Baahubali பாகுபலி‬ - Official Trailer 2 (Tamil) - SS Rajamouli - Prabhas, Rana Dagubatti

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Studio Green - K.E. Gnanavel Raja proudly presents Baahubali #பாகுபலி a SS Rajamouli Film
Releasing in Tamil on July 10th!

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Anish George
suresh s
suraj jolly
Nice one
Saurabh Ghosh
crazy work done on the trailer....can anyone tell me the name of the background music...
tarun patel
Mast hai boss...
Extreme Drazeros
dei mayiraandigala.....a few years ago a movie came out tamil movie named Irandaam Ulagam same as this amazing VFX...y'all did'nt appreciate that some telugu people made this film all celebrating..?fuck y'all
the great movie
Shashikant Pujar
Very good
agnik dasgupta
What is the name of the song in the background?
mohd afzal
yeh ek achci tariqui (history) film hai
Ishara Perera
What is the intro song in this trailer ?
Srikanth Kesavaraman
very nice
Nagaraj Sangal
Murali Mohan

vigneswaran vigneswaran
i enjoyed the movie vey much hats off for all of them who worked together to make this epic movie amazing fights and graphic designs <<vignesh>>
Arun Poulose
wat a music...loved it
Y deleted my comment?! I have watched the movie and its really boring...too longwinded!
martin slide
C'mon kg kg. kg kg kg. Kachin,n voice

Bi busty
Kg hymn. H no
I have watched the movie! Really impressive graphics and all but I find it boring after an hour and so on...Bahubali...itha paarthavan ellaam bali! Mothathi padam oreh thalavali! Lol;-)
Shubham Patil
Wow Nice....
sampath vinay
Thanks SG & Mr. Gnanavel for presenting such a big film in Tamil..excellent and appreciate the hardwork by SSRajamouli& team...eagerly waiting to watch this movie on silver screen...But trailers yellam paatha MGR in AdimaiPenn story madhiri irukku...Lets see..!
karthi keyan
Actually which bgm is this? baahubali or someother album?
Why am asking is it is freakin awesome
Rupert Bentley
Thank you Rajamouli for making this movie directly in Tamil, understanding the chasteness and ancientness of the language. While all other languages get dubbed versions, Rajamouli shot this film in Tamil as well. This shows the respect our industry has earned over the years and the formation of a bigger market for all South Indian films.
Boom Box
Tamil cinema is great. proud feeling
Srikanth Sridharan
In this teaser at 0:52 Prabhas - Hero's face at close up looks very vibrant, Handsome and Majestic. I see the flame of the real warrior on his eyes. Excellent work and creativity.
sheikh nabeel
Ramya fan
I like this trailer from 0:51
super trailer can ' t wait for the movie
Being a Shankar fan & a tamilian I'm saying Shankar can never match this. SSR making grand not only in visuals but also in plot. Waiting to watch this first day.. Shankar's last gud film was Enthiran after that he has lost his magic in story screenplay. I don't think he can this even in Enthiran 2. It's a risk Superstar Rajinikanth is taking.
Tammineni tirupathi rao
super machiiiiiiiiiiiii
radha krishna
download goibibo app and use referal code:KALY794 to get 2000 app cash ...enjoy
Drogo Bander
when will desi trailers make sense? eye candy is good - but the trailers mention nothing about the plot!
Naren Naidu
What a stunner .. I just saw
bala vicky
stunning visualsssss ever in south indian filmsssss can't waittttt
Thanush Thiyagalingam
Can't wait omg
dinesh bharathi
That pick up Note at 0.52 :D Amazing !! Energy
вαтα иєє
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAwesome: Tons of creativity & Prabhas Rockks..
GOSH !!!!! Visually Stunning....Sky is the limit for this epic movie...All the Best Crew!!!
sony ericsson
dei baadu psangala, unaglukaga than itha bilungual aakirukar rajamouli. yenda thevdia pasangala less views? I dnt think this will become "I". because shankar is a pervert while rajamaouli is not afaik. And trailer recveals that its kind of war film, most war films will be good.
you motherfuckers support this instead of supporting some cheap shit by dhanush or gv prakash(trisha illana nayanthara) or simbu.
Rino shanth
hats offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Kartick Vadivel
Awesome trailer I'm waiting
Shanmugarajan Muthusamy
Awesome....i m stunned
Parthiban Sekar
wat a trailer wow wow :D ....... mersal agiten .
Avi NasH
Baahubali 2nd trailer... Stunning Visual effects B-) .... huge expectations... Why is the audio track in English for a south Indian (tamil) movie ?? :/ :/
praveen venket
really a great indian movie ,before baahubali after baahubali two versions of indian cinema
manoj kumar
Fantastic Visuals, Never before on indian screen, #Baahubali - Indian hollywood film
ram kumar
Waiting to see in theatres.... Let's take Indian movie to next level..
karthick gv
waitting for july 10....
Govind mani
Baahubali பாகுபலி‬ I am waiting
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