Ghosted: Official Trailer | GHOSTED

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They're going from normal to paranormal. Adam Scott and Craig Robinson star in the all-new FOX series, Ghosted.

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Starring Craig Robinson (“The Office,” “This Is the End”) and Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation,” “Big Little Lies”), GHOSTED is a single-camera, action-comedy about the unlikely partnership between two down-on-their-luck polar opposites tasked with an even more unlikely mission: saving the human race from aliens. LEROY WRIGHT (Robinson) is a cynical skeptic and former missing persons detective, who, if we’re speaking frankly, thinks that “aliens” are a big ole bunch of B.S. and that people who believe in them are certifiably nuts...People like MAX JENNIFER (Scott). Max is a genius “true believer” in the paranormal who’s convinced his wife was abducted by aliens. At low points in their lives, both Leroy and Max are recruited by CAPTAIN AVA LAFREY (Ally Walker, “Colony,” “Sons of Anarchy”), a take-no-prisoners, former Air Force test pilot and head of the Bureau Underground, a secret government organization investigating paranormal cases. Lafrey, along with her staff – BARRY SHAW (Adeel Akhtar, “Unforgotten,” “The Night Manager”), an overly friendly forensic pathologist, and DELILAH WARD, a highly opinionated tech specialist – will support Leroy and Max in their quest for answers. Now, this heroic group of underdogs will look into “unexplained” activity in Los Angeles that often leads them to scary, thrilling and hilarious places, as they attempt to uncover the truth and keep the earth rotating on its axis for at least one more day.

Ghosted: Official Trailer | GHOSTED

The Matous Geeks
Does he drive a Pontiac?
Camila: PresidentMooo
Omg that's the nurse from the office when Pam had CeCe!
Ali Fareed M.C.
Cancelled after one season
Hell yeah, Doug Judy, the Pontiac Bandit is getting his own show! Seriously, love Craig Robinson, I think he has great sitcom timing!
Sharonda Blanchard
im 7
Stephen Laack
It's Ben from Parks and Rec
Nathan Walkley
when does it start
Thomas Zecchini
this looks awesome
wha..? not based off the comic book of the SAME NAME ?!? WITH PARANORMAL GHOST ??!? wek.. :/
"Daryl Rogers?"

"No, Philbin. First it was Regis, then Reg, then Roger, then Mitta Rogas."
Wow, looks really really really bad.
Everything about this trailer screams trash.

Everything about the two leads, the premise, and the potential a show like this has screams five seasons of awesome.

...which, for Fox, means half a season and canceled.
Leslie Garcia
Wow I'm surprisingly excited
darius ward
is the show and comics books connected?? I hustling wanted to know if they based the show off the book but that would be cool even though this show don't look like the comic books
Nick Gnagi
This is a very bad trailer to what will probably be a pretty good show.
Adam Scott, Craig Robinson, The Doors, and a sort of parody of the X-Files. Could be interesting.
Lando DiCaprio
fox is making decent shows now?!?!?
Will watch for Ben Wyatt lol
you are watching fox! rofl!
mauriano baruso
looks dumb but the trailer was funny
How do I get hair like that.
you know if they are just gonna make all these shows then cancel them, why not just make them tv movies and save people the time of getting invested into a tv show. All these new shows look like they have alot of expensive cgi too, which i would imagine would be expensive so if these shows dont cough the right way they are probably getting cancelled.
Christian Baxter
Ally Walker looks like she's gonna be the Captain Ray Holt/Walter Skinner of this operation. It's a great idea to give dramatic actors straightlaced roles in comedies. Count me in.
This looks to be a very promising show, but sadly it will most likely be canceled after the first season because it is airing on Fox.
Deer Astronaut
The Gifted will be bad, Ghosted will be mediocre and The Orville will be good...
The Gifted will get another season (because Marvel), Ghosted will be a bubble show and The Orville will be canned...
omg looks brilliant!
Emily Bowdidge
I'm so exited for this
No Anti Banana Rays?
Maurice H.
Did I just see the entire series?
Ryan Morris
What an unfunny pile of aids.
I hope they bring him back in Mr.Robot
First aid
basically RIPD + Men in Black
Matthew D
Two of my favorite actors! YES
Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro
Yeah this is stupid
Barathul ́s Zwergenschmiede
The Game Blood Soldiers is in Son of Zorn too, it that means it plays in the same universe ?
If you pause it at 2:54 the guy looks like The Flash
Joe D
i give this a half season. then it will get canceled
Can't wait love Adam Scott
vinay reddy
Fox makes promising shows but cancels them if they can't get huge ratings. Hope that this and Orville are good and won't be cancelled early.
Braven Barreto
Yeah... Not a fan as of now... Maybe when the series is out
Attila Dobos
It is so..... american.
All about this.
True Journey
Another failed Craig Robinson tv show
phil chao
omg that asian girl in the library is from the office benihana episode! michael gave her his bicycle lol
Persona Non Grata
"Wanna go to an independent coffee house and talk it out" 😂😂😂
Thomas Averin
looks better then Coach
austin ross
if only it was andy samberg and not adam scott. jake and doug judy were amazing together in brooklyn nine nine
Mint Tea
I'm meh about the supernatural stuff, but it looks funny as hell, so I'll check it out!
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