Santa | Parents Tell Their Kids Santa Isn't Real

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mora k
Yo I love the older sister swooping in like "your life is a lie"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
keira bomb
They are WAYYYY to little to know that he's not real dam just let them know when there like 11 or 12 πŸ™„
i don't believe that situation!!! that is so funny.
Amira Al-wagih
that woman wearing a white hijab is Muslim, Muslims don't celebrate Christmas. I know because I AM Muslim.
You know how I found out Santa wasn't real? Waking up a little too early to go upstairs, and finding my parents at the cookie plate, while wrapping one of the gifts. I think they were drunk...
User Name
Noooooo these kids were too young to be told :/
Damain Lopez
IDK about the rest of you guys but when i realize that santa wasn't real i lost some respect for my mom and my young mind at the time literally started 2nd guessing a lot of things my FAM told me because i thought they were lying. Im never gonna tell my kids about the easter bunny santa tooth fairy so they wont get hurt
Steven Nuckolls
im sorry some of your videos are just not ok like this one
Corey Kelley
Ruining these kids lives, the kids will tell their friends santa is not real. Let them find out on their own
Azor Scarab
I cried when my mom told me and I told her I could never trust her again lmao.
they really need a fairy tale character to teach their kids how to behave. smh.
church told me santa wasn't real and that he was a demon and i was scarred πŸ˜‚
jenny nikolaou
am I the only one who learnt that santa isn't real at the age of 12? I was an innocent girl😳
Shelley Bridges
santa is real!!
Zor B.
I never believed in santa clause, i dont celebrate Christmas. I am only 12.
Maddox Meyer
Her face went from happy to dissipointed 1:05
Why there is like 5 years old in the video
"But the cookies are really good" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Afif Ista
I will never tell my kids about this nonsense santa story. I will tell them the truth since the beginning, period.
Why right before christmas???
Vanessa Bravo
Am I really the only soul-less freak that never believed in Santa growing up? I always wrote letters to Jesus instead.
Aliyah Farelo
Damn there like 6 just ruin there child hood
Macy Hiatt
your videos ruin these kids childhood.
Mila Dallas
My parents never told us we just found out and they know we know it isn't
Jess Anderson
My parents just let me figure it out. I was like 12 when i stopped believing in santa.
I always thought Santa is real , but he never gave me gifts ... so my parents did :P
Novan Aery
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Aoife Brennan
Wait till your kid is 12 and then tell them
Max Lobert
I just say I believe in Santa to get more presents
Late Page
Kids still believe in santa?
Aurora Delos Reyes
Huh muggle children are hillarious!
Yeahh I can sell my kids childhoods for 20$
"mommy really feel like we are terrible person now" i died
Stevi B
Can we all appreciate 2:45
Like I love that family
Narek Avetisyan
I think it's horrible to betray your kids trust in you by lying to them their whole life until the point they find out.
It's better not to lie to the kids in the first place. But coming off clean is good as well.
FavoriteMusicHQ 2015
Well , you could just wait until they figure it out by themselfes......
I have a friend who's mother didn't lie to her about santa clause(My mother didn't tell me either, they didn't really like the idea of lying to their children, so she never said this to me), told her he was fake blah blah blah, so the first christmas thing they had at her school, they were talking about santa and she said something along the lines of, and I swear i'm not lying That fat dude isn't real, and even if he was, we wouldn't let that creepy fat dude break into our home......her mother got called and a lot of parents got mad at her for telling their children santa was fake..........I really wish I was joking...........the worst part is, that family has A LOT of stories like that
Shan Devin
i never was brainwashed into thinking santa is real i remember telling kids in my first grade class santa wasnt real lol
Caroline KlemensovΓ‘
okay i really don't want to be rude but muslims aren't supposed to celebrate christmas? i have many muslim friends and none of them celebrate it or even know another muslim who does. it's a different religion's tradition they're not supposed to celebrate.
American Russian Mapping
Kaisha Hawes
I cried when I found out it crushed my little soul
Molly Garcia
I know he at real because my parents give special elves and I found them is her drawer
This shit is fucked up. Yea, I know it's the middle of the summer, but these dipshit parents will never change. They chose to wait to spoil the children's fun rather then having them find out themselves and making themselves smarter kids. These parents are fucking idiots and spoil their fun all because of their dumbass brain, thinking THEY will save the day trying to make them smarter and wiser when they should let their kids be aware of their surroundings and be a lot smarter. These parents are stupid and they probably secretly believe in unicorns.
555 To The 666
If Santa isn't real, then why is there ice in my drink? Checkmate, atheists.
Why did it piss me off so much that the kid at 0:55 didn't accept that Santa isn't real?
I cried like a lil ass bitch
Mr Cool
you bastards!!!!!
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