Easy Deep Hole Snake Trap - Amazing Boys Catch Snake With The Bamboo Hole Snake Trap

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Hello Everyone! Greeting from Cambodia!

Today i want to show you how 2 boys catch snake with the bamboo hole snake trap in my village.

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Thank you for watching my video!

V Mohan
telugu songs bahubali
eat that snake
Andre Mtetwa
Chele chele Chelsea United
Musa Ibrahim
Manu Bhargava
ये दोनों चूतिये इन सांपों को अवश्य ही खा जाएंगे
Natalie Sosa
They get so much money for doing what they love ❤️
So what exactly was that bait?
Louis Braille
I love how these kids make it so easy as 123
Louis Braille
I wonder what kind of food they gave them?
Louis Braille
I am very impressed ¡!!!!!!!!!!
Louis Braille
wow thanks kids now I will make some my self fuck american kids all they care is there stupid phones and TV this kids awesome because they don't need electronic!! they know how to live the real world without technology!!!!😁
Joseph Landero
i want to taste the food..
Ricart costa silva
Yuvraj Sangha
Yo why the fuck these snakes not trying to bite these kids they are handling them around as if it's a family dog
what if they got bit
Danny martinez
i feel like all there vids are fake
yayuk sripurwanti
hiiii...kok gk takut itu?Ku ngeliat aja ngeriiiii.eMang di kamboja PD suka mkn ularrr ya?hadechhhh
Damatri Crayton
What kinda food was that they used
Snake venom(I checked, these snakes are indeed venomous), snake meat, and snake skin... All of which can be extracted, and sold for profit.. I just hope they do so, without wasting any of those valuable aspects of these snakes.
Why am I watching this I went from watching a man getting attacked bye a snake while on a motorbike to watching some kids putting poles in the ground for snakes then get the pole bashing it then putting the snake in a basket ??????????????????
Antonio Juarez
Esos son hijos, no como los que tengo en mi casa
Uchiha Hikaku
"Hey bro, remember back in the days when we used to get dinner for the village?"
Boa Perkin
Thass wassup ! Stay grindin to survive
Ajay Shahapurkar
Chutiya samjha kya BC sab snake same colour 😁😁😁
lmfao everyone talking shit, you have to realize these kids live in an entire different world than someone in america.. this is what they do. stop comparing them.
Rose Hayahay
what kind of snake is this?
victor Martinez
snakes hate me so much they try to trap me.
Samsung Duos
Iso ae golek ulo
Void Gaming
Ron Athey
Not the snakes pictured.
I've trained my kids to survive the jungles of New York. These two boys wouldn't survive one night in the South Bronx.
Emeka Adibe
These boys are amazing. Just catching snakes like it's nothing.
Kaydin Aoake-Meredith
5 ads on a 12min video.... fuck YouTube
\\ Unleashed //
Wheez, those poor snakes. what are doing those hoomans to them. They are getting shoes, bags and cases. Sad world.
desire Michael
omg these boys r so brave!
James Revell
Why do you have the same title and clickbait it.
Hip-Hop Homework
this is embarrassing...these two tikes right here have more claim to my man card than I do. I'm terrified of snakes tho...what kinda snakes are those? I assume non-venomous.
mamta singh
are these snakes venomous?
I tried catching some and then i was bitten like whatttttt???? I just catched i think....

1 but got lost
LOL guy i want sub
what is this video doing in YouTube gaming
Shi - kun
I would like to try this at home and see what kind of snake I will get
dan iel
their kids and more matured then most 22 yearolds in Australia
the boy of yellow is the boss
Patrick B
It doesn't matter where you go in the world it's all the same. 1 guy doing all the work & 2 watching.
Kevin G
this was dope
Ni Ketut Kartini
you are soo brave kids.
Jordan H
Has anyone mentioned who brags or smart these boys are yet?
Roxy Beauford
I'm glad they're actually using the snakes for food and not killing them senselessly like most people in America do. :B
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