5 Life Hacks for Pen YOU SHOULD KNOW - Part 2

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5 Life Hacks for Pen YOU SHOULD KNOW - Part 2

Part 1: www.youtu.be/kgPaa32LNfg

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Random One
#3 will be usefull if you're writing lines for detention. 😁😁😁👍
Bella Litman
I did #3 in class and now my teacher tells all the kids to do that when they right notes
when teacher tells me write this word in lots of rows i use #3 :3
david pittet
Whats the name of the song that starts at 2:42
Vira Adjevi
i know this before
Milica Todorova
Radost Todorova
I' suim help help help help I creyzi ball red duck yellow car green good Bai✋👷💟🎒👟👜🎒👕hfu ops
Dhanasekaran P
i am still i scholl i am too lucky lol
holly mitchell
Hello ! ! ! chin Anyone hear better than this version ? junny
leafyis here
Omg thanks so much I got in trouble for beating up a fat ass at my school and I had to write I will not fight and I will respect others for 30 times and I got it done in 15 minutes
yashwanth reddy gottam
amazing tricks bro
Sophia Balsamo
did you just destroyed your backpack on the last part of the video?!😲
Nur Aina Syawina Yusup
don't a touch a me
the comments are amazing lol
Good Stuff Experiments
Very Entertaining to watch :)
Myriam Deloche
tout le monde y c' est
عيوش جرادات
احلى طريقه عشان النسخ
Ashu Sk
Rahul Machhi
Wow I complete my homework in 5 minutes that's cool...
Fame Çete
#4 song ? pls
Anika An-noor
These are simple!But that one was incredible!Which one You put many pens and write It look like You write many times!When your teacher Gives you punishment to write five times ten times like this then that hack Will be amazing to use!!
How to make
hey guys this is my channel subscribe here plzz....
kristina mladenovic
Da li mogu da snam gde su nasao ideje😯😯😯😯
after all them times I had to write my words 1000 times in ISS smh 😂
juancho miguel bermejo
I'm doing life hacks in school THE no. 3 double pencil I'm the fastest kid in the school writher
Gamar Hun
Djibril Boukari Mahane
Perfect channal!!!👍👍👍👍
I have a illumi
I have an nati
Iluminati 🔼🎶🎵🔼
dude no.3 is awesome
Hà Quyên channel
what are your favorite ones??
Rayyan 9909 (Clasher)
#3 When Teachers Says write i will finish all my homework 100 times
AST 파클
Angelo Eyschen
Irem Arnavut
Natlka Woźniak
Sofia Sofi
Sofia je fut
Renu Barnwal
wow that's amazing 🎀🎀✨✨✨🎀🎀
subscribe please
Hussein Gohari
Ciekawoi Poradniki

Emilia Krajewska
РУССКИЕ здарова ! (иди в баню)
Used to do #3 using the chalk holders that draw multiple lines.
Rodica Cernotchi
Juveriya Shehab
it's amazing 😱😍
Catheryne Najera
Did you spot a littlest pet shop on the foil pen
Bangkit Khan
i have new videos, visit and subcrible back my channel
Fat Man
good idea you can get your work done faster
Jenny Craig
Surat dude so red
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