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LET ME KNOW WHO I SHOULD BUST NEXT. There are a lot of obvious targets out there, but I don't want to be an obvious boy. ya feel me? Thanks for watching! BROOOFEEEISTTT

SnackDubbbz Food Review:


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Content cop is a satirical series that has memes and jokes. I'm like 75% serious most of the time. I'm just trying to clean up the streets.

"My milk cartons bring all the boys to the yard,
And they're like
'Hey, that's pretty good!' "
Lauren's World!
a n o t h a o n e
4 heil Hitlers out of 5
7:06 I died!
Brian Biscuits
You would be a great food reviewer
Craig Di Fonzo
The lady on the McDonald's speaker sounded hot.
Gabby/ /Matty
1:20 why do I blush on this part?
Overrated Redstone
His screaming slayed me!
Spencer steals Fries
I wish Idubbbz would give me Milk
Easily the funniest content cop uve made had me dying the whole vid
Abby Liu
'00h! you bite the peach the peach bites b a c k'
James of All trades
7:37 no hate but dude, at the start of the video, you talked about how cancer shouldn’t be thrown around like that and then you do it yourself.
My mom died of cancer, thanks for reminding ppl that it’s not cool joking with cancer
The Whole fkn World has seen this guy.
G4W Gaming
His scream when getting dragged through the sewer is better than a scream from any horror movie. It's priceless.
Jimmy-Jack Jones
Get the milk
Adrian Guerra
He's a genius.
Arnold Newz
Idubbbz took a step up from candy and gives kids milk. Fucking genius.
I give this 4 Heil Hitlers out of 5 wheee
Katelyn Valdovinos
Your mom said don't take candy from a stranger but she didn't say don't take milk from a stranger
Marmalade Soup
When you don't have access to a sewer... :(
A n o t h e r O n e
That bit with the peaches made me deeply uncomfortable. Would subscribe to a food review channel 10/10
Economy yo
I don't fuck with lettuce!
DJ KHALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrick Boaz
6:15 And a meme was born
What are you fuckin gay??
V-G’s Channel
I wouldn’t be surprised if I walked out of McDonalds and saw a guy fat ass shit doing a food review
Teamx_ Love_logang
* reviewing food* gets pulled into the dark I can't stop laughing 😂
Aaron Palmer
4 hail hitlers out of 5
game draw
I died when he got kidnapped
why not
sum milk ;)
Mank Deme
1:56 He jokes about cancer like no one in the audience has a family member who has it it's just so disrespectful. 7:36 They don't like watching CANCEROUS reviews BRUH...
Diego Najera
5:32 was so funny 😂😂😂
CyberHongo Dominguero
I want one
A Small Box.
Anyone have the name of the original song from the outro?
My grandma die from cancer so I hate that guy
i agree
CukaBlyat Official
Omfg i am eating saltines and right when he did the part where he was in the car saying the legit food review i spit a ton of mushy saltines on my keyboard
Nicole Rivette
the only food reviewer I like is Noah's food review
Y o u b o y s w a n t s o m e m i l k ?
Smiley Thesilly
Another one
Jesse Willett
wait what was that guys name
what if their was 5 kids and it was just that one kid without a milk
Gamer Duck
I dubbz have no Fred’s on steam as you can see o. His computer divnfnjfjvnggjg
Michael Passacantando
I give this video 4 hail hitlers out of 5
Rewibrah has a crazy personality like there are people in his basement that dont want to be there crazy....
Hydrix64 ._.
(When i saw those kids just randomly run up to idubbz because he offered milk)hol up ._.
Deshaun Yarbrough
Lunchtime with smosh is a good food review show
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