"Thor: Ragnarok" Official Trailer

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Usama Khalid
i want views plzz
Usama Khalid
i want views plzz
Simon nomiS
Hell i like this trailer. Specially Hel. Such lovely horns. And the way she destroys mjolnir with one hand. Yeah.
Kima Xeo
A quick question
in Marvel - ODIN is the godfather among all Gods. with LOKI and THOR as his child

but in other God movie- "Zeus" is the GOD AMONG ALL GODS - the Ruler of Mount Olympus!. with his son HERCULES
HADES is the god of underworld
HERA is the daughter of LOKI
PERSEUS is the son of POSEIDON

so what the hell is ODIN? ZEUS suppose to be the GOD OF ALL
and THOR, does THOR really exist in GOD MYTHOLOGY WORLD??
Piers Nivans
I love how people are comparing Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League. Yet they don't give a shit to the similarities between them. Previous Thor movies were shit. So is the case with Justice League. But now both will be redeeming themselves.
Damla Altunbaş
tianming liu
Macie Gregory
Thor is ugly
Winzerz Balosbalos
This is not the first time hulk talk. back at The Avengers 1 he said "Puny God"
how did she destroy thor's hammer
Jeremy Burlingame
my boy with the fade
Balance Spinner
What do u mean by yesterday?
Ben Bradbury
'I'm not a queen, or a monster. I'm the Goddess of death! What were you the God of again?' Okay bitch hold my beer...
vic stenge
I have a feeling this movie will not complete the trilogy.
Attention To Detail Electronics
i have not seen anyone mention the easter egg at 1:07. Look close.... Hela and the Executioner are in the bifrost room on Asgard. Behind them you can see Heimdall's sword in the center and he looks to be flat on his back dead at the base of it.
Knight Enderman 28
Emily Charlotte
I just want to know what happened to Odin after Loki pretended to be him at the end of the 'dark world'.
Pablo Xelhuantzi
Si esta película termina como toda una desepsion como ironman 3 me muero
Branch Troll
Nothing is surprising in this movie.
Gary Rome
Hmmmm. Thor might get the thorforce (the odinforce) Odin might die
Skylar Shove
Loki you need to put your daughter in time out
Captain America
Okay so Thor found Banner. Good.
Monster Mousse
Let me guess!
" The World is changing. "
" I'm putting together a team. "
Yeah yeah yeah.........
DC: our justice league trailer remains unmatched fellas.
Marvel: lol hold my beer bitch and ill so you what unmatched looks like
diego d
Cycle Motor
Can't wait for this movie to fail at the story level.
fahd s
I'm surprised Hulk knew the word "smoldering". Isn't he supposed to speak simple small words like "Hulk smash" or "Hulk tired" or "Hulk is strongest there is"
lady gaga
Lokiiiiiiiii 😍
Alan Lucas
Can't Wait!
Eric Rivas
Who else just wants to watch this movie because of the Hulk?
David Summers
This should have been world war hulk. :(
Rishit's Dazz
Coming out on my birthday!
The music. Is the tits!
Book Phile
This new theory popped up in my mind. THANOS is the literal guardian of the infinity stones. Tessaract, Aether, Necklace, Orb, Scepter are found and known. But what about H and the soul stone?? People suggest that Heimdall or Hela could have it. It is possible. They both signify the color orange and also are very powerful. It could also be in Mjolnir. But could this be possible? HULK HAS THE SOUL STONE!!!! Look... I know it sounds absurd but this is also a possibility. Hulk could have the soul stone. Heimdall, Hela and Hammer all have the letter H in their initial. And so does Hulk. So could Hulk be the Soul Stone Protector.
Prakhar Saxena
This trailer is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Queen of Darkness
I wonder how many people are now realizing Hela is lokis daughter
Does that mean thor can't fly anymore?!!
1:28 Cylons!?
Mad Hatter
I hate to admit it, but Thor: Ragnarok will fail at the story level.
sweet lover
I'm sorry but Thor: Ragnarok is not worth watching in the big screen.
Damn this movie has some kick ass visual design. Everything is colorful but not too noisy. New characters look distinct and the old ones look fresh. Still not quite sure about the very light tone they're going for, but I'm certainly excited to see more.
Simon Bond
Magic sword soundtrack!!
Kal- El
Every superhero needs a love interest and a romantic element in order to keep them grounded, and also to give us all hope that anyone can find someone. Superman has Lois Lane, Spider-Man has Mary Jane Watson, and Thor has Jane Foster. In Thor’s solo movies, Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, was built up to be Thor’s great love, and his real reason that he wants to keep coming back to Earth and protect it. Even in the comic books, Jane Foster is an important part of Thor’s story. Not just being his girlfriend, Jane Foster actually becomes the new Thor when Thor finds himself unworthy of the title and power.

However, over the course of the last few MCU movies, Jane Foster has disappeared. What started off as the biggest love story within the MCU has suddenly been swept under the rug as if it never happened. We’re not saying that we need Jane Foster in Thor: Ragnarok, but for continuities sake, the lack of Jane Foster needs to be addressed so we can have some much needed closure!
So we know everything in this movie, no more suspense...
Your Welcome
1:23 I though thor trow loki out of the window xD
mary grace
Thor: Ragnarok will fail as a movie.
Abishek Wolves
Hema Karthik
Great dude
wow just wow!! the whole thing looked and sounded amazing best thor yet!
Is it wrong that I get this excited about seeing Fenrir?
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