Easy Deep Hole Snake Trap - Amazing Boys Catch Snake With The Bamboo Hole Snake Trap

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Hello Everyone! Greeting from Cambodia!

Today i want to show you how 2 boys catch snake with the bamboo hole snake trap in my village.

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Sergey Sergey
Stuping idiots
Pcm Cosmo
orca xd gameplays
FUCK UP I am tired of this stupid and cruel traps FUCK UP THIS they are stupid I hope the same thing happens to then too amazing is how stupid they are and FUCK IF AM A KID FUCK I dont care call me wathever you want I dont care FUCK up
Holy Potato Friend
Dear fishes if u see a circle hole and u go in it because your stupid then you know your fucked
10:30 golden state taking kevin the snake
Daniel de Haas
manager leading complete exzsnyw pollution race father automatic range personal.
How easy they cacth snakes
Black Desert
This kid is just putting with hands out without glove clothes?
This is dumb...these snakes could be poisonous...u could catch fish or crabs not snakes...the boys are in danger..they don't even have hand gloves
Constance Enge
Was that their dinner?
Guard Dog
They could invent a new sport: Snake Flinging. ( Or maybe Serpent Chucking? )
Do they need to eat that many? it's unsustainable
Yardsticc Pac-Boy
Super Smart..
River Amazon
Looks like meat's back on the menu boy's!
Jaydeep Kang
smh for making money off these kids with your views
Ali Ganadiely
f***k you
dont do that o love snacks dont hurt them stupid kids
prince Shrivastav
pls don't try this dangerous things
prince Shrivastav
pls don't try this dangerous things
Steve Kaputa
I've jumped so many times watching these boys just holding snakes like a neighbor's kids
Kevin Esquivel
How did they upload this🤔🤔
Julien Carron
... all snakes are protected and it's illegal just to touch them, if you catch them for the life, that is illegal detention of animal... i've 15 years old and i respect the rules...
Clash Royale cr
Ihan vitun paska!!!!! :-( :-(!! BOOOO!!!!!! BOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy Waterson
Those kids are craaaazy!! I held my phone at arms length just watching this..
Hiu Yang
Radha Krishna
u guys r stupid so don't upload more . if u can;t pls make full video
leo saarinen
Cook sandwich smart century friend insist remind hurry accident
Horace Hinton
Sajjan NP
It's not right to disturb any creature when it is living peacefully in its natural habitat.
Hamdan Jf
they gonna eat them..
carl taylor
they are dum guys I hope god kill them
Chhayrith chheng
phos ng yk tv tver ey
peter smith
DaZe Clan
That kids face doe!
who didnt see that kkk member in the back in like 10:30 +
The Meme factory
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sylwia zimnoch
what a asshole idiot snake killer
defiantly idiot and snake killer
unn J
Look scared
Do they realize the benefit of snakes in controlling rodent populations???
James Cartan
Why do they always say such as Amazing boy, smart women and other good words? Gay
Florin Baicu
ce dracu fac astia cu atatia serpi?
Yuanyuan Qu
that's a lot of danger noodles
Some boys catch butterflies others catch snakes
Nightmare Guy
why the fuck are you capturing snakes you disgusting monsters they are wild animals put your self in their shoes.... being banned fersiously against the floor!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE
dcp 360
was that necessary he hit the bamboo ro hard I have 2 snake ball python and corn snakes I'll never do that
TRIPx Simple
Uhh question... Y are they catching snakes again?
Daisy Lionel
is that in tamilnadu
Four adds in a 12 min video...fuck this shit
Projeto nsn
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