Jen Pranked Our Co-Workers With A Fake Starbucks Frappuccino • Ladylike

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Try JenBucks new drink; the NYMPH frappuccino!


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Samantha Yuniese Sanchez
4:36 LMAO XD
Should have been shit flavor. It's a prank not a treat
Jen is adorable!
Matthew Wilson
Jen's hot
Chloe Vanhuss-osmer
You should do mermaid!!!!!! ;)
Michelle Reyes
4:31 SLAUGHTERED ME!!! 😂😂😂
Anna Sturhann
Jen: nymph frap!
Starbucks: god.. DAMN IT!
Dan Josef
how can you not love jen.
poor jen lmao i knew they wouldnt like it
Maegann Emm
that's so funny she's so clumsy !!!
Natalie Rojas
jen dropping her shit is making me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe
Emily Wilson
Why the heck wouldn't you call it a "Fairy Frapp"?!
Smee RC
Nicole Lucarelli
Andee Sketch
oh Jen, you are my little cinnamon roll!!!!!!!! 😣😣😣
kookoo kachu
I can't fucking do it. She speaks to my soul. 😂😂😂
Tropical Deer
i aspire to be Jen
Mini Mini
I clicked on this video because Jen was in it....😂
Now, Jen.... We've seen the life hacks video. How could you not use a straw? How could you waste half of a strawberry?! 😱
man it's a collapsing disaster area when I cook too :(
anything with sama
lol Jendylike
Lps Girly122
This is like cloecoture's (idk how to spell) video where she pranked her friends with fake unicorn frappucinos
Sahaja Talla
Aesthetically Pleased
Jen should've called it a mermaid frappe and made one
Mariana Linder
"We're trying a new frappe.."
Me: siiiikkke 😏
• TheJazzio •
Wow it actually looks pretty professional...
Luvs Kittens!!!
anxiety right here😠😳😖
Ashley B
4:36 😂😂😂
Chubbyturtles 022
Jen is what I aspire to be.
Hana Baig
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this is great
Fiona Tyler
Make a galaxy frapp
when it said "PRANK" i was expecting like ketchup, chocolate, custard, gravy, marmite.... this looks relatively nice??? what is the prank??
Ashley Elizabeth
I need more Jen videos
Cameron Diaz
clumsy jen is so cute
Kailey March
her and shane are the best
On 4:37, i wish i could see Jen's face like that😂
Tuscani J
Lol best video ever, I love Jen
Millie C
I have never witnessed anybody more clumsy in my life
Ally K
Wait...Sara is a co-worker?? And OMG ya'll so funny😂😂😂
Fuck she sounds like Grimes.
Harley Neuerburg
I mean, maybe put some coffee in it next time? Lol
Abbi Didonna
When their is no coffee in the frapachino
Jen's so cute☺️
Rachel Films
did they make them taste the same drink after the first person eww
Jen is such a mess
Tellie Keene
I frikkin love Jen
I'm honestly here for Jendy Like series
Melissa Williams
i love How she says chocolate. Shocolaate 😂😂
Katie Walsh
Omg do this 2 more ppl
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