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I would tell him to stop yelling because there is guests at the table.
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we woud be a silly family
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Part 6?
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If my family acted like that I would run away and never come back.
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I Got A Script For Playtime 6

Scene 1: The Small Argument

Joseph: Huh Junior Is So Mean I Think I Need A New Place To Live In

Sally: Hey Mom What Doing?

Joseph: Oh Hey There Sally I'm Sorry That Dad Microwaved Your Baby

Junior: God Dang Woman I Told You Not To Apologize To Sally

Joseph: Alright That's It We're Moving Away Sally. God Pack You And Ken's Stuff

Scene 2: Moving Out

Sally: Okay There We Go. Oh Mommy I'm All Ready

Joseph: Okay That's Good Honey

Sally: Let's Go

Joseph: But First We Might Just Check If Your Ex Daddy Is Sleeping

Sally: Wait Wait Wait Ex Daddy?

Joseph: Uh Ya Ex Daddy

Sally: Oh Uh Okay

Junior: (Sleeping)

Sally And Joseph: (Walk Inside And Then Leave After 30 Seconds)

Sally: Okay Let's Go To The House Store

Joseph: Alright Son Let's Go (Slams The Door)

Junior: (Wakes Up) Uhhhh What Was That... Ehhh It Was Probably Nothing. (Go's Back To Sleep)

Scene 3: The New House Purchase

Sally: Oh Okay Mom Were Here Let Me Do The Talking

Joseph: Oh Okay Son

Sally: Uh Hi Good Sir

Jeffy: Hey Welcome To The House Store. How May I Help

Sally: Uh We Would Like A New House For Us 2 Right Here

Jeffy: Oh Okay.. Wait Actually We Have A Special Going On. So When Want To Buy A House It Will Be $30.00

Sally: Oh Wait That's The Special. Oh Okay We Will Take It (Gives The $30.00)

Jeffy: Alright Thank You. Here Is Your New House Key Have A Nice Night

Sally: Oh Sure Sir Have A Nice One.

Scene 4: The New House

Sally: Oh Okay Mom The New House Is Here

Joepsh: Okay Son Let's Walk In With Ken ( They Walk Inside )

Sally: Woah This House Is Cool

Joseph: Ya I Know Right It's So Cool

Sally: Alright Let's

Junior: (Stares At Them For 20 Seconds)

Sally And Joseph: Oh Noooooooooooooo

Junior: You Are So In Trouble You 2

Sally: (Punches Junior) Come On Let's Go Mom

Joseph: Alright Let's Go Hide In Our Rooms

Junior: (Runs After Them)

Sally: (Locks Her Bedroom Door And Window) Okay Ken We Must Be Safe


Sally: Yeah Your Right

Joseph: Whew Okay I'm Safe I Had Locked Every Thing

Junior: Uhhhhh Where Are Those Mean Brats

Chef Pee Pee: Freeze Your Under Arrest For Breaking In

Junior: Wait What I Would Never Do A Thing Like That

Chef Pee Pee: Stop Lying

Toad: Breaking Into Houses Is Not A Good Choice At All

Junior: Oh No It's You Again (Runs Away)

Chef Pee Pee: Come Toad Let's Chase Him

Toad: Okay Let's Go

Scene 5: The Chase

Junior: Ahhh Where Can I Hide. Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh There

Junior: (Hides Behind The Bush)

Chef Pee Pee: Hmmmmmmmm Where Is That Mean Guy

Toad: Uhhh I Don't Know I Think He's Behind That Bush

Junior: Ahhhhhhhhh (Runs Away)

Chef Pee Pee And Toad: (Chase After Him For 2 Hours)

Junior: Oh Man I Am So Tired

Toad: Freeze

Chef Pee Pee: Puts Handcuffs On Junior

Toad: Yayyyyyy Good Job Buddy ( Hi Fives Chef Pee Pee )

Chef Pee Pee: Okay Your Coming With Us

Junior: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Scene 6: Jail

Junior: Uh Are You Going To Put Me In There

Chef Pee Pee: Of Course You Brat Now Get In There

Junior: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo

Toad: Okay We Get It Just Stop

Sally And Joseph: (Walk In To See Junior)

Sally: What's Up Baby Murder

Joseph: Ya What's Up

Junior: This Is All Your Fault

Sally: No It's Not It's Your

Junior: Lies

Joseph: No You Are A Lie

Chef Pee Pee: Guys What's Going On

Sally: Mr Cop Can You Pass Me A Gun

Chef Pee Pee: Uh Sure Here You Go

Sally: Thanks

Junior: If You Dare Shoot Me With That Gun Your Grounded. You're Done You're Done

Sally And Joseph: (Stare For 15 Seconds)

Sally: (Shoots Junior)

Junior Oh God Dude What The Heck You Stupid Son A Corn...

Junior: (Dies)

Everything Goes Silent For 20 Seconds

Joseph: Wow That Was Amazing Son

Sally: Really Mommy

Joseph: Ya It Was. So As A Reward You And Ken Will Get Your Own House Tomorrow

Sally: Oh My Ken Yes We Did It


Joseph: Okay Let's Go Son

Scene 7: The News

Breaking News Shows Up With Jeffy For Playtime

Jeffy: Breaking News... An Evil Man Was Killed To Death At Jail. Let's Go To The Press Conference

Toad: Hi Everybody I Am Happy To Announce That The Worst Farther Of Sally's Is Now Finally Dead So Here Is The Footage

(Footage Shows)

Toad: So Yeah That's That So Uh Back To You Jeffy

Jeffy: Alright So Yeah Uh I'm Pretty Sure That Everybody That Hates This Guy Is Happy So Uh Yeah Bye

Sally: Yeah Yeah Yeah

Joseph: Wo Wo Wo

Sally: Yeah Wo Yeah Wo Hey

Joseph: Whew Okay So What Do You Want To Do Now Son

Sally: Let's Go To McDonalds

Joseph: Okay Let's Go

Joseph: (Walks Out The Door)

Sally: (Walks To The Door And Opens It Up) (Looks Backwards And Stares For 10 Seconds) Goodbye Evil Daddy Hope To Never See You Again (Turns Back Around And Walks Out The Door And Slams It Shut)

The End. Please Use It. It Took Me Forever To Write.
Erica Bridges
Erica Bridges
πŸš’β›΄πŸ›₯πŸš€πŸ›°πŸ›«πŸ›©βœˆπŸšπŸšŸπŸš‘πŸš πŸš…πŸš„πŸš†πŸšŒπŸš‹πŸšžπŸšπŸšŠπŸš‰πŸšˆπŸš”πŸš“πŸš’πŸš‘πŸšπŸšŽπŸšπŸš•πŸš–πŸš—πŸš˜πŸš™πŸššπŸš›πŸ›³πŸš€β›΅πŸš²πŸšœπŸŒŸβ­πŸŒžπŸŒβ˜€πŸŒ‘πŸŒœπŸŒ πŸ”₯β›„πŸŒˆβ˜ƒβš‘β›±β„πŸŽ†πŸŽˆβœ¨πŸŽ‰
Erica Bridges
Make Playtime 6
Erica Bridges
Erica Bridges
Erica Bridges
Erica Bridges
WeirdMageddon Starz
Make a part 6!!!!!!MAKE A PART SIXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz😞
Pumpkin Eater 69
all D’s in her fuckin’ puss
Oscar De Paz
Tell them to shut up.
SilverPlayz - Roblox & More!
I'll suicide ;3;
Elin Holmgren
This was a very good video am love this video love to you Logan and sml ❀️❀️❀️
Jackson Daily
I would die in a hole
SaveTheHoovies! 357
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Samus Aran
When are you making playtime part 6?
Luca Perrino
sum times yeah
carlos Quituisaca
Bean Jones
Eevee Captain
Jay Garner
Plz playtime 6
Rey ChEeZy
Rey ChEeZy
Payton Playz15
Can you guys stop cussing or I will unsub
Plsss make a playtime 6 omg lol
Jose Zavala
It's funny when Junior puts the baby in the microwave
Jennifer Blair
Jennifer Blair
Jennifer Blair
Hey she jest hits on kin
GameMasta 101
11:10-11:37 Best Part
RarRarRarRagingHow RBLX
3:17 OMG LOL
Bader Alzubairi
I'm so excited
Bader Alzubairi
Daniel Galvez
I rather runaway because my family is shit ass fuck
I wanted to drink bleach
18+ only
Rainbow Dimension
jeffy is so cute but my question is can i pay to get a jeffy puppet
L1Lypuffnerd !
This video offended me at 5:20 because I am transgender
Julian Szarmach
Matthew Arvin
If my family acted like that, I would slap the shit out of them
Jay Vazquez
I would say fuck your mouths to. Hell to shut the hell up l____l fuck this shit
Chef Pooh
i woud poop in ther face and give them exspiered green bean and chickens
Chef Pooh
my family the cow is sister the pighore is mommand the drunk bitch is dad
Lilicat and Emmacat and malkcat Serena!cats Channel
Omg dad you cut my. Baby
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