PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 Trailer # 3 (2017) Johnny Depp, Disney Movie HD

Pirates of the Caribbean 5Trailer2017FilmMovieJohnny DeppDisney

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 Trailer # 3 (2017) Johnny Depp, Disney Movie HD
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Marisol Martinez
"What am I to you?" "Treasure."
Angela m
I saw the movie last night. I loved it it was a great movie I love the chacter Henry in it he's so hot. the actor is a year older then me in real life. he was born in 1989. also I love Johnny depp he's great as Jack sparrow. I wish I can be in a pirates movie someday. I wish to be a actress.
Sofia Pavlova
Marit's games :
i hope in pirates 6 agelina is coming back two
Alena Smyth
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sarah c
"I'm not looking for trouble"
jack: "what a horrible way to live"
Khai Missiri
2:02 Who else silently broke out into tears on that scenes?
Niken Sulastri
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥-𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐞 [𝐇𝐃]
i'm watch at https://plus.google.com/u/0/+HomeBoxOfficeTMHD/posts/2cJ3V9xBtrj
Chu Greiner
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Annabel Ho
2:17 priceless
Zander Tor
That girl is Barbosa's daughter she's a horologist.
Shisui Uchiha
Major spoilers:
Captain Barbossa's daughter is Carina and he'll sacrifice himself to save others at the end of the movie.
Enjoy :)
layla rose
effy from skins omg i love her so much 💞💕
Ivan Thorn
i hope they split it into two parts
Cory _
I saw her ankles
Khryl Lim
watched the movie last night. very enjoyable :)
Camille B
Very good movie ❤️
Farida Himand
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Karenx joy
why the undead again??? lol still love it.
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grace zandberg
That girl is from the maze runner
Miany Juny Jean
No no no don't stop it
this going far enough
no it has not
I saw her ankles
u could have seen a lot more of u had keep ur mouth shot
Emily Wang
johnny depp! kaya scodelario! orlando bloom! brenten thwaites! RUM! MONKEY!
Thanh Tùng Lều
Oh sh*t, I feel like Red Hair Shank vs Buggy (anime One Piece) xD
"He took everything from me". :))
Hannahmar Rie
"i saw her ankles!" ...I'm dying 😂😂😂
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 M0VIE https://plus.google.com/115414785859243067536/posts/YnQ4ES9T1yv
Ginny Li
I'm I the only one that came here for Kaya (Terssa) from maze runner
"I once knew a spaniard named something in spanish."
Satheesh Imf
birthday pirate?
XxCraziestQueenxX zarry forever
Ali Erden
Jack has a bad fate:)
Noble 143
Theres just one question. Why has the rum gone?
Vikas Saini
Xnwxx video hd
rose queen
Jack Sparrow before the rum was always gone XD
Kandy Dreamurr
"I saw her ankle's"
"You would've seen a lot more if you kept your cake hole shut"
Griffin Lawler
I'm so hyped
Cannibal Raider
If you see this movie there is an after credits for Davy Jones
John Parzan
Young Jack sparrow is beautiful lol
Alex mewmewgirl
Someone else thought about the book cover of Passengers?
Tick-Tack girl
l love jake, but l believe hes more of a side kick than making a whole movie just about him. He fits that role better than being the main/lead character.
Stardust Angel
"I'm not looking for trouble!"
"What a horrible way to live"
Safana ***
In france the movie comes out 2 days earlier (the 24th). I could spoil you hehehe😁
Saikat Kar
AND! Henry is just as stupid as his father was.
"What should we do with a drunken sailor..."- original
"What should we do with a drunken whaler..." - Dishonored
"What should we do with the curs-sed pirate..."- Pirates
Clockwork Girl
So...What's up with Javier's hair?It looks weird!
Ranveer Singh
Betting tips:
Betting tips (ipl special) #10
I'm not looking for trouble
what a horrible way to live
Sophie Auld
Remember when these movies were dark and scary and cool
Juliadappy Julia
I really liked Johnny Deep but now it seems like he's "golden age" has passed. First there were all those films that weren't successful at all, then the story of him beating his wife, and now the whole "I will not memorize my lines" thing.
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