Teach Drawing to Kids, How to Draw House with Water Colour

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Teach drawing 2 house with pink and purple proof and coloring slowly for children to learn and follow. This is fun clip for kid so many things i colored not following reality.
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Ya Nik
bagus sekali
Quynh Thu
Nice House!!!!
jihane jiji
Habeebs Habeebs
creunice martinspassos
eu adorei
Thang Vu
cau ve sai roi lam gi ong khoi to the
рая алимбетова
Very good drawing
Fatima Fatima
how you did this you are very (smart)
Anush Yaranushian
Nice Drawing :)
pony dễ thương mimi
chị tô màu đẹp quá em học lớp 3 chị học lớp mấy
SAILANY Coloring Kids
Wow it colorful i like it also us
Lucas Lei
Nice i love your drawing
adriano souza
Adorei o que você fez parabéns
JoeyLee Gaming
óng khói mà to quá dậy
KiWi Family
beautiful house
Hailey Mallett
I like your video it was colorful it has my favorite color in the video. you color will good and neat and i Subscribed to your video.
zafer kotyora
Duong Thi Hanh Nguyen thai nguyen
chj oi rat dep em thjch :)
Lily Quotel
Le rose est trop jolie goud
Gaming with Matt
the sky is blue...not the birds!!😂😂😣😣
Adi Hemraj
nice drawing
LPS Pikachu TM
so cool
The Black Craft
muito benito o desenho amei de. ❤
kratae love za za channel
poonam arya
a nice house
Taher Abu
Good video
Kanchan Gupta
painting is good 👌👌👌👌
Quang Anh Phung
quá chuẩn
Kanchan Gupta
painting is good 👌👌👌
Mohd Arif
very very good drawing but, wet
Mohd Arif
so,nice is a so good drawing a house very very good😃😃😃😃😃
Nguyễn Ngọc
vẽ đơn giản mà nhìn rất đẹp, cảm ơn bạn
DAVE Channel
Nice house!!!
Very good drawing!
Trantuan Nha
cách vẽ của bạn sai rồi !
Preschool Crafts
Another great video
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