Favorite Youtuber :3
Ayden Pyle
Last year I got 11pounds of candy 🍭
Lucas Rhodes
your dogs suck
LizadonTheYT LTYT
Take 1
Take 1O
Take 1OO
Write it.
Gussy Games
Dress up as a famous youtuber so you git recognised
Zero YT
Yeah , there were 8 "please just one" candy bowls . Like 400 Snickers.

Now im Snicker freaking rich.
Step-By-Step Drawing Official
if you ask me, the plastic pumpkins are literally just a scam. everybody has pillowcases, they can hold all your candy, it's easy to get them to match your costume, it just feels so obvious!
Regina Sharrow
i was a tiger
I usually take 3 to 6 pieces of candy from unattended bowls, I've never taken the whole bowl.
I used a bucket to pillow case strategy, but I also had the luxury of my mother driving me because I lived in the middle of nowhere Texas and backwoods Georgia for most of my trick or treating days so she had to drive me so if I was gonna trick or treat. I still walked the neighborhoods once we got there though it's not in the spirit to ride in a car all night.
Jorge Moya
When I see the basket of candy outside, I take the whole thing and I take the bowl and the stool with me because I can use the stool to sit down(if I get tired) and use the bowl to dig into my candy
Glitter_ Lights
I have a way. When the person opens the door steal all the candy by grabbing the bowl out of their hands and take off running
KawaiiGirlPlayz YT
I've uh...I've never been trick or treating in my whole life...I'm 13.
I really wanna go but over here in NZ we don't really celebrate halloween...
And one last thing...What the hell are Milkduds?!
KawaiiMeifwaGirl Kitty
I mean Bunny :3
KawaiiMeifwaGirl Kitty
My brother was a cat and everyone was like "what are u? A cat?" And he even had a long cat tail XD
ToxicM8 Gamer
0:39 lol
livopal sosilly
I love milk duds...
Gallaxy Girl82
James i stole all the candy in the buckets that said take 1
I take pillow cases to
Jana Manuel
One suggestion, BEG FOR DA CANDY PPLE!!!
shirtymovie 7
You switch costumes and change your voice >:3
Noah Fletcher
Wow I must be the only one who takes one candy from the take one bowls
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