Black Tiger
Being completely honest here... When Don said " I mean something..." in the end I legit started crying.
Regina Gomez
Elders react to the YES dance
react to logic
Diane Dupont
Elders react to the Prodigy!!
They all are so amazing. I'm so emotional omg don't touch me
5:45 and I started crying. He's so amazing.
Destiny Dimension
Well, I didn't expect the feels here...
george koukourdelis
Elder reacts to call of duty ww2
react to The Rat Pack
Eliza Hasningsih
Αλέξανδρος Τσούρικας
Wtf why do you have this cheery music on 1:15 when the poor is tearing up about his friends
elders react to slayer
Daniel cañas
I love Rock 💖
Jilliane Nicole Torres
I love Catherine so much 💕 I love all of them. These elders are so sweet and genuine 😀
Don you do mean something! 💜
Kevin Naranjo
Jacob Christian Lim
Valerie Morales
Aw. So cute 😌
Jacob Mannino
elders react to Frank Sinatra
Tadeh New Vages
Swear to God Catherine looks like Marsha Brady in her graduation photo
Connor Quinn
Elders react to Lil Dicky
Bray gurl
I love this. Don makes me wanna cry
Yuuki Kawune
Aw, I want to give Don a hug. lol
Miguel K Navarro
Elders react to the Beatles!
Thomas Hall
elders react to the dark universe viral video!!!
me me big boy
This is so pure I love the elderly
Osu! Black Rose
Elders react to Kluna Tik eating ASMR ? It would be epic lel
Madelyn c15
You do mean something Don, you do
Allison Martin
Elders react to in this moment please!!
Capitalist Pinochet
now they should make elders play fallout 4
jgcuber Gogstad
1:37 the picture looks like magnus carlson
Sabrena Haro
Don made me cry , all of these elders are so wise and thank you FBE for entertaining and having kids grow up and elders still feel young .❤️
Jay Bertain
My heart just broke a little bit when he said that he matters perhaps...that's so sad
Elders react to Ghost B.C.
Anna Wheeler
please tell them that they all mean something I legit started crying when Don said "I mean something ... perhaps" He and all the others should know that they mean something
Julia Anderson
Elders react to kpop please ❤❤❤ The only Elders react to kpop I've seen is gangnam style...
Clorox Bathroom Spray
Imagen if they were German and doing some military stuff ;)
A Man
I feel like a lot of us take our youth for granted. We're so busy striving for the future, we forget to enjoy the youth, energy and time we have right now.
im a huge fan of elders react and ive watched for a very long time. please tell don that he absolutely means something! that all of them do! and that every senior means something, your worth doesnt go away because you've aged. it grows.
I want to see elders reacting to Lovecraft :/
Jeremy Romo
They are so sweet we enjoy them being so entertaining! 😊
f guzman
elders react to Maluma Sin Contrato, Felices los cuatro, and El Perdedor
Nguyễn Hoàng Hiệp
I was a cute guy!!!
Rock is still really cute now! XD
Nerdy Teacher
At 1:02, in the picture, Don is Matt Damon, WTF
Giovanni Moya
Elders React to Mister Rogers!!!!!
Hondsay Nicole
this episode got me all kinds of emotional
Jacy Vasquez
Wow....The Best Elders React episode Ever!!!!! Love ya'll
Burgee Jantsan
damn grandpa Rock rocks
cte jp
Please Elders react to Korn
Lovely Gracie
"all three fellas are gone" Legit tears on my eye awww
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