Jimmy Fallon: Donald Trump Will Tweet As I Host Golden Globes | TODAY

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For the first time, Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Golden Globes. TODAY’s Matt Lauer sits down with the “Tonight Show” host to discuss what jokes he has up his sleeve. Fallon says he knows President-elect Donald Trump will be tweeting during the ceremonies.
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Jimmy Fallon: Donald Trump Will Tweet As I Host Golden Globes | TODAY

mike Carr
Fallon is a fuckn idiot
A Head of State tweeting all the time. How childish
Ka Sak
Jimmy Fallon is so lame, every time I watch his show I wonder how he got the gig.
michael andrews

scary as hell.
Golden Showers am i right?
Cambodian Buzz
Merryl Steep - what a waste of a life time award speech. I think people in Hollywood have an over inflated sense of their power.
ralph fagan
Thank you Jimmy Fallon for saying "you can do other things than talk about the election to be creative". ( I didnt think you knew)
The Lighting Guy
Fox News
Hey Jimmy, Your a POS!!!!!
Passing Bye
he's not funny.
Robert W
Go after Trump and goodbye.
Ad Pitre
Yes jimmy all of us will tweet as well when you talk cause your not funny at all ... Just don't get it why people go for this guy with the fake laugh he has
How did you screw up trump one USA USA USA USA USA USA
Bill Gleason
shut up Fallon you talentless hack. Just another voice for the DNC
Matt you are too arrogant watch for long.. your such a power prick. News flash hollywood you're not entertaining anymore. We know you're just scared because the law is coming for you pedo illuminati trash.
"I have never seen a thin person drinking a diet coke." So true! Trump relates to the common man.
Well you first Had thirty years of conservative Johnny Carson then Jay Leno. Guess it's about time for a real funny guy, to get the job, one who fits the gay friendly crowd of hollyweed.
catastrophic FAIL!!!! Jimmy Fallon = making fascism hip again
Gary Faulkner
Russian hackers? was that part of the joke?
Anna Elizabeth
Are they sitting at the Trump Penthouse? Lmao??
Ya girl Solae
666 likez.....
C Gravelle
GOOD FOR STREEP. SHE SAID WHAT WAS IN HER HEART AND YOU COULD SEE IT WAS GENUINE AND CAME FROM A GOOD PLACE. Trump, when I was a child, children taunted each other by saying...nah..na...na ..nah.. na.... Poking fun when they lost. You are like a little child,. Yet you are going to be President of the USA. This boggles my mind. You are going to be dealing with people and leaders who will say lots of things about you. Is this what Americans can expect from you.
Are you a 70 yr old man.......... with a 7 year old's brain.

Just had to enter the above comment, even though it is about Fallon.
Mark Anthony Given
WHO CARES what and actor thinks? Can we discuss the content of #CROOKEDHILLARY emails? WIKILEAKS PROVIDES Evidence that Hillary armed ISIS
Nomar Norono
"and they're drunk"...hahaha so true.
Trump's quote is right. Fat people drink diet coke as if they don't need a complete lifestyle change. Of course they will blame it on genetics, or diseases, which were most likely caused by obesity and a horrible lifestyle anyways.
Wow, celebrities are sure in awe of themselves. All those hours staring in the mirror convincing their ego that they were chosen by God and helped by Jesus, or just plain chosen to be "Special" seems to work particularly well because the useful idiots are willing to worship celebrity.
Chris P
Did Ricky hurt some thin skinned Hollywood actors feelings?
Mariano Merino
What trump tweeeted about Meryl streep
Trump is so predictable... Putin couldn't have asked for a better "Adversary"
Cole Tanner
What a dumb question @2:04..like he's going to get up there and play match word with some celebs instead of having celebs announce awards. Is it me or does Matt hate giving interviews in general. He's always treating every interviewee like they manage a child labor textile mill in Asia..he just has angst on his face.
Sit O'Spell
Done with Fallon too. Watch Graham Nortong do it prperly
Savannah Paige
Jimmy Fallon always gets ansy when he hasn't got enough blow. The substance comprises his entire personality and it's what he lives for.
Denise T
Fallon's political "jokes" would've been funnier if democrats hadn't committed voter fraud to cheat Hillary the popular vote...
Americans know the truth of it.
Today, you're as corrupt as CNN. Which reminds me, thank you Twitter for giving truth a voice.
Daniel Gaylord
The sexual tension between these two is OFF THE CHARTS
Gigi balksmith
Jimmy a POS..
Jimmy is so boring. Wish him well, seems like a nice guy, but holy hell do I not care to watch him. Bring back Ricky!
Michael McIntyre
tv schmuck , trying to be political , very sad...........embarrassing
NBC's biggest star was Donald Trump... undoubtedly
Mike Griffin
Johnny Carson is sooo missed.
Soph !
Lauer wears a choker
Ethan P
He is just gonna fake laugh all night. We want kimmel
May Flower
I hope JF and JT do a musical number together 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 #GoldenGlobes
Fallon the hack.
Nina A.
still can't believe an actual king jimmy fallon is hosting the golden globes tonight
Darryl Goben
god to be so out of touch with reality
paul lespage
Can't stand Matt Lauer. When is he going away
c pavao
I'm off can't stop watching b*****
c pavao
Golden Boy what does that mean
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