Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather at World Tour New York Face Off

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor face off at the end of the press conference time in New York at the World Tour.

Claudioalexandre Alexandre
2 viadinhos
Fandi Yudi
this is a comedy
gestor seo
McGregor parece um viado
Aron Cikač
Conor has already won this by accepting match with boxing rules.
Rob Giles
lovin the 3 inch thick soles on mayweathers shoes.
Andresito El dominicano De Jesus
please ,what is that song
Gemini Saga
Floyd destroyed conor in 1 round
dr. wir
fucking stair eyes what did you want hah asshole
Kendal manis
boring match believe me
Lynx Rich
im wondering if these MF ganna kiss?!?!"
Risimati Kenneth
macreger his left hand is dangerous
floyd a BEEE atchhhhh
Assassin pro assassin pro
those ain't body guard 2 those are his day 1 fams
Pedro Gomes
name of this song please...on the first seconds (money)
conor getting into floyd brain.not good
waiting for them 2 kiss this is wwf shit
John The School shooter
Connor looking like a gta 5 online character
El Dani HB
voy con connor ahuevo
Dimitri Theodor
Philipp Meier
McGregor must be retarded to challenge Floyd in boxing..
Prodigal Son
Good actors
Lismak Mak
a lenda e palhaço
George jasi Lozano
this wwe event
Mark Wilson
floyd is a monkey's pussy. MacGregor beat this black bitch
Mario Legend
this fights got p2p all over it. haaaaaa
Mario Legend
funny how mayweather wearing heals and macgreggors wearing a woman's coat??? these faggots are probably more interested in fucking each other
Mario Legend
haha you pair of knob heads I won't be spending shit on this fight.
Justin Maust
Lol I wish I could say McGregor is gonna win this one but I honestly think he's gonna get his fucking head knocked off.
It always amuses me seeing the uneasy excuse making MMA fans in the comments, claiming it's all fake so they don't have to accept it when Conor gets his ass beat. It's rather sad when you think about it, he is their last white hope and even they know he is getting his ass beat. The MMA fans before this was official made a photoshopped poster of Conor vs Floyd where they made Conor look way taller and generally far larger, yet in reality Conor is only a little bigger, fail. I guess you kids can have fun in your fantasy, write it off as fake when Conor gets embarrassed and then go jump onto the next great white hope bandwagon. lol
Chris Dean
Who won?
He put high heels on so he ain't smaller than King C...
Floyd got KO'd
rick poghll
21 years of non stop winning ... Ain't in his head ... You read body language wrong ... Check out the Rousey /Holmes face off and talk . Same bullshit
what a shit dance, even for a 40yr old
Eman On
Floyd better not over exaggerate too much while he's talking in McGregor's face like that he might end up accidently kissing him with those big ass lips
If this is UFC Tour, they gonna kick each other
Chick Hen
Cheap mayweather with the flag
All VIdeozzz
Without all his money floyd would be nothing !!! Floyd is the kind of dude that needs money to be someone that's why he always show off . Put away al his money and luxery's and the only thing left is a little dude that can't even read.
Paul H
How can they both stand their stinking breath? Is that even possible? lol
This is the lamest shit I've ever seen
you specializing in 10 things but he knows only boxing and he will knock him him out clean . Go Mayweather
Notice how they both get more aggressive as their guys pull them away from each other haha cracks me up
Axum ገብረመድሂን
Damn lol Mayweather Militant AF!
Adrian guaz guerrero
conor Real Is Doflamingo One piece?
Sergio El MAGNO
McGregor le pone una paliza a Floyd fuera del cuadrilátero, por eso no lo provoca más, sabe que boxeando McGregor esta en desventaja.
Carlos Hernandes
cómo se llama la canción que sale al principio del vídeo que Floy baila
Ruben Torres
-You can't box
-Of course, I can
-No, You can not
-Yes, I can
-No, You can't
-Yes, I can
-No, You c...
Rodrigo Vilches 0:20??
Markloweh De Jose
just kiss each other lol
Francisco Martinez
Song ?
Jorge Tinoco
they should just kiss and stop this nonsense jaja
Too Sweet
just make out already
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