amber petals
the strongest people in the world... are babies πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜„
Serran from Zodiark
That leader of the world thing is for the rest of the world as meaningful as the title of "Instagram Photo Expert". Besides in that regard Putin would be the leader of the free world.
Fuck the Colbert show
Laydie Lie
Kylo Ren? Who'd curse their child that way? What a freak.
Dak Lamerbusch
GOOD GOD this is getting pathetic. And Trump supporters wonder why no one respects Trump! He's a 70 year old child/rapist! ALLEGEDLY! (The rapist, not the child. He is most definitely a child, as show here by his "5 year old with ADHD attentionspan.") Trump supporters? Go to bed, there is no defense anymore.
Is Mayonnaise An Instrument?
The voice crack at 3:30
David Edwards
If trump is supposed to be the leader of the free world, he would be upset if he ever met me because I would LOVE to completely ignore him. (But to be honest, I would ignore ANT politician)
Cahaya Yeol
They have no object permanence so they won't miss you when you're gone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Herb Welch
He's an awful role model to everybody.
diane shelton
Seriously. No one at all thinks Trump is leader of the free world. No one accepts that
T'Shara Brown
2-4 minutes? I have ADHD and even I can focus for longer than 2-4 minutes...
It's fine; if Kylo hadn't have killed you, Oedipus would have years later. Maybe listen to your pop-culture savvy fortune teller when they suggest names.
Wyman Faircloth
Idaho aphasia the elk
Elk the man

Elk is a good man
Jasmine Lyre
NATO is savage.
Tucker Bowen
"finite amount of energy"? Trump is now officially worse than Scientologists
The Simple Joys
"β™ͺWhat do We Want? β™ͺ keep or noggins, when do we want it?? ..whenevers good with you great job" Lmao !!!
John Zelener
I don't really understand, why are ignorant Americans laughing at Trump.
Because, he is un political or he is too straight forward in saying the truth. Was Mr &Mrs Clinton, or Bush better. Was Obama better. At least he is not a lying typical politician. Spin alot of sheet but do or say nothing.
Trump is not an actor or spent his life in politics. He is open minded and is not afraid to say the truth....
A Maz
"Leader of the free world"...that's not part of the title of president of the United states. No one gave it to you, you just took it. But at the end, who cares, I am the leader of the forgiving people of the Earth.
stray fiftynine
I Believe Colbert and his anonymous source, BATTERIES have short circuited.
No... the ENDING!!!!
Johnny Blazem
If trump was not president then he would have no material.
John Kochen
Believe me, nobody here thinks of Trump as their leader.
Ken McFadyen
Child like PANTLOAD
are your sources legit?
How can he have a short attention span when, in fact, he seems to pay a lot of attention to himself?
Frank Liebgesicht
Leader of the free "world" lol we don't want him... keep him for yourselves, we are good thanks!
Fukc Yuo
when did you join scientology
Tom T
i like to challenge these ducking talentless uneducated talk show hosts goes to a country like Cuba, or China and disrespect the leader of it country like they are doing right here in the US for an hour. I'm sure when they get back or if they ducking get back at all their yaps won't be ajar no longer. and those of you praise and encouraging their behaviors are also a bunch of low life buffoon losers. keep on getting stupider.
Joseph Patrick Fields
MG Wray
He hates exercise so much but he made that one Ms. Universe go into the gym surrounded by cameras because he said she was too fat.
Jose Acradio Buendia
How about a joke about child-proofing our country for coming of the murderous, racist, extremist, Islamic xenophobes who want resurrect the Islamic Empire? No, no these intolerant christian, jew, american, gay, lesbian, transgender, Buddhist, western women who want to drive and work HATERS are MORE of a threat than Donald Joseph Trump.
Golf is actually pretty good exercise, if you aren't riding around in a golf cart.
Cathie Penalagan
What a disgrace for the States. To think that it is their leader that everyone is having to treat like a retarded half-wit. Here is your chance to lock the doors and turn the lights off when he comes back and pretend nobody is home. Maybe he will just go away.
Goddamn you beautiful bastard, I nearly shot coffee out my nose at the end there! Bahahahaha!!!!
'Not pregnant, just Chipotle'. - LOL
Gabriela Martel
I live in Brussels... Why cant you just keep him there in USA forever? This is your fault, this is your responsability... We shoudnt have to pay for your mistakes ! ;)
This just in,Kylo is now the most popular baby name among single mothers.
Am the real Donald Duck
I am not a baby I just need a nap.
Noah poole
this dude must only be funny if you blindly hate trump. but even my liberal friends say there is nothing funny about Colbert.
Trump voters must be even more retarded than this dipshit
Rivero Montara
Not many people know this, but Melania is Trump's wife.
Harry King
Why is the States considered a leader in anything? I mean they lack in education, healthcare, employment, infrastructure...they have a huge wealth gap, they owe trillions, they have committed numerous war crimes...have a really large nuclear arsenal...OH WAIT I THINK I FIGURED IT OUT.

Seriously the US is the most dangerous country in the world and is incredibly unstable, they are that loud and stupid bully that everyone has to be nice to because you are afraid they will snap and destroy everything.
Jj T
"Human body is a battery... which exercise depletes." NO WONDER TRUMP DOESN'T DO SHIT, JUST TO STAY HEALTY.
johnson ibe
Obama fooled by NATO
johnson ibe
Obama meddled in Russian elections
johnson ibe
Obama plotted to remove Benjamin netanyahu to install a liberal prime minister
johnson ibe
Bokoharam created under Obama. Refused to help then Nigerian president. thens of thousands of lives were lost because of Obama's stupid politics only interested in removing a christain president and installed Mohammed Buhari who has messed up the country
johnson ibe
China became world leading economy under Obama
johnson ibe
Russia annexed Crimea under Obama
johnson ibe
ISIS created under Obama watch
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