5 Life Hacks for Pen YOU SHOULD KNOW - Part 2

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5 Life Hacks for Pen YOU SHOULD KNOW - Part 2

Part 1: www.youtu.be/kgPaa32LNfg

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mr break
awesome video
Night 677
I like no. 4
mark gaming
nice estonia flag blue black white
Dyl Trickshots
chill with the tape man
You can also snort/smoke powder drugs with a pen.
Andrew Vlogs/andrew the gamer2
Were do you get the tayp
Băng Dao Diệp
cách thứ 3 dùng để chép phạt thì quá hay luôn
Băng Dao Diệp
mỗi lần học hình đéo có thuớc là cứ lấy luôn cái bút ra kẻ
Joan Sebastian Gonzalez Gonzalez
name the song?
daniel Polec
daniel Polec
aha XD
Life Hacks for Pen YOU SHOULD KNOW
Shania Her
No.3 is the hack I'm gonna use if I get detention 😂
Quang Niên
I know you are Vietnamese when I see your pens and Zalo app on your mobile phone :))
Tea Lalthazuala
no 3 ..my teacher would be freaked out when she gives me an imposition ...exactly the same bad handwritings ..hehe...just imagine it
Aladin Gegic
Danielle Lee
u copied their other guys 🎥
Rashid Shaan
Very nice
Nick Sigal
Has anyone tried #3?
Nick Sigal
#1 and #2 are for the ones that always forget their geometrical stuff
Papp Krisz
Quan Pham
Bút Thiên Long huyền thoại
these are not hacks these are tips . pen tips... some of these are modifications but none involve a computer to hack any software.
what is the second music
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Moises Uribe
i did number 3 and my teacher made me do 5 times as much standards.
Shilpa Jaigude
superb trick
Susan Robinson-kent
Cool vid
Chinnam Ganesh
Adnan Hakim
the reason im here is because I didn't do my history hw and I had to write. 'I will do my history homework' 100 times😂
Hanne Gorell
Khan Atika
super man
Karlee Kakes
ok bro soo now show me how to rezip my damn backpack with this pen u had me use open it! lol*not rly im js*
mr Tom stole your video
Sandra Sandra
ow may be Ican use that for panestment paper
Chiccian Montano
so whats the obssesion with these lock life hacks?
pranshu VYAS
make more school hacks video
Rozhina Adl
Nilaa Keerthana
my homeworks is less
Cool intro
que padre
Miguel Nascimento
bloodvids esta copiando vcs
Куат Урумбаев эмрв
Ilinca Stoica
Minh Phạm
Oh, this is Vietnamese pen's,Thien Long
Furry monster
Lakatos Tibor
sfgs 🇧🇬🍞🌋
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