Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing

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Roslyn Burk
You guys forgot about "Hey is there a charger back there?" It's frequently asked...
Daniel Moore
Best thing about Britain: when you order a beer without specifying a brand they will just pour you the cheapest one.

It also makes the most sense in business. People will come back to the bar with friends who will buy more expensive drinks because the beer drinker believes this is a cheap bar/pub. The cheapest beer still makes a profit for the business and the customer comes away far more satisfied and likely to drink more/return more.
jimmy smyth
Maybe if you have a real problem with it get a better job losers
Ian Baines
A guy asked me for a Johnnie Walker blue with Coke...
I repeated it like 5 times.
"You know this is a $25 shot?"
"Coke and Johnnie Blue?"
L. Starnes4
Things Patrons want Bartenders to stop doing and Learn! !. Customer Service is your job and decides your tip! I realize most servers work hard and earn their money but you have that job because of the customer! Drop the attitude because just because your not drinking and struggling to get a beverage prepared is not the customers problem and if you don't tolerate drinkers well unless your drinking too get another Career! Serving is an art and properly trained it is fun and monetarily rewarding but it is not for everyone and that does not make you bad or mean just not the best fit. All Customers and Servers need to be polite and prepared and always show kindness and respect.. Everyone has an off day but try to make the most enjoyable experience for your guest and yourself and smiles and Kindness are Contagious! Just my opinion and it really does not matter just big on Hospitality and Customer Service and always trying to show Respect!! "Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life"
Acacia Camael
ugh....all the time
Adam M
When someone is being so stupid.. all you can do is squint.
Aeon Maujean
I love that bartenders face. It's so funny looking.
Jessica Mcclary
omg ive heard all of these XD
Meowz Muzic Channel
hey honey u didnt pour vodka in it i cant even taste the vodka
*dealing with un-educated people...
Princess TNT
You forgot to add:
"Can I get a "Insert highly alcoholic drink here"?"
"Are you sure?" (BC they already look drunk)
"Um, Yeah!"
"I think you're a little too drunk for that..."
"Ugh! Let me talk to your manager!"
Brandon C.
the bartender looks like this guy we call strong jaw at my school
Nathaniel Golder
"Can I buy a bottle of that stuff you just poured?"

"Sorry sir we can't do wholesale but we do have a bottle shop attached just the next door over."

"What f**** bar doesn't sell alcohol." -_-
Morgan-Chloe Horley
I work in a club and my 2 favourite things people say are 'can I have a Guinness' seems normal, expect our bar doesn't do drafts, tell me where you saw Guinness as an available drink 😶 or 'Isn't it £2 drinks?!' We have a Saturday club which is £2 singles all night and they come in on a Wednesday and fail to read and think it's that night 😫
Philip awesome
I admire their patience
Ken Blast
Why did I just watch this, this is the worst thing I've ever seen
Alexander Rodriguez
Just me or does the bar tender look like a character from a Red Dead Redemption side mission
Phe Soto
so basically they don't want to provide services
The woman who gets pushed at 0:13 is sooo hot 😍😍😍
"Hey Doll Face, if you do a shot with me, will you pay for it?" No, cause one I'm working and two I'm not paying for you to get drunk.
Rachel Baldwin
When your a bartender watching this laughing to death because this happens every shift 😂😂
jamie anthony
i understand nearly all these but whats wrong with asking for a strong drink
Why is it annoying to order a Mojito?
"can I have some wine?"
"which one?"
"the white one"
I've got a few:
"Have you hooked up with that guy? he looks like your type." motions to my boyfriend, another bartender

"I've had a bad day, could you pay for my drink?"

"I'll take a water, please." I get the water and "wait, could you get me a beer?" I get the beer. "wait no- could you get me some whiskey?"

"can I pay for my drink /another/ way?" winks. "I have a boyfriend. two, actually." he gets up and leaves the bar lmao
Ok but for real that bartender is so handsome.
efe karamenderes
i water down drinks of these special pricks at the bar all the time
If I were at that bar I don't think I would have even asked for a drink I'd just sit there and be mesmerised hahahah.
Daniel Murgueytio
My blood pressure actually spiked watching this.
Rohan Person
The sad part is, I heard my dad once ask a bartender for "a virgin mojito with no mint, no lime, and no sugar"...
"What are you doing after work?/Wanna sneak some shots with me, beautiful?"
Mary Elise McCloudfeet
Using the term like "It's going to be a wine with soda"
insted "I'd like to get a wine with soda please"
Even the non-locals could ask me nicely.

"Hey, keep the change, and have a drink with me"
Nope. No one can drink alcohol at work, stop pushing people into that. Some places collecting the tips instead of you can keep it, if they find out any of theese you're fired.
Emma Stallings
What am I tired of hearing?

That girls voice!
Sarah Christina
when people say "oh what are you making? thats pretty, i want one of those" and then return the drink saying "oh i dont really like it actually"
This account
I had one guy ask me for a Coors light in an aluminum can but the way he asked he said can I get one of those like metal things that looks like a wine cooler but they're cooler.
me we have Budweiser budlight Miller lite Coors light in aluminium cans but no wine coolers I can get you a wine cooler or a Smirnoff or a mixed fruity drink if you would like
him: no I want a Coors wine cooler in a metal bottle thing not aluminum
me while handing him an empty Coors light aluninum bottle: is this what your talking about?
him:no it's fruity but it's a Coors in a metal bottle
me opened a Coors put a lemon and lime ledge in it: here ya go man
got me a $10 tip by miracle
Dark Swim
"can I be next"?
"can I have a strong Island"?
"can I have something strong but doesn't taste like it"?
"my tab is too much, can you take some things off it"?
"I know the owner".
River Song
The bartender reminds me of Zee from ANTZ. Anyone else?
jack stanway
I had a guy come up to my bar last week he asks for a beer. So I start pouring a random tap then put the beer in front of him. I start ringing it up on the till he takes a sip of it and says "This isn't the beer i asked for!" i just turned and looked at him confused like i had no idea what he was talking about.
Bartenders who want a tip will be more than happy to charge your phone.
B.B Port
I would quit honestly that job looks rough having to deal with stupid people like that.
Jake Golding
I work in a bar and I can relate to all of this, especially hate it when they click or even whistle for your attention.
Brandon Keck
A man asked me for a beer. I am not a bartender. I am sixteen. Bruh.
Surprise me, surprise me.
OMG I've heard that so many times. i just pour the most expensive drink i have near to me.
IttyWitty KittyKat
End question answer: I'm tired of hearing that horseback riding isn't a sport. YOU TRY TO CONTROL 1,400 POUNDS OF MUSCLE WITH A STRIP OF LEATHER AND YOUR LEGS!
Moon Chaser
I'm a glass colecter, so not a bartender, but still part of the bar staff. "What do you mean you don't serve drinks?" Is the one that gets me the most.
I'm next to the dishwasher up to my elbows in soapy water trying to dislodge to gum from the bottom of YOUR dirty glass. You're here every week and you haven't seen me pour a single alcoholic drink in the four months I've been here. Go away.
"But, I saw you get a drink for that person there." Is an occasional thing they follow up with. The drink they're refering to is always a tap water and the other barstaff were busy at the time.
It you talk to me like this, I'll make you wait 30 minutes before you get your drink
Jenni Anchors
ptsd tho
Anna K
Zheng SUn
"i want something less sweet and less alcohol"
"go drink water u fking dumba$$"
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