LaMelo Ball 51 Points vs San Antonio Spurs of AAU Basketball!! Big Ballers vs Aussie Elite

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LaMelo Ball was absolutely ON FIRE today for Big Ballers scoring in EVERY possible way against Aussie Elite. The kid really just might have the most advanced scoring package in the country as far as high school players go. 
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This isn't the Australian national team as the name implies, they are just a suburban team.
Ash Fox
He is honestly, a below average player...Yes, he can make some deep 3's, just as 50% of the players on the floor every night. He is the worst defender (both skill and effort) I have ever seen at a "high" level in high school....Terrible attitude as well...It's clear why LaVar got him his own shoe and is risking his college eligibility, because they KNOW he is not good to play D1 basketball...
rayqwan cleveland
He don't play no defense
Loyal Fan Great team
Did anyone get a Bruce Lee movie ad? that shit look lit
Xinyuan Yi
Ima just here to check out LaVar's comment :^)
FlyEaglesFly #wentzadelphia
0 defense and ball hog asf...
ian brothers
how lamelo get his hair like that
Lil uzi saucy as fuck out there
nobody has their hands up. it's too easy to work it inside when nobody shuts down your passing lane
#15 on the aussies impressed me a lot hopefully he gets more international exposure
Zekai Lu
Lamelo plays like a 2K mycareer player
1:05 is one of the reasons why Lavar jumped on his son about his shitty defense. How you gonna throw up a lazy ass layup and then prance back on defense at 0.000001 mph? Cmon bruh.
Ray A
On how many shots??? 56?
This fucking kid doesn't play defense. not gonna do well in college
How are they the spurs of aau
(5:13 and 5:32) I thought I rewind the video
Nathaniel Fox
Lamelo can definitely score the rock but I never see him run unless he has the ball in his hands. He has to the potential to be like his big bro Lonzo if he plays both ends of the floor
Cedric Wright
laMelo doesn't play enough Defense.
He's going to have to score 51 a game to justify having a guy who doesn't even fake playing defense on the court.
Sp1ash Tv
Who are the Aussie elite? I'm Australian and have no idea who they are.
Our media doesn't give a fuck about basketball (Aussie teams)
Frankie Padilla
lamelo is so much better idk what happened but he's passing more and not shooting dumb shots anymore, wonder what made him change
Jacoby Lazard
That crossover at 11:59 had me deadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Khalif Allim
Lil Uzi's brother @8:44
Khalif Allim
Can y'all please tell us who's winning anytime you show the scoreboard? It helps. Thanks
Mellie Mel
Lamelo is the laziest defender πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
joanna castillo
Already excited for Lamelo shoes
Mj Cuevas
what ya'll mean by gelo getting left out? bro he will be playin at ucla smh
im australian and we play more european style basketball
That nigga #25 on the other team looked like he had a ring pop in his mouth the whole game
Matthew Potter
I love the title Spurs of AAU go you Aussies
Mango Mango
Kwame Brown is a bona fide scrub...
25 is buckets
Miss Dolly
they couldnt handle melo lol
jud nita
Wesley King
the refs suck!!! must the kids draw blood to get a foul???
William Trieu
It's interesting that a bunch of Aussies playing hard fundamental basketball is called the Spurs of AAU. AAU has a bunch of athletic and talented players, but there's no fundamentals.
Manticgeoduck 72
What knee pads he use?
Daniel Park
This dude is cold
Aaron R
56 shot attempts
sean knot
lol #20 slow as a wet week. there are a lot of way better bballplayers in australia that never make teams cuz their dad isnt the coach...
That man with a ring pop in his mouth look like he bout to shit himself when lavar started talking
Jacob Aguilar
Y'all need to shut up because melo would smoke your ass
JaVale McGee
phaquan is low key a beast
Glock 17
Cam Reddish>Lamelo
Cassius Jordan
Australian basketball is incredible, in a couple of years they will be giving America a run for their money, mark my words.βœ…
Stephen Kennedy Jr.
Anybody else peep the IN THE LAB shirt @ 8:55
Stephen Kennedy Jr.
LaMelo Ball is the most watched AAU player ever
Lonzo Ball is the most watched NBA Summer League player ever
LiAngelo Ball is the most slept on Ball Brother..
Dont Worry About it
1:34 travel as ever
J-Roc Petchaow
Lamelo's lazy man defence stroll after a missed layup tho. What a joke
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