Play Doh Wedding Dress "Moana" & Maui - Elsa Anna Hans Kristoff Olaf "Frozen"

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Play Doh Wedding Dress "Moana" & Maui Elsa Anna Hans Kristoff Olaf "Frozen"

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Suyapa Perez
Suyapa Perez
I Love moana
Suyapa Perez
Aphmau Galaxy
how will you take the barbie playdo off the dolls
Jaimi Edington
Brian Villanueva
I Don't think they can get married because Maui is OLDER than Moana,and because Moana is a teenager 🤔😏
bianca johnaon
you did it rily good
Sophie Mills
i am do impressed with your playdough dresses i wish i could be just like you ! In the future i can see you being a dress designer :) well done there
Sophie Mills
Love moanas dress Fabtastic
lucia fatima apestegui alvarado
lucia fatima apestegui alvarado
Sueli Costa
l Love
Jeremy Weldon
I hate Elsa`s 👗
Anderson lopes
love me
Anderson lopes
Isabela Gomes
lindos e ses vidio
Sandra Shaw
I love play dough craft 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Timo Isarin
do7kdvfwr32ww23rdssddddďxrxďdrr5gttg5hyh y U gt5gtg5yy5y5t5g5t5g5g5y5yt5t5 t5y5y5y .De u6y6y55y5y5y5y5y5y5yy55y6y6y6yy66y6yy6y6yy66yy66y6yy6uhy66y u t6t r dxd5r
Angel Halbur
is that fomdont
vanessa ayala
so cool
Nyota Peace
I love the dress.That is very creative.
Maisa .mesquita
Mary Kennedy
you never did Anna
Lilly ROSE
trop coule 💙💙💚💚❤❤💛💛💜💜👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Les nains portent nawak
Petite pressée
Marzena Jeleśniańska
Super filmik
Pamuji Indonesia
hay..look my channel please
Greta Muth
es heißt chistof und nicht kristof
Nisy Abarca
aburridoooo 😪😪😪 zzzzzzzzzzz
Marcin Golicz
I have super plan to do that!

you will need
color papers,
suuper sand,
every thing what you have here!
do like that!!!
Blerina Zmajlaj
9:20 hahahahaha olaf😂😂😂😂
Lorena Aparicio
Jayleen Vazquez
Samuel Silva Alves
Marion Sans ou peut être cents abonnés
Tu es vachement doué avec tes mains
Rylee Cole.
how much do you practice that? your so good
Lukas Rose
How do you do this?
Naisa Lima
Ia @jyy
arthur massariol
ahmad abdelbarr
тили тили
что это за материал
тили тили
что это за материал
Yamilet Aguilar
Like. Esta.
Kul. Y. Mas. Elsa
Carrian Johnson
I love ♡ this
Angela Villasenor
I love how you put the play doh I wish you can show me how to do that
l love love love!!!!! so so much
Miguel Rojas
el guau guau guau
Danyell Allen
me and my sister love❤ playdho
Muppet shiw
realy are you serious??
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