The REAL Stories & Origins Behind 5 Famous Disney Movies

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The Disney company have produced hundreds of films over the years and as you may already know there has always been a lot of dark rumours flying around about the origins of some of their films. Well some of those rumours are true because a few popular disney films are based on very unusual stories and tales. So from the dark original story of Pinocchio that sees him get tortured, burnt and hung to the original tangled which has a much different ending and even the true historical story behind Pocahontas. Here are 5 Disney films that were inspired or based off unusual & true, rather dark stories. 

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Justus Warner
snow white ccccccccccocaine ohhhhh yeah baby let Dr rockso have some
Bolbi Stroganovsky
he didnt attempt to kill himself, ive read the original, the witch pushed him.
Zachary Byrum
You forgot the part where Pinocchio bit off the cat's paw, that got me in the heart and love for my bay-boos!!!
Jesse Dewdrop
I feel so German for knowing all of the originals:(
jorge montejo
the donkey is emo
Kaitlin Read
I heard that in sleeping beauty (The original) The prince's kiss doesn't wake her but he rapes her when she is sleeping. Sleeping beauty wakes up with the horrific pain of childbirth. Not sure if it is correct but I've heard it a lot.
JustChxll !
I'm tiger then :v
Jack Senpai
disney lol not creative at all cant make their own characters
Aditya Shrestha
Most cartoon characters have the above-mentioned disorders. It's normal.
Kyese Ng
I actually thought the iron shoes were for cinderella's stepmother from the film aschenputel lol too many grim brother's stories
And also sleeping beauty was raped in her sleep and woken up by giving birth
Yk Arika
Damn Pinocchio 🤥
shaily dre Serrano
My crush is in austrailia and I'm in Canada
Bella H
The Rapunzel one kind of reminds me of the movie Into The Woods
The Asian Boys
I lagit have the original Pinocchio in my house.
amelia marin
I have heared Winnie the Pooh was a real bear in the woods and killed many people who passed through the woods.He opened their heads and ate their brain but always his hand would stuck inside and the heads are supposed to be the honey jars and the honey their brains.That is very dark I think.
Flexible Spider
I knew about rapanzul thx to into the woods
Vampire Love
I read Pinocchio in school with my classroom,I was so sad when i read that part
Kayla Laverdiere
Would have never thought Pinocchio and Winnie the Pooh had such dark stories behind them
Hyena123 bonbongs
I already new Pocahontas story because of history class
Lela Warren
Soccer love 652
Ok so that means If I was ever a story book then I would have to be tiger because I have ADHD lolz 😂
xXToxic FuryXx
Everyone knows that Pocahontas was a real person...
Breanna Paez
Pinocchio was always disturbing to me for some reason. I could barely watch it as a child, it made me nervous. Now hearing the true story, I'm even more traumatized
Elements of Amy X
I wish the original Pinocchio had a film
I thought Pocahontas was raped......THE MORE U KNOW
Lichmie Osborne
winnie scared me the most
Lichmie Osborne
the rapunzel on i lived on already
Lichmie Osborne
mykela bootch
whatis life
Kai Zoldyck
The Tangled or repubzle The Real story my Teacher told me the whole story The prince did Got Blind and The witch cut her hair
The Tangled or repubzle The Real story my Teacher told me the whole story The prince did Got Blind and The witch cut her hair
Twenty Øne LPS Døggøs Øfficial
Hello welcome to the hotel of the comments :)


In fourth grade my teacher read the little mermaid by the Brothers Grimm and by the time that she finished the book every kid in my class was crying like OMG what the hell we were fourth-graders we were like 9!!!!!!!!!!
Ciel Phantomhive
I grew up with the original story of Rapunzel, the prince doesn't attempt suicide but the witch cuts the hair and Rapunzel saves him by crying on his eyes
Anna Anderson
in Pinocchio a lot of disturbing things, has anyone noticed how Chloe fish in the aquarium, turns the two stones as if to imply two tombstones, for cat and pinocchio father , this occurs at the moment when Geppetto inside the whale, and says that they will die of hunger
Love this creepy real shitt
catherine chhangte
snow white movie : price sees a corpse in the forest.....kisses it
In Germany the real stories of Rapunzel and Snowwhite are thought to you, and I think there perfectly fine for children.
Sein Maestro
what is up with his hands at 9:59?!?!?
Cameron Hawk Da Neko
I wanna see the originals
Who else?
Wes Bevers
OMG dude I can't stop laughing at the Pinocchio book then how the calmly this dude says all the Whinnie the Poo characters have disorders 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I really dunno how he said all this w/o laughing 😂😂 I lost it when Pinocchio got his legs set on fire
PurpleTea Rose
I never really watched disney as a kid, so i basically only grew up with the original versions. At the end of ariel i was like "why didn't she die?!". Also i may be mistaken, but the way you say "dame gothel" makes it sound like the "dame" is part of her name, but "dame" actually is german for something like "lady", you could have just said "gothel" or "lady gothel". Sorry if someone already said that.
_ ThatOneAsian _
Am I the only one who came from the Ponokio thumbnail with Ponokio hanging himself in the original...
Sanjose Sanmiguel
Top 5 do 5 creppy stories
gothic moondance
i knew all of the real stories
Taj tube
I only knew the original rapunzel till now!
Olivia Weston
Does anyone know Jinxyouowemeasoda's channel? I can't find the right one
Rolando Arabit III
I learned about pochahantis
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