Migrants and Refugees: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Millions of migrants seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape. John Oliver does one admittedly tiny thing for one of them.

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Ashley Cramer-P
We actually have an aquarium in Scottsdale on the reservation which has a dolphin Meet-N-Greet, so yeah, dolphins CAN resettle in Scottsdale, Arizona!
Ken Smith
Ya ignore all the crimes those refugees are committing cause feelings right you left wing retards.
Heather Dhbf Ghost Jb
that was fucking awesome what they did for her!!
Ahmad Al-Kurdi
more than 20 thousand white entitled bigots who think they're superior to everyone and "the rightful owners of the country" disliked this video. the fear mongering, ignorance and marginalization portrayed in most American corporate media pundits is astounding. and the fact that the Fox news anchor added that it's "worth noting that the majority of refugees are Muslim" sheds light on the hypocrisy, fake "pro-life" slogans and manipulation of the country's amendment on religious freedom "conservatives" or the so-called selfish "rightwing" have in their agenda. they hate and can't stand any inclusive policy or call for tolerance and acceptance and keep on calling any person who makes sense "libtard" because they're established on the idea of imperialism and entitlement, that nobody else is right except for themselves and that they have the absolute right to do whatever the fuck they want as long as its not affecting their personal interests. I can never "discuss" or have a "civil discourse" with any so-called conservative who still has the audacity to oppose to equal liberties, basic human rights and hold prejudice against the (other). dear "rightwingers," you root for trump because you think he's representing the middle class blue collar white families in the south and Midwest? the new health care system is an absolute testiment of the contrary. your ego and need to dominate above the minorities' needs are not even serving you your goals anymore because of your blatant ignorance, refusal to educate yourselves and being unopen to welcome other perspective on important manners by holding on to the past. no matter how much you think your radical view points are taking control under this authority right now, the country is progressing and becoming more intelligent and tolerant everyday as much as your stupid one-sided serving bigoted arguments are becoming irrelevant.
Matthew Lillywhite
I have hope left for humanity in that last clip
Tóth-Nagy Gabi
i love this show but I find this piece a bit one-sided. Because it is very different to speak about it at the other side of the world and living in it. I'm really against my country's (Hungary) refugee politics but actually it is not the solution to let in everyone in without any control. There were many attrocities both side in the refugee camps. I know it first hand because I worked at Röszke for 2 months as a legal helper for refugees. And the news are only about the Syrian refugees. What about the refugees from Ukraine? No one gives a s***t about them in the EU despite the fact they are much closer geographically and culturally to the EU. This is very huge hypocracy. I'm not against housing refugees. Most EU citizens don't. We are against letting people into our territory without any control. I dealt with people who tried to get into the EU with 3 different nationality without any official documents. And the safety of the EU citizens is primary.
Zuhair afsar
just cuz they say allahu akbar doesn't make them terrorists...its just terrorists often say that and now its associated with terror. Allahu akbar just means God is Great and its just praising God.
Shashank Patel
I loved all of the John Oliver's videos
But supporting Muslims, ehhh not much

Their Holy Book literally says to kill people who don't support Islam!!
Who was the fuck making bird noises the whole time.
Drew Mull
PLEASE tell me someone caught that girl's reaction to this video.
lilly anne
I don't understand where peoples minds are at. They're human first. They have hopes and dreams just like you, feel pain just like you, wishes to provide the best for their children and their family just like you, fear for their life just like you- but for some reason no one seems to recognize that. If you think that these people would be fleeing on a boat across an ocean to face racist, bigoted, assholes who dehumanize and attack them-even kicking their children-because they support Isis, the very thing they're fleeing from...I'm honestly baffled.
Shino Asada
Jumapeca Jumapeca
HELP!!!! All they do is harass us, scream at us to wear long skirts, cover our hair, when we don't their men try to feel us up; they harass our men too by trying to pick fights; they disrespect the elderly...EVERY SINGLE DAY. We give them housing, scholl, food, language classes, jobs, clothes....all they want is to impose their sharya laws and convert us all. HELP US, STOP PROTECTING THEM AND HELP THEM UNDERSTAND THEY NEED TO INTEGRATE, THEY CAN FOLLOW THEIR RELIGION INSIDE THEIR HOMES, LIKE ALL OF US, BUT NOT IN PUBLIC PLACES AND NOT IMPOSE THEIR RELIGIOUS LAWS ON US AND IGNORE OUR COUNTRIES LAWS!!!!!! HELP DEMOCRACY, FREEDOMS WE ALL WENT TRU WARS TO ACHIEVE!!!!
master asdf
that fucking swarm argument... Oliver... it is fucking terrifying what has the crisis brought in to Europe.
Kenny Boy
This has nothing to do with immigration (the Muslim. Saudi sponsored media wants it to be about immigration so they can more easily shout down dissonance) Immigrants from China, Japan, South America, certain parts of Africa and India are hard working and want a western style life with its laws/ culture. The problem is Saudi Arabia and Turkey encourage and basically export their citizens as a way to "softly" take over and use it's exported population to influence elections and policies . These powerful Muslim countries send them money, build their mosques, sponsor their demonstrations and protests and influence the corrupt governments of Europe to open the gates, pay off the media outlets to create politically correct mind thought that has brainwashed the media to the point where they will deny or cover up migrant crime and actually pretend that Islam is peaceful and great. The media's thought process has slowly become: "Islamic terrorism in Europe? Nope, nothing to see here, just some angry men acting out because they feel discriminated against, we need to bring more in."
Notice what happens when Muslims flood an area: Freedom of speech challenged, media calls those that call out the the flood of immigration and hardship on the environment racist and bigots. Sharia law is pressed for or argued for, the future generations of Muslims born in Europe become even more militant and religious, and the most fucked up part is these Muslims don't even work,lol. the welfare is drained and thus affects all aspects of society including the military.
It's a slow coup sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as other Muslim nations. and the end result of bringing in mass amounts of people who believe dearly in a book that proclaims hatred and sometimes death for apostates, non believers and those that question Islam, is homophobic, is sexist to the point that women are cattle and can be abused for being to mouthy, is so anti science that it's harmful, and is just all around fascist, will not be good. Wake up Europe, smash the chains of corruption and corrupt capitalism.
Why won't the United states accept all those immigrants?
Lots of moral high ground for the country that finances the insurgents in syria right after they destabilized half the middle east
Марик Урукхай
In the end you all be fucken by China and Japan. Because they don't give a fuck about such word as racism and islamophobia) So i'm going to learn chinese. Stay stupid and get your asses raped by your beloved mussies)
Марик Урукхай
ой! далбаёб!!!
Kate Murphy
I love you John Oliver for this
Jack Winter
the us dont get to say anything as they have taking in less than any european country
Person here from Hungary: I meet these xenophobe people everyday, and hear their irrational fears. It makes me sad and ashamed for being hungarian.
Big_Steve 380
But John, those skeletons looked very happy!
Seth Brand
Does anyone know if there is a video or something of the girl watching that clip? I need something to boost my faith in humanity
If you come for equal opportunity, if you come to respect and assimilate to the culture you join and be equal with your fellow human beings, then welcome with open and loving arms. If you come in any other terms. Don't come or get out or you'll find eventually steel and disease will drive you out.
ignorance is a curse.
He brings up some very good points, and refugees need help, but at the same time... Isn't it just a bit hypocritical giving this advice when you live in the USA, a country that pretty much single-handedly caused this refugee crisis in the first place and is adamantly refusing to help refugees themselves and constantly portrays them as rapists and terrorists in your news? Let other people clean up the USA's mess, is this the way this is going to work?
Szara Eminencja
this is the most ignorant John Oliver's video I have seen
the woman in Hungary kicked a kid meanwhile muslims are raping, torturing and even sometimes killing European people
LGBTQ community is in danger but for leftiests muslims are more important...
also poor Slovakia - small and rather poor country wants to protect their culture and borders - so islamophobic!
natalie chin
So funny seeing that idiot Polish parliamentary here, long before he said discrimimatory things about women too.
o Miranda o
Here are some statistics about muslim countries to clear up a few things for people:
-70% of Egiptians have positive or mixed feelings about bin Laden
-65%support strict sharia law
-73% support strict sharia law
-26% think that islamic suicide bombings of civiliand are sometimes justified
-80% think that sharia should become official law
-66% believe that honor killings of women are okay
-83% support implementation of sharia law in the justice sistem
-78% believe honor killings of women can sometimes be justified
-99% want sharia to be the law of the land

But thats just the middle east I hear you say, alright then, let's turn to the west shall we

-35% of french muslims believe suicide bombings can sometimes be justified
-78% think that cartoonists of Muhammad should be LEGALLY PROSECUTED
-13% say that violence against civillians in the name of Allah can be justified
-19% eiter support Al Qaida or have mixed feelings about it

Of course there are good,honest migrants but you can't expect te people of Europe to put on their rose tinted glasses and pretend that all muslim refugees are just wonderfull and tolerant. When you let people in without effective plans and procedures put in place, people are going to be angry and it's not okay to just call them racist or bigoted for having reasonable concerns you do not agree with.
Ahmar Saeed
This show gives me hope.
Liam Sweeney
Turkey's in Europe.
Brigitta Pilis
apologies for my country. greeting from Hungary
Jessica Miglani
I appreciate when this show points out bias and hypocrisy in the press and from governments; I don't appreciate it when it substitutes its own bias and hypocrisy. Focusing on a disabled female teenage Syrian refugee, for example, obscures the fact that 60-70% of the European migrants are, in fact, working age men [http://time.com/4122186/syrian-refugees-donald-trump-young-men/], many of whom are neither Syrian nor refugees. And I notice this show made the transition from "refugee" to "migrant" a few weeks ago rather seamlessly and without fanfare, probably out of realization that the pity-driven narrative it was pushing was too much. Slovakia's economy is in the toilet; if they don't want refugees, they should have that choice. It's also not illogical to ask to preserve its religious demographics, especially in a region where an upset to this balance might lead to another ethno-religious conflict as has historically occurred in the region: Serbia, Kosovo, former Yogoslavia... In this age, it's no longer acceptable to send masses (or swarms, or any other name that means the same thing: a lot of) people to just show up, demand entry, and rewrite a country's population demographics. That may have made more sense 2 generations ago, when there was space and when manual labor was the economic driver, but neither are true now. The root cause is the exceptionally high birth rate and lack of economic opportunities in the Arab world (most of which, lets not forget, has been rabidly anti-Western in its rhetoric for decades) . Let's focus on fixing that, not trying to browbeat the West into forgetting its self-interest.
egg plant
john really doesnt like the queen lol
Worrawit Dulyavitya
Get off my Trending u British cunt.
Ned B
Jeez, this guy is so out of touch...yeah, migrants is the answer for decreasing population? I would say a national governmental support for having children would be better. Plus why can't Europe take ppl from Latin America for example? Like look a all the terrorist attacks in those countries who support migration.
Greg Kosinski
i wonder how many refugees live near his house.
Hyper Matrix
Being able to go to any country you want is not a human right. Every country can decide who and how they want to take people in. Don't migration-shame countries. And there is nothing wrong or worrisome about Europe's populations going down.

If you really care about these refugees, focus on the countries that are causing these crises, like Saudi Arabia. Get them to stop funding ISIS/Al-Qaeda, and maybe force them to take in refugees from their own neighboring countries instead of forcing them all on Europe/The West.
Suyogs 66
some fake caliphate Will take place in Europe.....
music entertainmen
Jennifer Reeves
its literally just people yelling "God is Great"??? I hear christians yelling that all the time???

jfc people are weird
god i hate this asshole hate college for making me watch his dumb libtard ass
Well John Oliver, people will probably lsiten to you more once Middle East begins mass boycotts of EU and US products until the situation changes. They will realize that targetting Muslims will be more expensive than treating them fairly at least.
LEB 97
lebanon allowed 1.6 million of syrians..our country's population is 3 millions...yet we recieve alot of hatred from arabs!!! ...this why i love my country lebanon❤️...but there should be a law that ban them from giving birth to more than 1...am sorry syria that world has failed us😫😫
Max N
john o is a funny n decent human being. i dont normally watch the news but i get all news by just watching him n its always hillerious
Alan J
Lets see, misinterpretation of the facts and special pleading by a sjw white knight. Check
siscarolm Peace
Refugees to Canada(c) to grant, as a fundamental expression of Canada’s humanitarian ideals, fair consideration to those who come to Canada claiming persecution;
(d) to offer safe haven to persons with a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, as well as those at risk of torture or cruel and unusual treatment or punishment;
(e) to establish fair and efficient procedures that will maintain the integrity of the Canadian refugee protection system, while upholding Canada’s respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all human beings;
(f) to support the self-sufficiency and the social and economic well-being of refugees by facilitating reunification with their family members in Canada;
(g) to protect the health and safety of Canadians and to maintain the security of Canadian society; and
(h) to promote international justice and security by denying access to Canadian territory to persons, including refugee claimants, who are security risks or serious criminals.
Heather Johnston
Sometimes he's funny, but mostly not. The elite of both the right and the left are never the ones who deal directly with real world problems. John Oliver is not living in a German hamlet that has so many Muslim migrants that the children have literally taken over the school. They bring their prayer mats and have demanded certain foods etc. These are the very real everyday problems people are dealing with. Women in Germany and Sweden who took it for granted to be able to travel alone by themselves at night are now being told to avoid certain areas, don't go alone, stay in etc. I really don't see the humor? Some people just like to pat themselves on the back and pretend they are perfectly PC and perfectly nice to everyone and everything is just fine. No problem here.
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