Germany also had a huge rise in crime 6:00
John Lavelle
This was so good. John Oliver. Royal turtle!
Hissam Ullah
It baffles me when Poland, one of the four countries after US, UK, Australia was the one that invaded Iraq and destabilised the region yet they are the first to complain about refugees. Nothing hurts me more than the hypocrisy.
Nathan Jora
Ah... John oliver, you know France's population actually grow ? (without refugees)

in fact, demographic projections say that French will be numerous than Germany well before the end of the century ^^
GuyDude DudeGuy
Please dont scroll further into the comments. They are all in favor of immigrants destroying the founding cultures of nations.
GuyDude DudeGuy
if slovakia doesnt want muslims perhaps thats because it wants preserve its culture. Thats perfectly fine they owe them nothing.
Burnin Colours
Muslims are trash
Ghost Stefan
John Oliver should be ashamed of himself.He dosent say anything about the downsides of having a huge amount of migrants come into Europe.
The rape rate in Sweden grew with 1000% , rap your head around that , there have never been more terror attacks then at this point in history.
And he forgot to mention that people are losing their jobs to allow migrants to work in their place , people get kicked out of their houses. How can you say that in brings more advantages to have migrants come to Europe and lets not forget about the fact that you left Europe , your ideas of UK and the EU are the ones that existed before you left. I dare you to go to the UK or anywhere in Europe like Sweden , Germany , France and see whats happening on those streets. You dont know the pain people are going through to help migrants and its a wonderful thing but enough is enough .
I am not saying that all migrants are radical but seeing as most of them are muslim and knowing the fact that muslims are very strict about their religion and culture , they will want to enforce their religion and culture upon europeans. And as a person that lives in Europe which sees that the future of Europe is dark and grimm.
I as a proud european will not stand idle while this is happening
29k people can go suck a big dick
Adrian Jutronich
Just wait until that girl goes all Tio Salamanca on your asses.
Nick G
I like this show but it's annoying that all their news references come from CNN. Unless they are taking piss then it's fox.
Dorka Berecz
I'm Hungarian and I felt so bad watching this. Definitely, our prime minister is a big douchebag, he & the government supported this migrant-hating campaign and a lot of us didn't agreed on that. That's not a policy we want to represent, but this is what happens when a leader is racist & uneducated to understand the case. Also, Hungary's population is decreasing because Hungarians constantly leave our country, so yeah, we would certainly need those migrants. :/
Josie Smith
Oliver wants a bunch of soldier age men who won't fight for their own country and people, let alone respect ours. What does he care? He's British and probably voted to stay in the EU.
Josie Smith
It's not racism. Sir, you are a disservice to our country, what Are you doing here anyway? Go back to Britian with the other guy.
Refugees Destroying culture
Friendly Turret
I don't agree with Trump normally but he was right when he said that every country's leader should put their country first. To the German government, a proper German is the most valuable person. Humans aren't equal and never will be.
Ryan Armitage
May I mention Finland was by s part of this piece. It’s a wonderful country!
Top four of the comments are specifically about the girl. Cherrypicking is still extremely effective, and that's not a good sign. I mean, come on people, it's C U R R E N T Y E A R
http://abcnews.go.com/International/soap-opera-stars-make-syrian-refugees-dream-true/story?id=34111914 she got the news! <3
Fuck you Jorn Oliver you l
Kike puppet
Danasia Oakley
cant beleive the camera woman kicked the girl and now she can't walk
xiaoming berserker
We should take care of the weaks like children, handicapped people and women BUT the young males in capacity should be helped fighting and rebuilding their COUNTRIES like all other countries did ! The migrant crisis is firstly a new type of crisis because this time every factors concerning migration are extremely combined and our globalized states can't deal with an efficient integration policy (terrorist attacks in Europe are mainly caused by the last generations between 1960-2010 who were not well-integrated).
so why don't you open U.S. border then? me as eu citizen flying to US with visa and all shit I went through to check if I will not destroy US in those 2 weeks I will be there I'm threated like a f-cking drug smuggler and asked by some idiot on airport why I'm comming what I will be doing who i will be seeing and this country is asking why we don't want here some people from 3rd world without ANY checks? YOU MUST BE JOKING!!!
Leander Varma
There is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants
alan issa
11:00 totaly right i am a reffugee in germany and i start working now in one of the biggst companys
Why U didnt said that this wave of ppl was provoke by USA?
Francis Xavier Langley
Europe should have not accepted the immigrants because the vast amounts of immigrants is overwhelming, some large countries should have gave a portion of their land to the immigrants.
go fight the war dont run
Umar Butt
When God asked Hitler to share a bunk bed in Hell with that camera woman when she dies he said: "No way, she is a child kicker. Not even I would kick a child. She is pure evil. Can you give me Sepp Blatter instead?"
Karloman Elbers
Disgusting - a brit living in america telling europe what to do ... ever thought that a declining population is best for an overpopulated world that's being automatised more and more
Skylar Grey
It’s not a migrant crisis dumbass it’s a refugee crisis. Migrants choose to leave their homes for economic opportunities, refugees have to leave because of armed conflict or persecution.
ا لفوز
One doesn't have to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Turkey from Syria
This is propaganda, dangerous propaganda.Europe is on the brink of war now between Merkel's Germany and Eastern Europe.Economically collapsed and Good help us, but there seems there is not any light at the end of the tunnel, but hey Islam is still robbing and destroying everything Merkel allows
Constant Chaos
oh europ is unwelcoming to slightly darker people who want a safe place to live, calling them lazy dorty and physically harming them and their children? i guess ill alert the news, its not like this has been happening for hindreds of years to the roma and sinti
Damn it, that was good! You video really moved me. I whish najeen sees that video!
Rose Child
"Lazy and doesn't want to work" sounds like the same argument that has been made against many leftists also oddly enough there is also a bunch of arguments just wanting to using exstremist groups as saying that us and them are terrible groups even though that's really a wrong fact like the evidence shows that these dumb claims are very wrong
6.36 i am from the netherlands, and the idiot how says thar refugies are not welkom, is anti-islam and het isn't even in the cabinet (you google the dutch politics system yourself if you don't understand, its a really complex system i don't even undersant it that well, because)so he doesn't have aniting to say about the plans around the refugie crisis. And my persenal opinion is that i thinkt refugies should welkome and get better help because hey had to leave there homes because it isn't safe and when they get europe, they get in to really bad camps, can not work and have to wait 5 f*cking years to be even able to work and build a normal life! I think that is a horrable situation so europ please do something about it
Álvaro Pavón Quintana
John Oliver is the type of guy to thank a migrant for raping his wife
Álvaro Pavón Quintana
John Oliver is the type of guy to thank a migrant for raping his wife
Susanne Mbise
East Africa alone has hosted more than 2million refugees in 2016. They have welcomed refugees and even naturalised some of them in the course of more than 50 years. Yet most of these countries are considered underdeveloped.
"Developed" countries on the other hand close their borders and threaten the lives of those who need safety the most. "Who's developed?" I wonder sometimes...
Chris Strong
Push out your national identity by bringing in a culture that will not assimilate into your country. Smart.
John Oliver takes the lowest common denominator of refugees and acts like that represents them all.
John is safe and sound in his mansions while us, the common plebs, have to deal with the "refugees" crime, rape and terror attacks.
Maybe John should take a ton of "refguees" into his expensive mansions, he has the room.
The vast majority of "refugees" are not coming from Syria they are from North Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.
Wasn't this called the "Syrian" refugee crisis? So why are "refugees" coming from North Africa etc? This makes us cynical.
And the vast majority of them are fighting aged young males.
They should be home fighting for their country and not leaving their women and children behind like cowards. But the truth is they're coming to Europe to wage Jihad and war.
That's why you don't see women and children.

How you solve this crisis is take in women and children ONLY from Syria by vetting them properly.
The men should be fighting for their country like our ancestors had to do and make it safe for their families when they return from Europe from refuge.
It's insane to let 'em in. Send 'em back! They are mostly incompatible. You dipshit Oliver live in your ivory tower and don't have to deal with these murderous people.
jane schirn
How do you get 2.1 children 👶🏻 it comes out and you just see half of your baby and say "well there is point one of a baby I will cherish this forever won't I".
2 years later there is more than enough evidence that europe also imported islamic terrorism. The police stops so many terrorists, every couple of months somewhere in europe islamic terrorists kill people by gun, knife, truck,...

And: No offence, but the US has no social security system like for example Germany. Germany pays a lot of money: If you have nothing the government pays you complete health insurance, a flat and enough money to live from, private teaching for the kids, job education,... not to mention that schools and universities are free in general.
But Germany has a big problem. Low and middle class income is rapidly decreasing.
Therefore if your wife is not willing to work for religious reasons a family with kids almost certain takes much more money as they pay. So: yes, the average islamic immigrants (most don't speak german and have no job education) can impossible feed a family here. We already have mass unemployment in big parts of europe.
For that kind of families there is just no place in europe!

And we also don't need any immigration for demographic reasons. Middle europe is extremely dense populated. Just for comparison: Germany: 230 people per square kilometer, USA 30 people per square kilometer. It would not hurt at all to let this density shrink to a healthy level again.
Philippe Verhoosel
John oliver to be clear we the dutch DISLIKE Geert Wilders A LOT and disagree with him about everything he says
Nimish Bendre
What this show did for that girl is something I will never forget. Such awesomeness!!!
Angelika Kardos
I'm from Hungary and the problem is NOT the refugges/migrants it's the fact that we simply DON'T HAVE THE RESOURCES to help them, we can't even process them properly. We are one of the boarder-countries who has to accept them, process them and let them trough Europe, but we simply CAN'T DO IT. This leads to rising tensions and fear (see: the fence), and we don't have the money to help them "become part of society" (start working), because that would take decades. We don't have jobs for them, we don't have the resources/money to help them go and search for a job. I would gladly accept a family even into my home but we can't afford to help them on this scale. And I am truly sorry for that.
less people, better world
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