Migrants and Refugees: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Millions of migrants seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape. John Oliver does one admittedly tiny thing for one of them.

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Aditya S K
drop in population in these countries is a good thing, especially for environmental concerns
Lars Willen
refugees are worthless because they cannot work or program and thats the real reason why trump dont let them in
REKT - Reckless Rectums Clan - Sh0ckWaVeModz
the funny thing is that not only Muslims say "Allahu Akbar". It is the language called Arabic so any Christian or Jewish person who spoke Arabic and wanted to say "God is Great" would then say "Allahu Akbar" :P
Julia Helene
It's a pity that he did not address the actual issue of the migrant crisis: the cause of it. What are these people fleeing from ? Bombardement by the US-led coalition + Russia, the systematic funding of terrorist organizations to topple their president, Al Assad, their elected leader with 88% of the population voting for him during the last elections and who is still supported by many Syrians. If there was no meddling and involvement in sovereign governments, no efforts to take out presidents of other countries and replace them with more compliant ones, if there was no god damn propaganda against their president and if people would question what the media tells them just a little bit more, the host would not even need to do this episode; there would not be a refugee crisis here in Europe. Now when I think about it, it makes sense why John Oliver might not have wanted to address the surely most important aspect of the refugee crisis. It's a pity.
This is nice propaganda, John Oliver check statistics about refugees more before you say anything.
Fuck Leonit
Im strongly against immigration.
Freddie Birkhoff
@John Oliver:

I get your point but you don't really want refugees, I assure you.
Random Nickname
NO for refugees.
The men who are not in the nearest safe country to their origin are by definition NOT REFUGEES. They are 3rd world scum that rape women and leech off our governments. We should put them on buses and drive them into the sea. They'll be much safer at the bottom of the ocean.
davies pedzai
not even funny
davies pedzai
this is terrorist propaganda , you are destroying your own country Americans
I can't handle the liberal undertones of this stupid show... why is it such a big deal that a country won't accept Muslims?
While I agree that countries should be open to refugees, American citizens cannot understand why Eastern European countries cannot and do not want a mass refugee wave. "19 out of 20 Industrial Countries are helped by refugees". Well Slovakia isn't that industrial, nor is Hungary, nor is Greece, or Bulgaria. 3 years after this episode was made, and we can see that the Openness that Western European countries had didn't work. Terrorist attacks in France have reached, if not surpassed double digit numbers, and almost every month goes by with a memorable attack. Countries like Poland though, who did have people like the one John made fun of, have not had A SINGLE attack. So instead of trying to be open to everyone, let's see what the true nature of this mass-migration is.
The anime Prussian
Dont wanna be called racist but this is kind of biased. Its only talking about things that migrants want to hear. There are buches of bad reasons why refugees are kind of a nusance but im fine with people coming for protection in europe.
Ruan Coetzee
Here's hoping that one guy got in by now.
Sebi Vanhaeren
Although we need cheap labor, we also need to keep Europe white.
Ben Schmalspur
Tell me how many refugees are america taking!
Jan Švejdík
That Iraqi refugee in Turkey thought this was gonna be a great weekend for him..... Before he, like me, noticed the pink sticky note.
Well, usually I agree with John Oliver a lot, but this subject is not as deeply researched as it should be. I think half an hour is not even enough to scratch the surface of the problem much less possible solutions.
Many essential things weren't even mentioned. Especially since everything is changing constantly.
Sam Chartrand
so ironic, she wants to go "find an alien" Indianalien <<<she doesnt know, she herself is the....
Muhammad Muzammil
pauses at 5:24
Me: Well, he can register now
Plays the video
Me: You got to be fucking kidding me!
Vast Dragon
That women who tripped those Muslim kids men, women, and children needs to feel the worst pain possible for eternity
Florance Sweetcrest
That camera women reassures me that some people deserve to die a very painful death. Seriously though she should die.
Fuck Najine. She is a 1 of 200 immigrants. The rest 199 are male problematic, lazy, radical fuckwads who came from nowhere near Syria or the war, trying to exploit the wave and enter Europe without controls. Liberal media are the worst, everybody is crying over here in the comments. I assure you, Najine will be fine, but Europe won't.
Hey if that form was correct in the first place that refugee could get registered today
Another insulated leftist not understanding why everyone else can't just be a martyr. It's simple: these people are incompatible with Western Civilization and their dangerous presence should not be tolerated.
Prashant Rawat
lol today is june 15th .. 2017 ...
Evan Ng
its June 15, 2017 so i guess that Iraqi refugee in turkey can come back now huh.
victoria de kort
hey it's finally june 15th of 2017.😄
Kana Shuji
At least that one refugee will be able to sign up for immigration in 2 more days
I'm not crying, you're crying!
Timothy Barth
please do a part 2 now that everything is going to shit.
Americans so stupid, arguing to be politically correct, OUR country is DESTROYED by immigrants so much crime now

They brought barbaric/primitive morals, crime is extremely high and rape, they want to establish Sharia law here in Belgium!! they already terrorized Germany, are Americans stupid?? You complain much but they hate the US much much more than they Hate Europe and look what they did to us..
Matthew Arsenault
I feel bad for the migrant crisis but why doesn't Saudi Arabia and Iran take more refugees
big blackguy
Send Nougain home. Send that desert tard back to where she belongs. Send them all back home.
eric cm
What an asshole Oliver is to use ONE example of the migrant crisis. To use ONE young girl in a wheel chair. Really? How pathetic are any of you who are played emotionally. What about the million young strong arab and black muslim men who hate white Christians and feminism? First of all the Syrian migrants are on the run because of The Greater Israel Project/The Yinan Plan. For white Europeans to shoulder the burden, and yes it is a burden for Germany to take 1 million, because Israel wants control of the region around them is pathetic. Let racist jewish Israel take the refugees since jews love to push "diversity" and "multi culturalism" on white European nations. John Oliver, a jew, Bill Maher, a jew, Soros, a jew, all tell us the same shit. "White nations need to take the non whites, non Christians." They never say Israel should take anyone. Shame on you idiots moved by emotions before logic.
Emily Steele
Damian Szulisz
teraz się nie śmiejecie to w Polsce jest bezpiecznie
Nadeem Najimdeen
"Terrifying Chant" - Fox News

Cant we Muslims sing anything about our God anymore???

Is it so scary that it makes ye wanna run away from us if we sing??

Dumb Arses!
Too bad so many Americans prefer to elect a man who wants to build walls between people rather than help anyone.
Gabe Robison
Stop fucking complaining, an entire continent can take a few hundred thousand people if Turkey, Lebanon etc can take 4 million
Most aren't najim.
zack trever
John Oliver, you are a saint! That shout-out definitely lifted her spirits.
Funny thing, its almost 2 years later, and we still dont have a real system for this, but hey we have an endless discussion about right side or left side and they are all terrorists - they are all innocents and so on...
Fuck this crisis and fuck the political discussion about it in germany, which provides everything but solutions.
i'm from the netherlands and 'Geert Wilders' is the biggest asshole in the netherlands just like Trump.
Nick Faga
19 out of 20 success rate is good, matched by bacon and Paul Rudd? I'm pretty sure the credit card companies they talked about in a different episode had the same success rate for getting records right.

Not that I'm against refugees, I just like pointing out shit on people that like pointing out shit.
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