The REAL Stories & Origins Behind 5 Famous Disney Movies

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The Disney company have produced hundreds of films over the years and as you may already know there has always been a lot of dark rumours flying around about the origins of some of their films. Well some of those rumours are true because a few popular disney films are based on very unusual stories and tales. So from the dark original story of Pinocchio that sees him get tortured, burnt and hung to the original tangled which has a much different ending and even the true historical story behind Pocahontas. Here are 5 Disney films that were inspired or based off unusual & true, rather dark stories. 

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Emma Anderson
Rapunzel means lettuce in german.
Ra Given
read the original slice and wonderland she was eating mushrooms
Francesco Spina
The repunzlel one was in the movie into the woods, but not all only the thorn parts
Moral of the story? Back in the day people didn't raise their children to be weak.
Minnie Hopo
I heard the original Snowhite before the disney version. Remember it clearly, being horrified at that she was dropped out of her casket. I don't like the Disney versions of just about any of the stories. They feel merely plagiarized . Most Hollywood stuff is.
I'm forced to say that people overanalyze Winnie the Pooh.
Galaxy. Tv
Pocahontas's story is soo changed... its fucked up I had American history they only cover that section only a day
Galaxy. Tv
lol dancing in fire lol
Celeste Montelongo
am a native American
Crazy Donut
I knew the original snow white story lol. There is a german channel for kids on tv called KIKA where they show movie versions of the original storys every sunday. I'm german btw and watched them when I was a child haha
Nacy Vang
they should just have kept the original story
Gwen Peltier
Andrea Levy
what's a pooh
I like trains🚃🚃😀
Raven Scamander
The original Rapunzel is in Into the Woods
The Blu Fedora//Gaming Adventures
my childhood was a lie :(
thizz Nutss
i have a book of the brothers grimm
FreyaPlayz Connolly
I read the real story of rapunzuel as well
Where is the little mermaid because the real story is by a Danish writer called Hans Christian Andersen and the story is from the late 1800. The story is so popular that Walt Disney got a copy of the real version of the little mermaid in Denmark at his grave.
Avaree Tuft
I've read and listend to all of these I know the difference
Danny P.
Little Lungs in a Great Big World
Taylor King
I get chills watching his creepy vids I don't know why it happens it just does.
Taylor Benedict
I read the second story in a history book XDDD
Piesle e
3:29 "was renamed Rebecca"
Me: ThAtS mY NAme
Derp _
my old class watched the original rapunzel and it was awkward because we were all nine
xXNawfal - PlaysXx
I thought everyone knew about the rupunzel one
KCCX5 comments
OK late to the party again .
I have learned of the origins of children's fairy tales and yes almost all were never written as happily ever after .
Some were quite gruesome .
But psycho analyzing Winne the Pooh goes a little (lot) to far.
I mean hell if you look at anything in life you can psycho analyze it till your heart desire and come up with which ever conclusion you want to .
María Cancio
I already knew the story of Pocahontas. I learned it in Social Studies.

Oh god...
J Mac Hero
I know Pocahontas' dies when she is 22. I already learned that before I watched the Disney movie!
mollina kaul
My mom used to tell me the real story of rapunzal when i was small... i never knew it was the real one..
Um. Actually with Snow White, the prince rapes the princess while she's asleep/dead. Then later wakes up when she gives birth.
Bobbi Blare
Wait I think I've heard of the story about Rapunzel...
John Kenny
Check Shelley Longs 1980s series tall tales and legends for a similiar version of rapunzel in a childrens story
morris stanback
I'm 28 years old and I wanna see a episode of Winnie the Pooh seem interesting
morris stanback
alot of Disney's movies be sad like hunchback,lion king, etc I can go forever
Game Masta
do NOT call my disorder a mental one.
ADHD is just something that i, along with millions of other people, live with. some take meds, some don't. its not like we are retarded, ok?
ZxCalvin Gamer12
Poor Pinocchio
enzo s. flojo gaming
guys you dont know one thing in frozen parents is going to reponsel wending and tarzan is the brother or elsa and anna
Fernanda Alarcon
Lya Flame Music,Mlp,Gaming
My ChildHood is................GONE!!! IM HAVING NIGHTMARES :CCCC
Rodgamingboy Channel
i know the story behind repunzel
Kevin Eontrainer
10.000 Degrees shoes was a thing back then huh
Waffle Cat
the rapunzel one messed me up
Keith Bukowski
These are all the Grim Brothers stories U IDOIT because they make a lot of Disney stories dark.
Squishy Emotions
Leivaii 花屋
I laik scary shit like this 0w0
the professional loser
When will you guys realize that they are kid-afiing this for kids, not adults. You make it sound like Walt Disney wanted to give kids nightmares. Tarzan, for example, is not originalally from Walt, so what's wrong with the others?
xX_Jackie _Xx
Have you guys ever noticed that when the Live action "Into The Woods" actually uses the real story of "Rapunzul" (I think thats how you spell it) and shows everything that happened in the story (Almost everything) and I told my friends/Family and they didn't believe me until I told them the real story of "Rapunzel"
Hannah Faith
I heard the Snow White one🙊
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