Easy Deep Hole Snake Trap - Amazing Boys Catch Snake With The Bamboo Hole Snake Trap

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Hello Everyone! Greeting from Cambodia!

Today i want to show you how 2 boys catch snake with the bamboo hole snake trap in my village.

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Thank you for watching my video!

Miftahul Ulum
nanaonan iye
John Fox
what is the bit they put in the bamboo?
Julie Blackburn
5:30 to 5:34 hehe I'm dirty minded
What did they use to bait the traps? They put something in them before they set them.
Advent Seph
Seems super unnecessary, impractical, and inefficient
Team Ender
What type of snakes?
Joseph Douche Bag
they have bigger balls than US military
Joseph Douche Bag
they never get bored LOL
Do they have a hunger there?
what is the bait
Arman Sfectakuler62
tipu sangattt
wow great guys
I haven't been able to figure out what the bait is. Almost looks like fried giblets but idk wtf it is.
Hungry Shark
Boy: steps on crab and throws it away

Me: steps on crab and runs for my life
John Smith
need to teach them sustainable practice
Souvick Banerjee
how dear they the catch snakes?😡😡😡
Omar Melhem
what did they put in those tubes?
Loh Ryder
Dayum, not a single f was given.
Scott Holder
What kind of snake are they catching?
Brittney Booker
Cambodia Lifestyle
so nice Deep Hole Snake Trap
Mark Lawrence Galvan
What were those baits they put inside the bamboos?
Herbeen C
Free my nigga TJ Dillashaw
Charles Lewis Jr.
My Boy was Hitting the hell out of that Pipe 😂😂😂 smacking it on the ground
andreas zam
some guys collect for leaving f*** american bi***eches
Hamada Abdo
Mary Cleveland
I couldn't tell what they used for bait. Anybody know? Florida could adapt this idea.
native girl
Horrible poor snakes
That's that grind life for them damn that's their food Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world if I ever become rich they're one of the countries imma def donate too for food and clean water
Captain Planet
These kids should make their own version of "God Must Be Crazy" movie.
John Smithson
cool technique, bet they make extra money
Jacob Roblero
what did you put in the trap as bait
Great video, but that really isn't a safe way to be handling an unknown snake stuck inside some bamboo. It would be more appropriate to put the bamboo tube inside of your cage and let the crawl out itself. That way you can determine what kind of snake it is before you go putting your hands near its face.
Pinoy Animal Adventure
the hell those kids
Dolce Luxe
jesus!!!! how many snakes are there in cambodia? forget the pied piper call these kids
CH-Daily Channel
Nice traditional Trap Water Snake
George Heath
what kind of snakes were they and what were they using for bait?
Now this is what you called
The Crazy Duo! Lol 😂😫
They could have bitten by that thing!!😱
What are they using for bait?
awe amadeus
that two boys give me a tips how to live bravely
Nicholas Martin
be nicer to the snakes
Niel Tam
what kinda bait was that?
what kind of food for the snake is that?
Daniel Debbarma
i catch water snake two time.
As. putra
ya ampunn
J'Den Swanson
Free the snakes free the snakes free the snakes come on can I get likes for pet my pet snake rascal he was a good snake 🐍 but now your place RIP rascal
J'Den Swanson
Poor snakes
Stan Mack
Nice to finally see some kids doing something productive instead of putting their crimes on social media for once.
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