Trump​ appears to ignore requests for a handshake with Angela Merkel​

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During his first meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President Trump appeared to ignore requests from the media for the two leaders to shake hands. At one point, Merkel turns to Trump and says, "they want to have a handshake," but gets no response from Trump. 


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fuck that evil bitch I wouldn't want to shake hands with someone who wants her own people dead either!
Aesthetic Autism
I would't either. Goddamn traitor to her country
Simon Szendrei
Merkel is a bastard.. Isis got into Europe because of her...
Konstantinos Chrysikopoulos
Baby Trump ist schlechtgelaunt.
Santhosh Stephen Christudas
Heard Germany started confiscating their own citizen's homes to give it to refugees. Now I'm REALLY glad Trump didn't shake this fat bitch's hand... UGH!
General Vergel
Look at Germany now full of refugees. It's fucked up. LOL go trump go
Dread Pirate Roberts
Merkel is a spineless cunt!
Dread Pirate Roberts
Donald trump hero!!!!........ definitely not another kowtowing handwringing cunt of a puppet that most of Europe produce as a leader!!!God bless him and God bless America!!!
Filip Hrdlička
Brazzers - God Emperor fucked with old lady ... xD
nah,iam german, and i would NOT shake her Hand too ...

5 bucks on trump , may hes not the best president,but hes way better than clinton and Obama (together)
Justicar AB
merkel is a German traitor and deserves to go to prison.
Karpov Liam
She doesn't deserve a handshake for destroying Europe.
he doesn't know how to shake hands with a woman. every handshake he does turns into an arm wrestling match. it's embarrassing.
Donald Trump
Shawn M
You can spot an uninformed liberal cuntbag in the comments pretty easily. Now why would anyone shake the hand of a Muslim rape/murder apologist? This person will be revered in human history as being responsible for single handedly destroying an entire culture in order to fulfill a Muslim rape fantasy.
Sören Erliczek
Voll kommen Okay scheiß Deutschen immer mit der Hand.
Sören Erliczek
Voll kommen Okay scheiß Deutschen immer mit der Hand.
fareed ali
I like Trump because he is not a hypocrite
ayosh saod
Laur Manolescu
Trump should rule Europe.
Markus Lehmann
Kein handshake
Joe Mixon
I wouldn't shake that globalist hand either.

She has dragged her country down and soon it will become a country taken over by Islamic extremists.
Blond abernichtblöd
Not Merkel, Trump is obsolet!
Da Sopa Villan
lol these fat fucks are saying muslims destroyed europe, muslims did nothing wrong, we let you fuckers in our countries, we let you in dubai, we went through a bad life, and now you're saying we ruined europe well you're ruined our countries first you made isis you fat fucks.
Son Egoist
Yüzüne bile bakmıyor lan kdlchxğcjcixjxğdjcüdkdk
He Said Yo Mama
What a dumbass
respect to the boss.İm proud of hım.Germany is a bich
trumpsa muslim an he don't shake dem hands of women
Hail Trump! god bless him! such a great man for not shaking that bitchs hand :D!!! the world needs trump
Watch This Tv
This B i t ... kill us german. trump know it :) i hate merkel for this. help is ok but not to much
Antoine Verrier
what a disrespectul man, hate him
love how americans claim germany is cucked and destroying europe because they are importing subhumans. USA has ONLY 63% whites LMAO BTFO
frau kasner
die sieht aus wie ein Dämon
hüseyin köse
Saygi neymiş? Kimeymiş? Trump give Erdoğan a handshake! Trump has respect for Erdoğan!
Right Wing Radio
Why would he touch the hand she jerks off the globalists with?
Ilker Cat
Like this guy. He is unpredictable, stable and decisive.
Youtube Gurkil
Trump KNOW how lie Germany and make trump,putin and erdogan bad. He maked it right! Long live Trump and the USA . FUCK GERMANY AND MERKEL NAZIS ARE COMING BACK
Adammm hhh
er guckt die nicht mal s an.peinlich
Mucahid eburaad
let me explain you guys why trump hates merkle!
Germany leader of europe where executive and follow politics in its own interest but usa want Germany be his puppet. i fully support germany they are great nation with technology, engineering science and economy they dominate world.germany the facto leader of new era.countries like USA england and Russian hate germans just because of their success.
this is dead aquard
Memonite Thereat
I think He misunderstood that this is hilrary clinton
Meu Macho
No good man would do a handshake with this corrupted bitch/terrorist lover.
Comission general
Lol he shook hands with her afterwords
Fuck the Zionist Rothschild bitch.
Augusto Hall
trump no tiene por que obedecer los requerimientos de la chusma (prensa)
Abel Molina
this is from America. please help us. Trump is our future Hitler. help
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