The Game Theorists
Now we wait to see if Scott updates his site again...
Well, there's really only one thing left to do to close everything off.
The puppet. We need to go back to the original location in FNAF 6 if it ever comes.
Dylan Drosick
Just feels like the loose ends are too plentiful and large in size to call this the last, like we did, dontchya think?
Troll outta nowhere
Rayquaza Tuber
The Life Of Piña & Paco
Game theory can you reverse the fnaf 2 Bridge is fall = mike killed them all that enough mike killed them all thats enough
Aiden Corral
Hopefully MatPat will read this, but in fnaf4, we see that the crying child is getting bullied by an older brother. Since this is the story of the aftons, what happens to the older brother that bullies the crying child? It’s definitely not Michael Afton because he would’ve already been scooped and purple. And even if he hasn’t turned purple during that time. Notice the height difference between the brother that bullies the crying child and Michael. Michael is a lot taller than the brother shown in fnaf4. That might put a little bit of a dent in this theory, but then again, I could be wrong.
Terra Aeronsdottir
Scott updated his site!!! Check it out:
Nick 99
If funtime freddy is german are you a polish person suffering by a diesease witch makes you not trust electronics
Vinicius Nogueira Batista
Devo ser o unico br aqui
mike sckrimit
No I'm a 21 year old prick not the son of purple guy
Super Mario Banana
New teaser of Freddy juggling pizza's on
Roostormchaser 24
You messed up night 6 comment is from fnaf 2 7:27
ThatGuy LastGuy
Wait Chica WAS In FNAF SL When You Ballora Get Scooped YOU'RE STUFFED INSIDE HER That's Why Animatronic In FNAF 4 ARE SPRINGLOCKS
Shadow bolt haseo
ok I had to pause the video to say best way to start a video ever
pichu 227
"The FINAL Theory!" Yea NO
Zavier Tamarapa
ennard in_ers
Tony Stark
So do the toy animatronics have souls in them or what?
doobie bermstein
lolbit is in chica's band btw
What is the 4th Paragraph?
Marcus Powell
Jeez, Scott planned these games way far in advance.
Little Steve
is it a technical mistake that Every time you die In Fnaf 2 It shows the fnaf 1 fredy while your wearing the helmet
IsrraGM 39
well if it not is a 100% explanation to the story of the game i think you have the 80 to the 90% of the story of the game you are good in the job you do i well like to see more of this sooo here is a new suscriber YOU ARE GREAT
Devon Flynn
So does this mean youre abandoning the theory you did about FNAF 3 detailing the Bad Ending was the ending that lead up to the events of FNAF 1 and on? You did make some pretty clear points about why it was the bad and true ending? The way I see it, this means Michaels trip to the FNAF 1 location is completely useless because he already finished his task. Unless you're implying that the souls he frees in the good ending are different from the ones in FNAF 1. Could be nothing, its just a small glaring detail I don't quite understand.
brayancool Michaeldash
I have a fnaf 4 who is the kid that is in the foxy mask Michael or a different kid
kdawg cool man
Chica is not in because chicas party world was before
A couple things...

And William Afton IS Springtrap. It's said in the books. I don't care if scott said they weren't canon but.... yeah

this whole thing made me think.... I've had to rethink everything I ever thought I knew about fnaf. And that's alot.

You are great Matt Patt!! Keep doing what you're doing, fnaf or not! 😁😆
I don't give a fuck
James Jordan
3 years later... still making cringe fnaf videos
I MEANT PHONE GUY!!! Is he really Afton?
I was once told that Afton could be purple guy but The phone guy doesn't even seem to have an accent like Afton's. Don't we hear his voice in SL?
Five Nights Vloging Channel
6:51 What about nightmarrionet
Mystical Duck
10:35, how about that movie they were making?
Mystical Duck

50 years later... OK GUYS I'VE GOT IT THIS TIME!!!
Please read this FNAF theory! It's super amazing & so detail, it might be useful for your FNAF videos!
PixelatedPoet365 -
Freddy fuzzbar fanboy right here
What about Henry?
Arissa Mangewala
Rebecca Walters
That intro was not necessary... it's night matpat,I'm scared matpat jeez
I thought Micheal Was Springtrap because they confuse him to be purple guy so he became springtrap and he the one who said "I'm going to find u" as in he gonna to hunt down purple guy
George Gabriel
Was the bite of 87 real
Dashing Gamer The Awesome Gamer
Hey MatPat you know how purple guy (William afton) his daughter gets scooped in fnaf sl and fnaf sl is before fnaf 4 in the timeline But I know why the animatronics are at the house the funtime animatronics are shut off at aftons house but the nightmare animatronics are also shut off but they randomly turned back on but they shut of at 6 am but they turn back on at 12am the funtime animatronics are shut off because William afton (purple guy) or micheal afton is trying to get his daughter of baby I know so surprising btw Matpat keep up the good videos Please reply and tell if you believe this or not I think this is true do you? BUT HEY THAT'S JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY. One more thing this is the longest comment I ever posted.
Naveen Boodoo
Can someone who understands the whole timeline explain it to me? I understood up until these 2 videos, so can someone help me?
Sean Coker
The story of this game makes you almost forget that this is a pizzeria
Elizabeth Thomas
Love the intro XD
Joseph Bugeja
Ever since Scott Cawton updated his websites the moment part 1 of this FNAF theory came out I’ve just been thinking about this video all the time. Lol because it must be true at this point.. 🤣😂🤣😂
Bryanna Rayne
Ive... Left the FNaF fandom.... I might come back... I'M MISSING OUT ON SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
Pusheen 07
Wait so at the end of fnaf 4 when plush Fredbear is talking to the crying child, it's William Afton (aka father) speaking? I've always thought it was his older brother (Michael Afton) apologizing along with the other kids in the masks. Or is it just that one line, "I will put you back together"?
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