Santa | Parents Tell Their Kids Santa Isn't Real

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Lorenzo Santiago
Ok now this is cruel
Emma's Life
The second I though santa wasn't real I was like
Me: Wait mom you have been eating the cookies all along
Mom:umm yes
Me : I Could have eating the cookies all along
Kelsey Mead
I knew it
cindy simbolon
this breaks my heart a little seeing them facing the truth
Xiomarah Atienza
"Where did you meet santa?"

"Cascade Mall"

I'm dead XD
Ashlee Jade
You know your just ruining there childhood
Genie Rident
Keyona Reznikova
I never even got presents for christmas so i always knew that it was just parents buying other kids gifts.
Is santa real?
smol bean
They could've just let them find out or realize for themselves like I did.
Giants Pride
Dude those kids were like five u basically just ruined their childhood
YoungDead Bullet
I quit finding out he wasn't real by myself but

Christmas just quits feelings special after you've experienced it many times....
White wolf
Santa is real. Im 19 years old women and I still believe in Santa. Is part of chirstmas. Funny,happy part
Dont Panic Its Organic
when i was a kid i found out Santa wasn't real but i wasn't upset. i confronted my mom and she tried to say he was but i was like no if he is then he is a she and only brings us presents, mom you are santa then she was like shhhh dont let your sister hear.
Like wtf I figured that out by myself at the age of like 8-9
Ellior Greenberg
Parents: "do you know what happens to kids who don't believe in santa?"
Child: "they celebrate Kwanza and Chanukah."

I died😂😂😂
alice p
i wasn't even sad when i found out (i was 6). all i cared about were the presents not who delivered them.
Dylan Lopez
this is fuckedddd uppp
Jasmine Yang
Wait... Santa isn't real (It's a joke 😂😂😂)
Peter Maulbeck
These kids are so young shame on you
Rainbows Cutie lovers
Santa is real that is what I think
Mia Guyer
my mother told me that today
Mia Guyer
my mother told me that today
Mikitto TM
Next, grandparents tell Mom and Dad God isn't real. It's true you know!
"I make them with all my heart." don't be an asshole for subscribe, let them little kids.
This was just... sadistic.
Paul D
the idea of santa and getting kids to write to him is a good idea to find out what kids want... but it can also make them less appreciative because they assume it's not from their parents, and they can get what they want because of magic.

It helps kids be kids and can be positive, but sometimes it can have a negative impact. I think I'd want to bring up my kid no believing in santa and just learn the act of giving - of course teach them to respect others and if they want to believe they can.
Whether santa is real or not shouldnt affect the magic of xmas.
Amanda Phillips
Fuck these parents I'm 11 years old and I believe in Santa
DF Nation
Brownie Playzz
I don't believe them.
TheBepo Box
I refuse
anon ???TM
This is faaake biiitches santa is reeeeeeaaaaaallll BOI
makenna blaise
YAAYY SANTA......what he isnt real
Lina Saeed
to this day I don't get why the westerns do the whole santa clause, the tooth fairy, easter's bunny. it seems like you're setting your kids up for heartbreak. or questioning if all they ever believed in is real.
Flame Lord
"Hey guys, I have a great idea for a video. Let's have you guys fucking ruin the magic of Christmas for your children"
Gad Idea
why is the muslim mum celebrating christmas???
Hawaii lord
I just want to eat the cookies on the table
The little asian kid was so adorable LMAO
Lolly pop Alisha
Santa is real
Amyy xx
"How'd you know it was a fake Santa?"

"Oh snap that's a good question."

I love this kid XDD
Charlie the cookie
3:28 I know who's going to be listening to my chemical romance
Schleichlovers 123
0:51 M Y L I F E I S A L I E
Anica Garay
Maddox is so clever 😂
Chloe Fowler
What do u mean he isn't real ?!?!?!
Ola Göransson
0:42 sugardaddy
Singing Popcorn
Are u people crazy they are to young let them be kids and be happy
Biscuit Buddies Roblox And More
I am nine years old

When you told me this....

Now I'm Nine TEARS old
Amelia Walker
im 11 and still believe in santa
Amelia Walker
this will ruin their childhoods
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