Andrew Parry
Great talk, and that skeleton is brilliant (think I'll take a screenshot actually)!
Ashley Murphy
Amazing! Thank you for this! I am to an artist and even written two books!!!! My struggle was real in grade school and even still struggle as an adult! But I will not back down from my passions!!!! My now eight grader struggles. I encourage her daily!
Yeah, everyones dyslexia is different.. but it's funny how much effort it going into dyslexic children where she's from 😮
I don't remember anyone caring about my dyslexia. Dropped out of school at the age of 17 because well, 2 of the 3 "important" classes were language related, so if you are dyslexic, sucks for you. To be fair, i never cared about school.

But now, i still suck at reading.. But writing works fine, probably because i have been chatting a lot with foreigners in the past 13 years or so.
I study Mathematics and Physics, study Japanese in my free-time and want to keep studying new languages.
Sure, u can't read at all, but thats no reason not to speak a language.

Maybe reading this makes it sound easy, but no, every single day is annoyingly frustrating, especially exams in mathematics and physics are extremely hard, and the next one, i am almost certain i can't pass, no matter how much i study.

I don't think that dyslexia is as bad as everyone says, everyone is different and we all should find our way of doing the things we want to do. 😄👍
(btw, english is my 3rd language, so there is probably really no reason to not study languages for dyslexic people.. just don't give up)
I struggle with dyslexia, and all special ed teachers that I have meet have been the worst people I have ever met, I have cried my self to sleep and I crude in the morning even the thought of going to school made be want to cry, I was in 2 grade, I prayed to god that I would get so sick that I would miss school. Even to say In middle school I hate having to stand up and walk to a different room just to get a "little bit" more help
Paul M
Dyslexia for me is reading a book (which takes me months) then not remembering what it was about. Learning is hard for dyslexics but we compensate by generally being better at feeling, reading body language and interpreting social situations. I have it. its really hard. you do double the work just to keep up. but then you realize.. who am i keeping up with?? that when you start to make your own way in life and realize dyslexia is the freedom from rules laid down by math and physics.... if we can think it we can do it!
Arabella Hunt
dyslexic john
i am Dyslexic to but we can do it i have a you tube channel and it helps me if you like to see it type in Dyslexic john i love sun help
Frankie Stevenson
Piper you are inspiring
Matt Pendse
mine is time tables and anolog time as a constent confusion +
ryan bruhn
how old is she
Isabelle Adauto
I know how she feels becuase I have Dyslexia
Bethany Parker
i have dyslexia and i remember being taught to reed and constantly getting told "stop guessing it just reed it"
Кирилл Савин
Я дислексик !!! посмотрел в переводе и заплакал ... это про меня ! я не один )
Sakthivel Ganesan
I am Dyslexic and I used Spell check 😇 just now.
Lucila loki Loki
Most people sey im sorry for you when I tell them im dyslexic I tell them dont be sorry some other people sey o do like being dyslexic I tell the im not ashamed im proud cus that means im different and im glad I am
+ im happy to be more creative then normal people some tims I love being dyslexic
Amanda Arteno
it is not called dyslexia in CA, but SLD (specific learning disability) because if it is called dyslexia, public edu would have to provide scientifically based strategies. CA is the worst.
hi my name is Annette and my best friend is struggling with dislexia in all of her classes and was feeling like she was alone so I got online and sent her this video of Piper that I have watched before and she listioned to it like 6 or 7 times she wrote a letter to Piper but doesn't know an email address or post address she could send it to could you possibly give me one of those?
rafaela moreno
how do you know your dislexia
rafaela moreno
how do you know your dislexia
Great speech. I was recently diagnosed with high dyslexia. My dyslexia is definitely a different story. I'm horrible at English/reading courses but accel in math and music. My whole life I've had questions about every little detail that I don't understand. Eventually stress led me astray. I thought everyone else was like this. My way of coping with it was finding patterns and highlighting them in my brain and reproducing them. Eventually I LEARNT everything this way, but it only took me so far. English in high school was a nightmare that led me to the testing. Anyways, I hope you fellow dyslexics find some answers eventually. All it takes is imagination.
Wendy Palmer
beautiful I agree
luis lechuga
so cool dude
luis lechuga
best ever
Brendan Junn
have to do a worksheet on this and I'm sitting here thinking any one can do a ted talk. even I could do one of these and i have anxiety so all i have to do now is get a speech and there i go. just so every one knows i FUCKING hate ted talks!
Precediha Dangerfield
I was like, she didn't spell onions wrong. Lol
Dah Dream
Woot <3
Jenn Nixon
Thanks so much for your story. My son is in 3rd grade and was just diagnosed. I appreciate being able to see how far you can go if you set your mind to it. Hope all is well with you pursuing what you love!
Yasmin Bahaoui beatrice
i love this video thank you!!!!!!
Jahneral Hines
Wow! she is telling my whole life!!!!
augden fischer
I was diagnosed with dyslexia in kindergarten. I was lucky enough to be told I can do whatever I want. So in the fall of 2018 I will be attending mechanical engineering school at the University of Kansas. There was a TED Talk I saw about dyslexia. He said there are fore things dyslexics are really good at. Engineering, Entrepreneur Architecture, and the Arts.
Yeah, I too have dyslexia. Honestly what helps me the most is to read books... Lots and lots of books. From this I have noticed that I'm succeeding in school... In fact I was in the lowest class for English, math, and science... I even needed an extra teacher my freshmen year of high school. but now.... I'm in the highest classes (besides English lol) but trust me. Find a good book it'll help you so much.
Huffie Huffie
Thanks. Try standing up spelling test Days of the week. in the 1990 Am. Last one standing. I win now. Flat out work. Cash in. Ha keep ya computer. And pens . Old. School
Gavin Moran
i have dyslexia why its not fair people call me stupid
Silver Bear
Wish it was that easy. It's shit like this that makes people without dyslexia think that it can be overcome. It really can't. It'l always be there.

Dyslexics have to prove themselves every day to the people around them.

Most of the natural talents that dyslexics have are superior to "normal" learners, but in order to have a chance to prove it, dyslexics are required to prove what they are the worst at. And that = fail, start over.
Jamie sparkes hollows
i love this girl sounds just like me hehe
conrad 03211
Ally B
i have dyslexia
Justin Linn
I learned that I was Dyslexic in 8th grade, but I had bean home-schooled and had already learned to read over five years of pure struggle. I am trying not to be ashamed of how I cant sequence very well. I had a teacher introduce me to typing who has found I love poetry. I have written more than 160 poems over the span of two years. This is on-point and true in every aspect. I also do wood working (exact replicas of Legolas's blades) , drumming and inventing.
NotWritingFor Flowers
Thank you for sharing this!!!
absolutely beautiful speech
Balika Kamble
thank you piper.
Michelle Greene
Hi Piper, I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are to my 11 year old daughter Payton. She has watched this video so many times. I have also shared this with many of her teachers you really make us all understand what you & Payton struggle with. She has Dyslexia & Dyscalculia too. Thank you!!!! Your a true inspiration to all of us!!
Ethan van der Heyde
words are stupid dyslexia is great, silly fucking world
I have dyslexia and I can relate to everything she said! I have found the thing that I am most passionate about and that is helping people I am a disability support worker.
me eating
I hate myself because I have dyslexia
Queen Maine
Hello to everyone that is dyslexic including me don't let anyone bring you down you are not stupid don't ever think that even though you might think that your not. I have mild to severe dyslexic I didn't even know I had it until 1st grade when I got tested.
Maddie Laugh out loud
I have dyslexia and I'm in year 8 and I still cannot do my 4 times tables
Natalie Watson
I just wanted to say that I heard your description of the struggle it is to write a card to someone, and was overjoyed! That is the exact same process I have to go through every time someone has a birthday, or Christmas comes around, or when ever I need to write something that everyone else does without thinking.I told my friend about you, and she looked at me like I was mad! It was so lovely to hear that I am not alone! Keep going, Best of luck! x
I found out after i failed 2nd grade and lost most of my friends to embarrassment, funny since i moved in there the year prior.
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