Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing

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alison backus
Try bartending in Europe.....makes you miss the USA. G&T....can I have a straw please. Port wine and Sprite. Could I use your bathroom without buying a drink? Walking into a bar with no shoes or shirt like it's normal. Moving All the furniture around to suit their tastes and not putting it back when they leave. When they definitely should...not tipping.
"can i have something with no calories?"
there's a thing called water
Get the most annoyed with the splitting unevenly amongst 4 or more credit cards
Once my bar was hosting a fraternity and sorority party and this girl came up and asked "can i have a margarita?" Im like 'frozen or on the rocks?'
'What tequila do you want?'
'on the rim?'
'No. Gosh that was a lot of questions for a margarita. '
Anthony Ellison
My lord if there was a video on what customers want bartenders to stop doing it would be 20 minutes long.
Rich Scott
Presmaster Flash
Why is everything... EVERYTHING from buzzfeed such utter garbage?
The Duke
Bourbon neat, Woodford reserve if you've got it
Taff Wolf
"Does the 241 cocktauls have to be the same?" after reading the menu Hmm lets have a look in the menu :0 its says they do.

"Can I have Pina Coladas or Pina Colada pitchers" I hate that drink so much 😠
Chad Stevens
Stfu nobody cares what a bar rat thinks when their job is to grab a beer and hand it to u... especially for twice the price.
I've totally asked a bartender to charge my phone before. Only when I'm dead and need it emergency style, I'm sorry :(
Tyler Durden
This is why you go to dive bars and really embrace your alcoholism
I feel that
I would probably choke both of them.
When someone would take too long to order and tell me, "I don't know. Give me your favorite drink." I cracked open a beer and said, "That'll be 5 bucks. Next."
Is tiping one of them?
Cockface the clown
Rip off from the bartender hates you.
Daryl Hodson
Bars are awful...stop going.
Al Katraz
Unfortunately, tending bar is one of those jobs that suffer from the death spiral that plagues modern society. As people become more shallow and self absorbed ( Twitter anyone? ), they must endure the resuls.
Richard McCann
Say please and thank you.... fuckers
Karl Clifford
"It's my birthday, can I've a free shot?"
Ey Ausoj
you forgot "not sweet"
This wouldn't fly at the bar I work at
David marzolino
When you choose to work in an establishment that caters to the douchebag crowd, this is what you get.
I stopped tipping
Timothy Galvin
So this is funny, but honestly if people asking you for things (sometimes in an ammoying manner) really bothers you, then customer service is probably not the career for you.
Jan Kubát
"surprise me" is my usual order, when I have a certain desire for a drink, but I'm not the bartender to know which one of the drinks on the menu it is. I may describe what taste I'm looking for, but it's his job to actually guide me to what I want. So glad I met good bartenders which were helpful, instead of being annoyed I want a drink in a bar.
clint brunke
Asking for lite ice or no ice thinking its gonna get you more alcohol ..
Megan Lewis
asking for there ID and being told why
Shut up tap monkey nobody cares
I ask what brands of ipas they have and pick one. Not sure if it's annoying. I try to be quick. I also ask the price
Krystian Kornilowicz
There was boodles gin in the background. My older brother loves gin and tonic. I tried boodles gin. It was the first one that didn't burn
Shawn Aguirre
They made me very angry!
When people ask for my number or look down my shirt expecting that I'll come home with them
Memester 531
0:51 gives her water
alison backus
Amazing how it's the same all over the world....
Theresa Clemons
some of you probably know this, but the guy at the end that he'll get another beer! Bartender can say no since he is obviously drunk. they can cut them after a certain limit.
Is putting just one drink on your card that bad? I've done that often...
Matias Kautto
Mostly agree on these, but I guess "surprise me" is just a stupid way to ask for recommendations. Bartenders are supposed to be able to recommend stuff especially if it is a cocktail bar. That is just good customer service.
Luce Reine
The bartender though 😍💞
Erin Lynch
-"can I get like a fancy glass?"
-"thats 29.70, please " "but you'll give it to me for 29 yeah?"
"c c- can I, I, I have, emmm an-o-ther another one" (slurred cause they're drunk out if their mind)
-(after last orders) " give me another one, the owners sent me down though, they said I could have one, but"
Angela Albrecht
God I love his face in the beginning! It reminds me of Toy Story somehow :D
If that bartender ever wants to escape he can always come home with me 😉👍
Annie Curtis
The worst? When a group of guys comes in and starts out pretty cool, and by the time they're on beer 6 or 7 and have racked up a bill over $100, they're telling you they want to "smack it", so you cut them off and they throw the check at you with no tip
Michael Deeks
"It's my birthday, do I get a free drink or shots?"
If you're old enough to drink, you're old enough to provide for yourself.
Though, fun tip. Always handy to have a disgusting non-alcoholic concoction that's 70% tap water behind the bar, just for these occasions.
Eury Salas
i know what its like by just seen the video i got frustrated
Roslyn Burk
You guys forgot about "Hey is there a charger back there?" It's frequently asked...
Daniel Moore
Best thing about Britain: when you order a beer without specifying a brand they will just pour you the cheapest one.

It also makes the most sense in business. People will come back to the bar with friends who will buy more expensive drinks because the beer drinker believes this is a cheap bar/pub. The cheapest beer still makes a profit for the business and the customer comes away far more satisfied and likely to drink more/return more.
jimmy smyth
Maybe if you have a real problem with it get a better job losers
Ian Baines
A guy asked me for a Johnnie Walker blue with Coke...
I repeated it like 5 times.
"You know this is a $25 shot?"
"Coke and Johnnie Blue?"
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