Santa | Parents Tell Their Kids Santa Isn't Real

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Yentl Krajenveld
This is just so... sad.

1. why would you say something like that to your kid, when he/she is still so young!! let him / her believe.
2. and if you really want to tell him/her this, then why t fack are you filming this, and showing this online!

come on, come up with some better idea for a video!
Technically Santa is real, with out the magical stuff
Izzat Syamir
20k dislikes is prob 9 years old who believes in santa
Elizabeth Nikolaeva
What evil people would do this wtf
dick suker
4:17 in Santa sweater is like 40 year old man. Come on!!!
Its funny how every couple is interracial. Makes you wonder....
bleep bloop blaap
i already knew santa wasn't real but when my mom told me to make sure my brother still believed in santa, that's when i confirmed it. And then it ruined christmas for me. I mean christmas is fun but the magic is kinda gone
Ruby O'Keeffe
It's really annoying to see all the people in the comments saying these kids are too young and that the parents are horrible. A person's childhood does not revolve around holiday myths like Santa, and 12 is much to old to finally be told that Santa is not real. (Most kids have figured it out by then anyway) It is important for parents to tell their children truths like this, so then later in their lives they aren't so brainwashed they won't believe anything else, and so they are more open to change later on. (Not saying the kids like Maddox are brainwashed though. He's around 7 years old and he had no hints or proof that Santa wasn't real.) I thought this was a great video! Keep em coming, Watchcut.
Dewy Petrichor
Maddox is so cute 😂 "oh snap that's a good question"
Lára Ingþórsdóttir
Hahahaha in the end when the kid said that the santa at school was not real and his dad asked him how he knew it was so funny becoue the kid said then * ohhh snap , thats a good question * its was super funny lollll
Bird mom
I knew Santa wasn't real since I was like 3
this is kinda interesting kids don't want to belive that santa is not real but think about us people. Don't you think that we are similar to those kids? there are plenty of things that are beeing hidden from us we just don't want to believe in it.
lol this channel sucks xd
Erina Sasaki
When I was 2 I already knew it
Mojo JoJo
my parents told me at Walmart on Thanksgiving during black Friday. it was a horrible day. still got my gift tho
Crystal Skies
I don't get how parents have the heart to do this, especially when kids refuse to believe.
That One Gamer
there is no reason to tell them that, lmao they will figure it out by themselves
I grew up knowing Santa isn't real. Does that mean I didn't have a childhood? 😂
Kiara Banen
This is just... sad
Euphoria by Art
My parents never lied to me about santa. I know most people will tell their children santa is real just because it's normal and they think its good for their imagination or whatever. I was a very creative and imaginative child, but i knew santa and the tooth fairy weren't real, and whenever my friends talked about them i honestly felt bad that their parents would lie to them. So basically the point of all this is I don't think parents should lie to their children even if it is just about santa.
Akuma Kesshō
Sorry to say, but I think it's idiotic to believe in Santa~
Little Starlight
dad: how do you know it was the fake santa?
kid: oh snap! that's a good question!
Spike Salgado
If Santa were real, he would have Type 64,124,678,135,907 Diabetes from all those cookies
Diane Torres
Santa claus makes my christmas extra ordinary
does hanakua
twentyim sodun
i am 23 and still think santa is real
phoebetonerj 101

running girl
oh snap that's a good question
running girl
My parents never told me I just suspected it since I was in like 1st grade
Amalia Az Zahra
i love that there's muslim mom wearing hijab in this video :)
Angelica Valencia
I never believed in Santa no matter how hard my mom tried to make me believe in him lol
Yee Haw
you know this is in California because of the amount of interracial couples
Annie Sager
I never believed in Santa
Biswajit Nandi
I knew my ENTIRE LIFE that Santa was HELLA FAKE
corey ray
that's why I don't practice lying to my children. some parents I don't think they completely understand how much it fuck up the trust that you are bonding with your child when you say everyday I will never lie to you and you could always come to me and this one specific thing you've just been lying to your child for like years and years and then you drop a bomb on them or they figure out that you're lying for themselves one of my best friends to this day whenever he gets into an argument with his parents and his parents say I would never lie to you the very first thing he says is you told me there was a Santa Claus that was a lie you told me there was a tooth fairy that was a lie you told me there was a Easter Bunny and that was a lie how do you expect me to believe that you would not lie to me when you have on three different occasions. that's a grown ass woman so that is a scar that does Run Deep even though your child mite not show it
You just fucking crushed the hearts, imaginations and worlds for the millions of kids who watched this video you fucking assholes
Lennart SplayVlogge
How can you ruin childs childhood like this😡😡😡
Laura Holmes
0:49 the girl's face lol Childhood ruined.
Girl squad # J
Da Santa is real that is Saint Nicholas
Zachary Christoph
me and my sister: me: YES haha now you owe me 5 bucks sis!
Alexis Anderson
when you see the light die in there eyes
SingerandDancerthatcanDream _
The kid shaking his head the whole time is me everyday of my life
And this is precisely why I think telling your children that Santa is real to begin with just doesn't make sense. Wouldn't you want to take credit for the awesome gifts you buy them anyway?
Mr_cool _guy
parent: you're getting older
kid:I'M 5 BITCH
MyLinh Pham
No need to tell kids Santa Claus not real. Let's them enjoy their childhood!
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