FAKING MY OWN DEATH PRANK! *crazy reaction!*

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Today the Logang witnessed my murder from the parking garage across the street... oh my... 

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I’m a 21 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

Fallen Canvas
Imagine if he really did die
Marilyn Cru
I like the prank
Cameron Barbat
Introducing Brenden. ( he will be back later )
Jacqueline Cordova
Lily B.
Even tho I knew it wasn't reAl my heArt was rCing
PleaseSubToMeSoICanSubTo AndDontWatchMyVideos
This is evil
Nolan Roberts
Nice prank
Yaddie Paulino
This was uploaded on my birthday. Wow.
Robotic Beauty
That’s jacked up
Robotic Beauty
Bro my we’re most of the fans smiling
OMGracie 11905
How can they be smiling like I would have a heart attack
Yoban Ramirez
i want some logan sockes
Daddy Sosa
Never seen a kid as happy as the one witnessing someone get killed😂😂😂 probably thinking “finally”💀
Pink_Lucky _Girly_Gamer
My friend was there
Evelyn McCoy
I love Jack Paul but that's so sad happy
queen v mcgallion
Hilda Rodríguez
I like mark
Angela Barkley
He is so nice, why would you scare us like that
Baylor Bl4ze
Jake Couldn’t Pull Off This Prank Even If He Tried.
Zion Rose
Angie Alvarenga
I thot he was dead but I cried Alital
Sean Thomson
Ricegum's a piece of shit
İf I was There I really be fucked up😰
Mary Jane Smith
Wow you have 23,359,129 views
While I was watching this, I was imagining what if this is real....😭😭😭 I’m literally in tears rn!
Kirsten Lim
When he fake died someone sed bye logang
the kids did not buy it lol they were laughing
Krystal White
FUCK Logan and the logang sucks balls
NoobBanana545 Lel
I am depressed
Brendon Almendinger
OMG so many people he says but later in 2017 biggest meet and greet in history
Real Madrid
How come them look happy
Colin Ball
What the heck logan i watched this about 20 times and that prank was a good idea prank lol x , and i was in joing this prank video do a prank like this again! Plaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese logan!!!!
Kia Vue
I subscribe and put a thum up
Kia Vue
I almost cry😢
Kia Vue
It looks real
kheysel coronel
your my nice fan
Nyan Luke
Logan's acting is SO good
TheDiamondDragon 546
It's not a crazy reaction
Jason Lowe
And I'm 10💚💚💚
Jason Lowe
This is my dad's account my name is not Jason it's Ja'Sey
Jason Lowe
That looked sooo real I love you logan💚💚💚💚
Alayna Wagner
HEY Logan if u saw this im going to drive out and see u btw im from ohio
Samaa Hourshad
Why didn't anyone look concerned? They were all smiling
Blackjack 7581
I wish the shotgun was real
Heather Hersman
Mary Redding
you are such a good actor
Phøenix FøxTail
I want this to happen for real except to Jake instead of Logan.
Honesty Silver
Logan I need to tell you something can you please send me merchandise please Logang for life oh I wish I was there to see it happen you make my life bro your so amazing I wish I can be like you but I will fallow my dreams and I will Becca's I watch you and Becca's of you I'm going to get a camera and make videos forever thank you your my hero for life
Honesty Silver
I like both of you guys
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