"Thor: Ragnarok" Official Trailer

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Marvel Antonio
Korg, you the real MVP
heimdall is the soul stone like a horcrux; heimdall uses it when thor asks heimdall for a vision about azgard in a scene in ragnarok
Minerva Repulsa
Henry Husk
2:01, I just watched the movie and in that part he was missing eye, anyone else realize that?
Fiee Fei
The reason to watch Thor : Ragnarok......... is Loki
Henry Husk
2:01, I just watched movie and I remember thor at this part not having an eye? Anyone else realize that too?
Angel Alloatti
Danny ragnarok
Christopher Bessis
the worst movie i have ever seen.... redicules movie.... the next thor i suggest to put the actor Jim carrey to play, his better for the comendy movies....
Yesenia Nieto garcia
Nimesh Raj Gupta
A namor movie
Please marvel please
king god
plz rlease it for vr 3d
Notrient Boy
I liked when he had his hammer
Notrient Boy
I thought that was a different Actor apparently not
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Jeffery Derby-Eubanks
Can't wait to see this today
This movie is sooo funny
Hirdayjit Singh
1:41 = Goals😍😍
OverZero RB
Valentina Zorrilla
Please show Natalie portman in the other thor movie because without her the movie would not be complete and most of the people loved their romance with thor 😭😪🙏🏻
This movie is the best marvel movie yet! Like if agree
qien noora
Wish more dr.strange after this
qien noora
Im come here after watched the movie damn this is my fav so hillarious
Captain Mexico
Name of the song??
King Krishna
It was my favorite Marvel movie, but the music background was really cringy.
King Krishna
Who watched Thor Ragnell?
Noro O
I've never watched any of the Thor movies before. I want to watch this but is it recommended I watch the previous ones? Thanks please reply
Leanne Jaconelli
THOR RAGNAROK was really good, the movie was AMAZING and it was AWESOME!!
I seriously !! I saw this movie at [ t.co/gCTGTZFF8n?Thor-Ragnarok-Full-Movie ]
Sad to see Asgård go, but better that, than let it go on as the multikulti cesspool it had become.
I'm not doing Help Me..
Screw you Chelsea
The best Thor movie the first one was trash . Thor the dark word was good too
Jonas Springborg
If interested in Norse mythology https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XsyDtcyYDKILooks pretty awesome
Very different take on it :)
༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ GIVE WAR INFINITY ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ
Seth Samuel
The movie is off. Thor wiyhout his hammer is like Lord Raiden in Mortal Combat. What made Thor special was his hammer.Thor is my favourite Avenger by the way. And witout is hammer I will ave to go with Iron Man
Mohammed Abdul Rahman Nasser Al Sheri
Good luck for channel
Angel Alloatti
Danny ragnarok
Gustavo França
esse filme vai fazer sucesso
Child who love animals sona
Best super hero movie in 2017 for me !!! and spiderman homecoming. love marvel!!!
The Raven Krow
They changed the trailer! Thors eye cut is gone and Hela smashed the hammer in Norway, not an alley!
Ryan Jensen
I always loved how marvel movies have it's pride moments such as how thor was like "No I won.... easily".
Adamantium Scorpion
Movie was okay. To long.
King Solomon
She's Hela Thicc

sorry,i cant help it😂
Butter Butt
Bangla World News Presenter
saihil singhai
did they slap this trailer together at the last minute ?
HD Movies
किसी को thor Ragnarok full movie चाहिए हिंदी में ??
HD Movies
किसी को thor Ragnarok full movie चाहिए हिंदी में ??
Orion E
Taika Waititi, the cast and the rest of the crew did an amazing job with this film
Dark Arts Dabbler
Magic Sword!
1:57 they fixed his eye lul
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