Trump​ appears to ignore requests for a handshake with Angela Merkel​

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During his first meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President Trump appeared to ignore requests from the media for the two leaders to shake hands. At one point, Merkel turns to Trump and says, "they want to have a handshake," but gets no response from Trump. 


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Rico x
In my opinion, Trump is OK here. He gave her hand at the beginning and he is not a dog to do what a journalist (most of them are dorks) order up. ....I'M HERE ALSO TO ASK YOU ABOUT HELP. PLEASE READ MY PETITION TO THE SURGEON / HOSPITAL.. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME. I need 50 000 SIGNATURES to save my life:
Carol bell
who is the woman ?
Ninice Ruzice
he is so childish
Merkel killed for imigrant Germany and Europe !! Good job Trump :)
Gene Htx
What a fucking twat. We apologize on behalf on America. Not all of us, actually at 75% of us, are NOT ignorant disrespectful low lives. Only the idiots in red hats - we are all ashamed of them
ana navarro
he is so ugli
mikeyzlit 180
frank facts
low functioning psychotic 🍊
Scott Mescudi
Oh God, here we go again... The whole world still wonders how this man became president and in this comment section you see exaclty how.. only islamophobia, racism, stupidity spread by these dumb americans...
what a miserable posture of Merkel. She sits twisted without any dignity. And the media call her the most powerful woman on earth. She is just a spineless nothingness.
0:24 check Merkel's hands signal. Anyone knows what it means?
Никита Огрызков
So that was cringy
Horst Wessel
He shouldnt shake hands with a traitor like merkel
daxixx dulox
fuck merkel fucking liberal piece of shit you let all the sand nigger terrorists to europe
What a dick!!
busboy blind
Star Kicker
Hmmm...I wonder which of these two has the more ridiculous hairdo?
marius s
Big ♥ for Trump
Fabrice Bernard
Hé Merkel :0)

Argon TV61
mission failed we'll get em next time.👍👈
Der Eisenmann
fuck Merkel dump bitch
Rogue Star
Trump sollte zurücktreten wenn schon die Republikaner sich gegen ihn setzten!
OhOh Sven
Ich begreife diesen Trump einfach nicht.... Das hat doch was mit Anstand zutun. Wäre ich Merkel, würde ich mich ein bisschen blöd vorkommen. Aber Gottseidank bin ich nicht Merkel.
What an idiot...
Kathi Burger
Trump ist ja wie ein zu groß geratenes Kleinkind 😂😂
Shuo Yan
what is he doing? Stoned?
Thomas Z
Was fürn Trottel
Grillo Grillo
You have "germafobia" by your own admission Trump, yet you shake jerk and pull all other world leaders hands and here you display disrespect toward 1. a lady and 2. a leader of one of your strongest allies. You pushing the envelope too far..You have many good attributes yet you are arrogant and show strong signs of a typical narcissist... sadly no level of treatment nor medication can help with that as is the case with people who are psychopaths
Chef Yulob
Trumpnis an asshole
Dick-Nation döner
I understand you guys "hate him" (lmao) but come on. If you're not going to act like an adult and you're so fucking upset, then leave America. I won't miss you.
No handshake for the Nazis
He did not snub her, look at his face for the clue! He is having a narcissistic orgasm...and each click of all those cameras makes him wonder how a prostitute married, pussy grabbing, trashy class businessman can find himself in such a position.
geo rob
Just read Trumps interview with Time magazine and thought that this kind of reaction, during a meeting with other world leaders and what he said to Time, could be the start of Alzheimer's . There is definitely treatment out now he can take for that. And It could spin off into a lot of money for Alzheimer's research. That would be great.
Hate to say it, but I hope it's mini strokes instead. There is a lot more success treating strokes.
David Edward
Oh, the stories she will be taking home with her.
geo rob
He may just be hard of hearing or had another mini stroke before the meeting. A series of mini strokes might explain a few behaviors he has exhibited for the last year or so. Maybe, with treatment, they can reverse the effects it might be having on him. Hope so.
Jayden D
Seriously how did he get elected? I'd like to hear someones reason who voted for him
that face from Donald
Frank Tudor
Does anyone know why is Angela Merkel kissing the Donald's arse?
President Trump is very cute.
Al kaholic
That Bitch destroyed Germany by letting in the crazy pedophiles
Sin SinaT
This guy is fucking unbelievable, when I see him I die at laughter to see how politics turned to celebrities drama.
Ele-Phant Wood
wow!! Trump is the epitome of an ultra small dick!!!😣😫😠😡😬
Merkel mach mal YouTube hast schon gute Klicks 🤣👌🏽👌🏽
Tunahan Gkdz
Haha Best !
german here, i wish more people would stand up to that old hag merkel.
Randomfully Wonderful
What she did to her own country was monstrous. I wouldn't shake her hand, either.
Cymba line
What for an old geezer! He didn`t wear his hearing-aid....
Erik Öhrberg
trump is rly a bitch
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